Going Down Not To Do

Going Down: What Not To Do!

You want oral sex moves that will curl your partner’s toes, not kill their buzz. So, what should you avoid? Read on for tips of what not to do.

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Going down, eating pussy, giving a blowjob—whatever you call it, giving oral sex can be an intimate, fun, and all-around hot activity. That said, there are a few things people do that can seriously detract from the pleasure. So when you’re looking to curl your partner’s toes instead of killing their buzz, avoid these common pitfalls:

Don’t Get Distracted

Don’t get distracted thinking about something else and forget your technique. Attention and enthusiasm go a long way when you’re going down. If your mind wanders and your attention slips, not only will your skills suffer, but your partner won’t feel very special when they see that disengaged look on your face.

Attention and enthusiasm goes a long way.

Don’t Suck Too Hard!

This one applies to both penises and vulvas. Gentle sucking feels great for a lot of people, but not many people enjoy very strong sucking (although some do!). Start off gentle and check in with your partner before ramping up the suction.

Don’t Forget To Ask For Feedback

The people who give the best oral sex tailor their technique to what their partner wants, rather than sticking to signature moves. A few simple “yes”/”no” questions can help elevate your performance from just OK to awesome. Try these:

“Is that a good pressure?”

“Do you want me to keep going?”

“Is that a good speed?”

Don’t Press Too Hard On The Clit

If you’re eating pussy it’s important to remember that the clitoris is very sensitive—with an estimated 8,000 nerve endings!—so too much pressure can be painful. If your partner tells you things are getting too intense, or they’re pulling back from your face, dial down the pressure and consider taking a break to stimulate them in other ways.

The people who give the best oral sex tailor their technique to what their partner wants rather than sticking to signature moves.

Don’t Fall Asleep!

This might sounds obvious, but staying awake is key to giving good head. Be careful if you’re sleepy after a few drinks and a long night of dancing—it’s bad form to end up napping in your partner’s lap.

Don’t Blow Air Into The Vagina

Did you know that this can actually be dangerous? It’s rare, but blowing air directly into the vagina can lead to a fatal air bubble in the bloodstream. On the other hand, teasing the pussy by blowing a little air onto its outer parts is not only totally safe, but feels awesome.

Don’t Put Up With Discomfort While You’re Going Down

Sometimes your jaw cramps, your tongue gets tired, or your neck gets sore. If your partner is nearing orgasm, you might feel willing to put up with a little discomfort for a moment, but you should never tolerate extended or severe discomfort. You are a participant too, and your enjoyment also matters! Suggest taking a break, using your hand, or substituting a toy instead.

So now that you know all the don’ts of oral sex... do go forth and go down with confidence!

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Video transcript

- Okay, so we're gonna talk a little bit just to give you a rundown of the structure of the clitoris. So Andrea was showing you, can I have the pussy?

- You can have the pussy)

- I can have the pussy. So this is your vulva, right? So we've got the clitoral hood up here, you've got the clitoris right here, right? The head of the clitoris is right here, then you've got your urethra, this pink thing is like the G-spot that's sort of usually tucked up. The opening is your vagina, and then you've got the labia minora and the labia majora. So this is kinda what we're lookin' at. And then the clitoris is the structure that's behind all of this. So the little head of the clitoris poppin' out here, would be the little nub that you see here. So most people kind of focus, when they're doing stimulation on a clit, or stimulation on a vulva, they tend to be just jamming everything here. So you've seen people doing this, like a DJ

- Wicka wicka wicka

- Or they get in and they're just like and you're like what are you doing? Who does that work for? So all pussies like all different kinds of things, right? So the one way to kind of find out what your partner likes is to kinda talk about it and lots of people are very shy, and maybe inarticulate about what they like, so asking even binary questions when you're doing something to someone. So if I'm doing this to someone, and I'm just kind of like yeah, did you cum, did you cum!?

- You like it!?

- You like it!? Or fingerbanging, right? Fingerbanging. So if you're doing any of those things and you're learning as you go, right? So even us givers, there's different bodies, there's different people, so we don't know. So asking questions like do you like it softer or harder? Do you like directly on your clit or on the side? What can I do for you?

- Right.

- Giving compliments, you taste great. Being like, you smell amazing, can help people kind of also relax into giving you more information about what feels good for them.