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Everyone knows that the penis is a major area of sexual pleasure. But which parts of the penis are the most fun to stimulate—and how do you go about it? For answers, let’s take a tour of the penis!

Penis Head

The head of the penis (also called the glans) is highly sensitive, which means that stimulating the head can give a lot of pleasure. Stimulating the head with your hands is a good option—try putting some lubricant on your fingers and stroking gently. Using your mouth can also feel great—try kissing the head, grazing the lips across it, and gently sucking. Because the head can be super sensitive, it’s important to communicate with your sexual partner about which techniques feel best. You want to avoid too much pressure or friction, as both can start to feel uncomfortable quickly.

What is the frenulum?

On the underside of the head is the frenulum—an area of sensitive tissue that connects the head and the shaft. For many people this is the most sensitive part of the penis. It can feel great to lick and gently suck this area during oral sex. Vibration can also feel great on the head and frenulum, so try placing a vibrator against the area. You can buy penis toys including penis vibrators such as the Pulse Stimulator and Fun Factory’s Manta Vibrator.

For many people the frenulum is the most sensitive part of the penis. It can feel great to lick and gently suck this area during oral sex.


On an uncircumcised penis, the foreskin can be a site for pleasure. When the penis is not completely erect, it can feel nice to stimulate the foreskin with the tongue and lips. As the penis becomes erect, the foreskin usually pulls back and is harder to stimulate directly, but can feel great as it moves up and down during sexual activity.

Penis Shaft

While the head, frenulum, and foreskin can feel pleasure from light touch, the shaft usually needs a firmer pressure. Placing the fingers around the shaft to make a fist, or an “OK” sign, and then using a firm pressure to move up and down can all feel great. Adding lube can make it even slipperier and more fun. During oral sex you can use your mouth on the head and your hand to grip the shaft; stimulating the whole penis in this way can feel fantastic.

While the head, frenulum and foreskin can feel pleasure from light touch, the shaft usually needs a firmer pressure.


Did you know there’s more to the penis than meets the eye? That’s right, the root of the penis goes inside the body where you can’t see it. But you can feel it. The area behind the testicles is called the perineum (also known as the “gooch” or “taint”) and by stroking or massaging it you can stimulate the root of the penis, and also indirectly pleasure the prostate.

The penis is a pleasure playground with many different areas to explore. To get the most out of your penis-stimulation experimentation, put on some sexy music, keep communication lines open, and don’t forget the lube!

What else is there to know about the penis?

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Video transcript

Head of the cock, apex, the shaft, the testicles and below here your gonna actually have the perineum and then the anus. And here's the other thing that I think. I don't know if a lot of people know this but the penis actually extends downward inside not, just above the skin of it actually goes deeper in. And I call this the bottom cock. So there's a lot of pleasure that you can have stroking the bottom cock and the top of the cock at the same time.