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How To Build Your Tinder Profile

Creating a Tinder profile can be stressful. But with these suggestions, it gets a little easier.

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There are few things more anxiety-inducing than creating a Tinder profile. What if you put one together and no one swipes right on you? What photos should you use? And what do you say about yourself? In short, how on earth are you supposed to present your whole, complicated self in just a few photos and a couple of lines of text?

The reality is, you’re not going to be able to encapsulate every single facet of your personality in one bite-sized dating profile, and that’s OK! Instead, think of your profile as a preview of who you are—and use this list of suggestions to help take it to the next level.

How To Choose Your Tinder Photos

Browse your social media platforms. What photos have you felt comfortable sharing in the past? Consider the pictures that make you feel best about yourself. These can range from photos that proudly display your, ahem, assets, to adventure shots, to photos of you with a beloved pet or participating in a favorite hobby.

Think of your profile as a preview of who you are.

Try to keep photos of you with a bunch of other people to a minimum—especially for the profile image. You want any potential matches to be able to tell what you look like, and to learn as much about you as possible. That’s harder to do if you’re always a speck in the crowd.

Keep in mind that pictures where a person is smiling and looking at the camera tend to get more matches than more serious, side-angle shots.

How Many Photos Should You Use?

Include at least three or more photos, but really as many as possible! Photos are a great way to communicate a lot of information about you, without having to spell it out in the bio section. Think of them as stories, and consider which stories you want to tell about yourself. Maybe it’s that you’re a champion horseback rider or an exquisite chef. Or maybe you want to show your potential matches some of your favorite places—whether that’s the Taj Mahal, or a lake in Minnesota. You never know what might catch someone’s eye, so cast your net far and wide!

Should You Use Filters On Your Tinder Pics?

Even though filtered photos can be flattering, you want to give your fellow swipers the best idea of what you look like. Avoid using pictures that are heavily edited or that conceal your authentic appearance. Presenting yourself transparently helps you get accurate matches. Plus, honesty is helpful for the success of any relationship (whether it’s a quick hookup, or a long-term partnership); showing up to a date looking like you do in your pics is a great start!

The Basics Of Writing Your Bio

There are a lot of ways to approach writing your bio. One thing to consider is whether there are any disclosures you want to make to help screen matches. Maybe you’re in an open relationship and just looking for someone to hook up with. Or maybe you want to be upfront about an element of your sexuality or gender identity for safety reasons, or to prevent any confusion down the line. Your bio is a great place for this kind of information—as well as any definite non-starters you may have.

With a 500-character limit, this isn’t the place for a novel about yourself, but you do want to help someone get to know you.

But what else do you put in your bio? The possibilities are endless! With a 500-character limit, this isn’t the place for a novel about yourself, but you do want to help someone get to know you. Listing favorite TV shows, movies, or books is a good idea. Quotes or references can also catch the attention of someone with similar interests. A joke, a riddle, or a question serve as both initial attention-grabbers and conversation starters after you match.

Do You Have To Set Your Sexuality And Age Preferences?

Yes, but both age and sexuality preferences are adjustable. Just because you set a certain age, or sexuality preference doesn’t mean it can’t be changed in the future. To change your preferences simply edit your settings.

Happy Swiping!

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Online dating can be kinda scary sometimes and so one of the things I recommend is when you make your profile or create a profile on a site, be specific. In that About Me section, take some time to put things that you want people to know about you beforehand. For myself, I have put a bulleted list of all the things, you know, that way, there's no confusion, I'm pretty upfront about the things that I want. If you have the option to choose who gets to see your profile, I would recommend choosing that as well, so then you cut down on the clutter in your inbox and you get more quality results.