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A few things about us:


We meet people where they are.

It’s okay not to know everything about gender and sexuality, and we’re here to help you learn and grow. We’re learning and growing everyday, too.

We don’t judge or shame anyone.

Sexual wellness can mean different things to different people. That can mean no sex, all the sex, waiting until marriage for sex, queer sex, and so much more.


We understand that sexuality and gender are infinitely varied.

That’s why we include voices from as many lived experiences as we can and take an empathetic approach.

We take science seriously.

That’s why we look to the science of sex to guide our principles, while understanding that not enough high quality, evidence-based research has been done on vast areas of human sexuality.


We are curious.

We ask questions of our audience so that we can help everyone understand the different dimensions of human sexuality.

We protect your privacy.

We never sell or distribute identifying information or browsing activity. What you tell stays with


2021 State of Sex Report

We surveyed 1074 people across the United States. We focused on age, race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, attitudes and perceptions about sex, and political leanings.
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Our founder

Andrea Barrica

Andrea Barrica,’s founder, was raised in a Filipino-American religious conservative family that only taught abstinence. Determined that no one else should have to struggle to unlearn sexual shame, Barrica began building in 2017 to help people learn about their bodies, unlearn shame, and build more sexual confidence.

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