December 17, 2021

11 Helpful Resources For Those Who Experience Erectile Dysfunction

Learn where to find information about causes, treatments, and navigating sex with ED.
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December 17, 2021
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For many people who experience erectile dysfunction (ED), sex can feel daunting. It may bring up feelings of anxiety and shame as many often feel pressure to perform and maintain an erection during sex. While an erection isn’t a requirement for satisfying sex, ED is almost always treatable. It’s also very common, affecting about 30 million people just in the U.S. If you’re struggling to cope with ED, want to learn more about ED treatments, or are wondering how to navigate sex while living with ED, we compiled a list of resources that may be useful. 

Organizations to find guidance and information on ED 

1. The Urology Care Foundation

The Urology Care Foundation funds research and educates the public on urological issues. It offers the latest, science-based information on any health issues in the realm of urology, including ED. Its website also has a urologist finder feature, which may be helpful if you’re looking for more personalized care. 

2. American Association of Sexuality, Educators, Counselors and Therapists

AASECT promotes sexual health and certifies sexual health practitioners. It also offers a directory of sex therapists that can be useful for anyone looking for support with sex and sexual health. By addressing psychological and relationship issues, sex therapists can help people cope with ED. They can also refer clients to medical professionals, if needed. 

3. American Association for Marriage and Family Therapist

AAMFT provides research and education about the needs of couples and families. In addition to a page on resources for finding a couples therapist, AAMFT also has informational pages on sexual health, male sexual problems and marital distress.

Podcasts that offer tips and tricks for dealing with ED 

4. Better Sex Podcast: Erectile Dysfunction

On this episode of the Better Sex podcast, which is a podcast focused on sexual concerns, host and sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman speaks with Dr. Kelifern Pomeranz about effective treatment for sexual dysfunction and the interplay between the physical and psychological effects of ED. She also gives advice for listeners about the mental health aspect of ED. 

5. Foreplay- Radio: Erectile Dysfunction - Overcome Anxiety with Vulnerability

On Foreplay Radio, sex therapist Dr. Laurie Watson speaks with couples’ therapist George Faller about topics within the realm of sex and sexual health. The episode on erectile dysfunction covers the anxiety that surrounds ED, the goals of sex and intimacy, and how to use ED as a way to strengthen the connection with your partner. This episode gives illuminating perspective about what makes sex and connection enjoyable, and how people with ED can take the pressure off themselves. 

6. Erectile Dysfunction Radio Podcast

The Erectile Dysfunction Radio Podcast is one of the few podcasts that exclusively addresses erectile dysfunction. Along with educating listeners on ED, sex therapist Mark Goldberg speaks on how people with ED can improve their confidence, in addition to their sex life. Episodes cover the psychology of fear and ED, talking with your partner about ED, and mental health and ED

7. Sex With Emily: Penis Problem Solvers with Dr. Brandeis

In this episode of Sex with Emily, Dr. Emily Morse speaks with renowned urologist Dr. Judd Brandeis about science innovations for erectile dysfunction. Dr. Brandeis discusses the cause of erectile dysfunction, the shame that it can provoke, and the methods and medications that can be used to treat it. This episode gives an encouraging and helpful overview of ED treatment.

Websites with tips for navigating sex while living with ED


A great place for information on ED is on our very own site, Our articles can help you understand causes and treatments of ED, and how to have a satisfying sex life if you experience ED. A few such articles include, What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? and Having Sex With Erectile Dysfunction. You can also learn how to stay hard longer during sex and how strengthening your pelvic floor can help you manage ED. 

9. Healthline 

Healthline has reliable, medically reviewed information about mental and physical health. It covers everything from diabetes and epilepsy to sex and erectile dysfunction. Along with an informational page on ED, Healthline offers a variety of articles related to ED, including How to Find and Talk to a Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

ED online communities to turn to for support

10. Frank Talk

Frank Talk works to educate those with erectile dysfunction and provide them with a safe, private support network. It offers a variety of discussion forums, including Emotional and Mental Support, Sexuality 2.0, and Humor and Fun, as well as a page on finding a physician if you’re looking for medical assistance.

11. Erectile Dysfunction Subreddit

Reddit’s Erectile Dysfunction page offers an opportunity to support and engage with others that struggle with ED. The subreddit boasts 10k redditors, which makes it the largest online community focused on erectile dysfunction. Along with discussion posts, the page provides further information on ED, including psychological factors and treatment. Discussion subjects include performance anxiety, navigating sex with ED, and stories about overcoming ED

The bottom line

There are plenty of resources that can help you find ED-related information, in addition to available treatments. While it is complex, ED is very common and almost always treatable. If you feel that it is affecting your mental health, it may be helpful to find a therapist or doctor for an individualized treatment plan. However you decide to go about treatment, it’s important to remember that sex can be pleasurable with or without an erection.

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