Giving Head

Giving Head

Great oral sex requires great communication. Here’s how to become an expert at going down.

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Upping your bedroom communication skills will improve your oral sex game and help you give head like a boss. But what do you need to communicate about and how? It’s difficult to talk when your mouth is busy! To make it easier, here are some suggestions for how to communicate before, during, and after oral action.

Before Going Down

This is a great time to ask what your partner likes. Some people will be happy to tell you their preferred techniques, which is great for you because then it’s easier to give them what they want! But some people might not know how to describe what they want, or they might be shy about sharing; be patient and ready to explore as you go along.

Ask your partner what they like and don’t like before you go down.

It seems obvious, but before going down on someone, it’s important to check if they actually want oral sex, and if they’re ready for it. If they’re not into it, or not ready, it’s not going to be much fun for either of you. Find out by trying these simple questions:

  • “Would you like oral?”
  • “Are you ready for me to go down on you?”
  • “Your _____ looks so good. Can I use my mouth on you?”

While You’re Going Down

Yes, communication is the key to giving good oral, but you also don’t want to get distracted with long conversations that take you out of the moment. Let’s face it, you can’t use your tongue to lick and chat at the same time, so mid-head talk should be brief! The trick is to take short pauses for yes/no questions.

You can’t use your tongue to lick and chat at the same time, so talk should be brief! The trick is to take short pauses for yes/no questions.

Asking: “What kind of tongue movements do you prefer?” Is a great question before you go down, but during oral you want to keep it simpler. Instead ask:

  • “Do these circles feel good?”
  • “Do you like the up and down motions?”
  • “Is that sucking the right pressure?”

Body language and eye contact are fantastic communication tools, too. Is your partner making sounds of enjoyment? Are they pushing their genitals away from your mouth? This could mean they want less pressure. Are they rocking their pelvis with a quickening rhythm? They probably want you to speed up. Pay attention to these signs.

If your partner gives you instructions try to accept them gracefully rather than seeing them as criticism. No one can read minds, and you shouldn’t be expected to magically guess what your partner wants. After they’ve told you what they like, just adjust your technique and focus on enjoying giving them pleasure. Remember that you too are a participant! Oral isn’t only about giving, it should be enjoyable for you as well. Accepting constructive feedback is important, but it’s not ok for your partner to demand things you don’t feel comfortable with, or to put you down if a technique isn’t working.

After Going Down

The afterglow is a great time to reflect on the experience. Start by focusing on what went well. For example:

  • “Wow, that was really fun. Which bits felt best for you?”
  • “You seemed really into it when I used my hand as well as my mouth. Did you like that?”
  • “Did you like the way I turned my face to the side? Was that a good angle for you?”

If there are things you’d prefer to change next time make sure you reflect on the positives first; it’s much easier for a person to accept constructive criticism when they feel safe and appreciated, rather than picked on. It’s also good to offer a solution for next time, rather than just making a criticism. Here are some suggestions for how you can approach these sometimes challenging conversations:

  • “I found it hard to know if I was getting the speed right. Next time could you please say ‘faster’ or ‘slower’ when you want me to adjust the speed? That would be really helpful.”
  • “Did you want me to stop when you orgasmed? Or keep going? I wasn’t sure. Can you squeeze my hand next time and then I’ll know you’re ready for me to stop?”
  • “My jaw got pretty sore near the end. I didn’t want to stop because you were so into it, but how can we change things up next time so it’s more comfortable for me?”

Try these communication tips next time you’re giving oral. Your partner will see how attentive and curious you are as a lover, and how you prioritize their pleasure. By upgrading your communication skills you’ll be well on the way to giving oral like a boss!

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Video transcript

- So when our mouth and jaws are getting tired.

- Yeah.

- So, for me, I think the biggest advice is just, it's the the pacing right, like, it's a marathon, you don't come out of the gate of a marathon sprinting, right. So I think a lot of people lose stamina so like keeping that pace and like really building up and then when you have a move that's really working. Like, you have to kind of ration that tongue and draw energy for that. Like, for I would say the end of the race. And I know when I used to run, I would sprint the last mile. I think it's similar in this way. Stopping at the edge of climax, I absolutely think that's true, like coming back and forth and not, you know, it's okay to take a break. It's okay to have a kiss break or a touch break.

- It's also okay to bring in a pinch hitter.

- Oh, I mean a pinch hitter at the end. This is - someone will just pop off.

- Ya, they'll just pop off. Their heads gonna pop off and fall onto the floor. Like it...

- And it also helps your mouth not to get as tired. So you can mix it up. There's no shame in like doing this or putting this inside someone while you're doing something else. Like, get creative, get into it. Like, see how much you can deliver to this like yummy person that's spread their legs for you. Like, that's beautiful.