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September 24, 2019

5 Steps To Smart, Safe, and Sexy Hookups

Use this as your guide to satisfying dating and safer, casual sex.
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September 24, 2019
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With the internet offering countless options for any type of connection you might be seeking, it’s now easier than ever to find fulfilling sexual experiences that meet all of your needs-- from boundaries to safe, sexy play.

Still, there’s an art to the casual hookup, and it’s been an elusive staple of intimacy in the modern world since sex became an open topic in media. Below is a basic guide for those interested in having casual encounters that are as safe and enjoyable as they can possibly be. And, of course, this is by no means comprehensive! Not everyone has the same needs. However, a few basic things to consider will go a long way in laying groundwork for fun, safe hookups.

1. Choose Respectful Hookup Partners

This should go without saying, but here we go. Chances are, if someone is rude in their online profile, they’re either a) doing some pretty serious vetting of future dates or b) rude in real life.

Aim for matches who are upfront, kind, and open in their profiles--chances are, those traits translate to real life. For example, if a match states their communication preferences (i.e: “write to me and tell me xyz about yourself!”) then it’s likely that they know what they want and how to ask for it. Are they in an open partnership? It should say so, right on their profile!

There should be a good balance of information that allows you to scan through, get a sense of their personality, and get some basic understanding of what sort of connection they’re looking for.

Aim for matches who are upfront, kind, and open in their profiles--chances are, those traits translate to real life.

Yes to: “I’m looking for connected, respectful, casual encounters with cuties!”

No to: “DTF lol hmu.” (Unless of course there’s already a lot of info on their profile that offers the above information).

If your match doesn’t have a lot on their profile, a few exchanges over text or through the site should give you a sense of how respectful they’ll be in person.

2. Communicate Your Expectations Of Dating And Casual Sex

So you’ve gotten past the profile and are now navigating a date! Good for you! The next step is to be direct and clear about what it is that you’re looking for. This may mean sitting with yourself for awhile and really thinking about it.

Do you want an ongoing hookup? A few one night stands? Are you just in town for the night and looking for fun? What sort of play do you like with casual partners? Knowing your own expectations and communicating them clearly and thoughtfully will go a long way in helping to find the right person to hookup with.

3. Avoiding Making Hookup Decisions While Using Substances

Casual hookups may seem holistically casual, but they actually take a considerable amount of care in order to actually be fun! This means not only choosing respectful potential partners and communicating thoughtfully, but also making sure that your time together is intentional.

Knowing your own expectations and communicating them clearly and thoughtfully will go a long way in helping to find the right person to hookup with.

This means avoiding making hookup decisions while inebriated. Using substances increases the chance that you’ll break a boundary or overstep on a communicated expectation, which can result in a previously fun hookup going way south.

4. Let Someone Know Where You Are When You’re On A Date

The internet may make hooking up easier and safer in many ways, but it also opens the door to infinitely more strangers than previously imagined-- and hookups should be fun, not scary!

If you’re going to meet up with someone you’ve never met before, make sure to let trusted friends know where you are, what time you’ll be there, and what time you anticipate coming home/being done. You can take it one step further by sharing your location with said friends on your phone so they know exactly where you are if you need help.

Or, if you’re meeting this new hookup at a hotel, you can be sure to let your friends know what room number you’ll be at. If your friends don’t hear from you by your agreed upon time, they can call the front desk and say that there’s someone having a heart attack in said room number-- that will bring a staff member to the room quickly, and without alarming the stranger involved.

5. Have Condoms And Other Protection On-hand—and Remember To Use Them

On the subject of safety, practicing protective hooking up is key to making sure the experience continues to be fun for everyone. Talk to your potential partner about safer sex practices, and be sure to communicate about who is going to bring what to your play session.

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