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How to kiss, how to have an orgasm, how to eat pussy, how to buy a vibrator, and more. All your sex how-to guides here.

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How-To Facts: Did You Know?


How to clean a sex toy: soap and water is usually fine, or buy a toy cleaner. You can even boil solid silicone toys.


How to eat pussy: Smile, start slow, focus on the clit, maintain constant rhythm and pressure when nearing climax.


How to use a cockring: put on when semi-erect, position at the base of the penis, remove after 10 min.


How to use a vibrator: turn on a low setting, place against your sexy bits, turn up and move around as desired.


How to do Kegel exercises: clench pelvic floor muscles, hold for a moment, release and relax muscles. Repeat.


How to use lube: put a little on your hand, apply to genitals or toys, reapply as much as you like for slippery fun.

How-To (noun)

/haʊ tu/

A guide, or set of instructions on how to do something. Sex how-to guides help you expand your practical sexual skills. Knowing how to do something - whether it’s using a sex toy, finding your clit, or giving oral sex - boosts sexual confidence and gives you more options in the bedroom.

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