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September 19, 2019

What Are The Best Penis Toys?

Sex toys—they’re not just for pussies! That’s right folks, you can use them with a penis too! What kind of toys are just right for playing with a penis? There’s a ton of options, so let’s break it down.
Written by
Maya Peers-Nitzberg
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September 19, 2019
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Penis Masturbators: Strokers, Sleeves and Fleshlights

Strokers are designed to maximize pleasure and comfort while stroking a penis.

First-Time Stroker? Check these out!

On the more affordable end of the spectrum are disposable options like Tenga Eggs or Jackits MANsturbation Sleeves. Tenga Eggs, named for their cute egg-shape and matching cases, are just a few bucks, and last only that many uses. Throw them in your suitcase for a weekend getaway with bae (whether that’s your partner or yourself!)

Pro-tip: Wash your Tenga egg or your Jackit with water and mild soap immediately after use to wring a few extra uses out of it!

Strokers are designed to maximize pleasure and comfort while stroking a penis.

Kinda-Sorta Familiar with Strokers? Try these:

For something a little longer lasting, Tenga offers a variety of masturbators. From California Exotics, the Apollo Max Masturbation Penis Sleeve is another affordable and reusable option.

One of the better known penis toys on the market is the Fleshlight—a masturbator designed to mimic human orifices, including vaginas, anuses and even mouths. It’s even possible to purchase Fleshlights that are based on the molds of famous celebrities and porn stars, if that’s what you’re into.  

Pro-tip: Purchase a shower mount to get wet and wild with your fleshlight.

Know your way around a stroker already? Take a look at these:

For the advanced stroker, the Tenga Flip Zero, the Flip Zero EV Electronic Vibration Masturbator, and the Kiiroo Onyx 2 Interactive Masturbation Sleeve take penis masturbators to the next level with app integration, vibration and teledildonics.

Strokers for smaller penises and trans men:

  • Blue Valentine
  • Bro Sleeve
  • Buck Off FTM
  • “Manizer” Starlet

Cleaning and Hygiene

Strokers are typically made of soft, squishy, jelly-like elastomer, or a mix of elastomer and silicone. Elastomer is a porous substance, which means it has many tiny holes in the material so dirt and debris can become trapped in it. Clean these products with water and mild soap and let dry fully.
Penis masturbators are extra awesome with a hefty dollop of lube for increased sensation and decreased friction. Be sure to use water-based lube in order to keep your toy clean and happy!

Cock Rings

Cock rings are designed to fit around the base of a penis. Cock rings may fit around only the shaft, or the shaft and testicles, and serve to heighten sensation and maintain an erection by restricting blood flow.

Like penis masturbators, cock rings span the gamut of quality, price and durability. If you’re not super familiar with rings, be sure to start off with something extra flexible and easy to remove. A cock ring can cause issues if it becomes difficult to remove, and should never be worn for longer than 30 minutes. Cock rings should be removed at the first sign of numbness, cold or discoloration of the penis.

Cock rings can vibrate or have attached vibrators, which can be extra fun during partner sex. There are tons of options though, so consider a few questions:

  • How familiar am I with cock rings? Do I need to start of super soft and stretchy, or can I graduate to something a little firmer?
  • Do I want vibration?
  • What is the purpose of the vibration? Is it for my partner, or is it for me? i.e. Where do I want the vibration to be focused? Vibrators attached to rings typically run in one of two directions—either horizontally or vertically. The latter vibrator will be more likely to meet a partner’s vulva or perineum, while the former will be more likely to lay against the base of a penis. 

First-Time Cock Ring User? Check these out!

  • RingO Stretchy Cock Ring
  • Buddy Bolo Penis Ring
  • ScreamingO Vibrating Cock Ring

Kinda-Sorta Familiar with Cock Rings? Try these:

  • Monarch Vibrating Ring
  • PrimO Minx Vibrating Ring

Cock Ring King? Looking for something extra sparkly? Take a look at this!

  • Mio Cock Ring

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are often thought of as a tool for growing a penis beyond it’s typical size. The truth is that while penis pumps can help create an erection, they don’t do much to enlarge a penis past it’s usual size or to create any permanent change.

Some pumps are sold with a cock ring, which can help maintain an erection created by a pump. Pumps can also be fun for clinical play, if that’s what you’re into ;)

Check out these pump kits, sold at Good Vibrations:

  • Executive Pump
  • Premium Penis Pump Kit
  • Deluxe Brass Hand Pump With Pressure Meter
Whatever your genitalia, penis or otherwise, don’t skimp on the lube!

More Penis Toys


For a penis!?!? Yes indeed, my friends, penises need not be excluded from the wonders of sensation play! We’ve already seen both vibrating strokers and vibrating cock rings, but there also exist a couple of extra special options:

  • Pulse Stimulator
  • Cobra Libre

Penis Chastity Device

Lock up your penis and give your sweetie the key for a healthy splash of power exchange!

Lube Up!

Whatever your genitalia, penis or otherwise, don’t skimp on the lube! Lube can increase pleasure AND safety! Lube decreases friction, which means it also decreases the potential for broken condoms as well as pain or discomfort. Yahoo! Learn more about how to use lube.

Have a look at these lube options:

  • Sutil Botanical Lubricant
  • Wicked Sensuals Flavored Lubricant ( Gold Star: Tasty AF!)
  • Gun Oil
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Maya Peers-Nitzberg is a freelance writing coach and editor, and certified sex educator in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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