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Caring for your pelvic floor is important for avoiding pain during sex, keeping the bladder and bowels functioning correctly, and maximizing sexual pleasure. But how do you go about it? Kegel exercises are suitable for those who need to strengthen the muscles, but they’re not always an ideal option. For people with tight pelvic floors—and who possibly experience pain during sex or premature ejaculation as a result—Kegels can exacerbate this tightness and worsen these issues.

Caring for your pelvic floor is important for avoiding pain during sex, keeping the bladder and bowels functioning correctly, and maximizing sexual pleasure.

Certain yoga poses, stretches, and breathing exercises, however, are excellent options for keeping your pelvic floor in tip-top condition—and are appropriate for everyone. To jumpstart your pelvic muscle health, try the lotus stretch, quadruped rocking, and diaphragmatic breathing:

Pelvic Floor Exercise 1: Lotus Stretches

The lotus stretch involves sitting in a cross-legged position, which gently stretches and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles. Adding in diaphragmatic breathing in this position can really enhance the stretch!

Pelvic Floor Exercise 2: Quadruped Rocking

Quadruped rocking is rocking forward and backwards while on your hands and knees. Keep your knees hip width apart, and try to breathe deeply and rhythmically. Doing so gently stretches and relaxes the pelvic floor muscles.

Pelvic Floor Exercise 3: Diaphragmatic Breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing can help calm the nervous system and relax muscles throughout the body. The key is to breathe slowly and deeply, focusing on drawing the breath down into the belly, rather than just into the chest. When you inhale, feel your pelvic floor stretch and open, but don’t bear down. When you exhale, feel your pelvic floor at rest, relaxing.

Remember, a healthy pelvic floor is one that can squeeze when needed, but also relax. If your pelvic floor is unable to relax, your ability to get and maintain an erection—as well as have an orgasm!—are comprised. So be sure to carve out some time to practice these exercises and keep your pelvic floor ready for action!

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