Rim Job

What Is A Rim Job?

What is rimming? Why are people into tongue-on-ass play? Read on to answer your questions and to learn how to give a good rim job.

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Despite the amount of pleasure many people get from anal play, good, solid information on giving rim jobs is still largely lacking. And for sort-of understandable reasons: while ass play is finally coming into the mainstream conversation, much discourse around anything involving the anus has historically been associated with the medical field (colonoscopies, rectal exams). And that’s just straight up not sexy.

Behold: the rim job. The sexy second-cousin to penetrative ass play, rimming offers a fun and thrilling way to take oral sex up a notch, or just engage in some stimulating play.

What Is Rimming?

Glad you asked! A rim job involves one partner using their tongue to tease, lick, encircle, and pleasure the anus of another partner. Because there are so many nerve endings in this location, the result can be extraordinarily pleasurable.

How To Give A Rim Job

Like any sexual act, there is a wide variety of techniques that can help prepare your partner for anal sex, or just enhance another sex act (a hand job or fingering, for example). Some swear by the flat-tongue method, wherein they lick in long, flat strokes, whereas others love to penetrate the anus with the tongue, or use the tongue to “make out” with the anatomy just as they would another mouth.

The rim job offers a fun and thrilling way to take oral sex up a notch.

Because the anus is so sensitive, you can even play with sensations: hot or cold breath, cooling or warming lubes or creams, or even the use of light nails in between licks.

Rim Job Safety And Hygiene

Because this is an area of the body that also has contact with fecal matter, make sure to wash, wash, wash. Wash your hands/toys/anything you use to penetrate (if you’re penetrating), and use mouthwash after rimming to kill off bacteria. Your partner should also wash their anus well prior to receiving a rim job (though lay off baby wipes, as they can irritate the skin - the best cleanser is a gentle, non-allergenic, non-scented soap).

Why Does Rimming Feel So Good?

Everyone has varying levels of sensitivity and not everyone’s into being rimmed, but more people might be than you think. The anus has a lot of pleasure-giving nerve endings, especially just around the opening, that can make rimming feel really good. The 'taboo' nature of butt play can also add an extra erotic charge.

How Do I Know If My Partner Is Into It?

The same way you get to know about anything you want to know when it comes to your partner’s pleasure - just ask! It’s quite possible they don’t know, and in that case, it’s always fun and sexy to explore together.

Happy playing!

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