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The Satisfyer Pro 2 will blow you away with its stimulating puffs of air, designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex. This new and improved version comes with a magnetic charger, allowing this toy to satisfy you in the shower or bathtub...

For those craving ultimate power in the palm of the hand, SIRI 2 is the music vibrator that also vibrates in time to music or the sound of a lover's voice. Stronger vibrations than ever in a sound-activated vibrator- a real power ballad SIRI 2 offers Lelo's strongest vibrations ever for a handheld clitoral vibrator, with 8 settings inspired by music or the option to pulse along to any beat you choose.

Body-safe silicone, ABS

3.8 x 1.8 x 1.3 in
Materials & Dimensions
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From a first timer:
"Possibly one of the best purchases I have ever made. It’s gentle yet powerful and never fails to make me smile. It has worked for me from use one and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough."
- Verified Customer
From someone single:
"Favorite toy. I bought this recently after my ex and I broke up and she took hers home so I had to invest in my own! Haha - this is the best vibrator I’ve ever used and I’ve had quite a few. It’s small, POWERFUL, and the USB charging capabilities are key."
- Verified Customer
From a couple:
"Amazing pressure and speed. Bought this around a month ago and since then I've sincerely enjoyed this toy so much!! Not only does it make my alone time much more fun, but it also makes intimate moments with my partner much more pleasurable. Amazing battery life as well. Charge it for a little while and it lasts for such a long, long time."
- Verified Customer
From a girlfriend:
"The perfect compromise between power and a low profile. Siri 2 is my go-to for clitoral stimulation during PIV, or when I need something more discreet than a wand."
- Verified Customer
From a boyfriend:
"Powerful! My girlfriend loves it. Plenty of vibes! Battery could last longer but I guess we use it a lot lol."
- Verified Customer
From a wife:
"i love it! i’ve purchased this because i’ve been really sexually frustrated, this has been really helpful. my husband and i have sex once everyday, but sometimes it’s just not enough for me. this vibrator is very powerful, it makes me orgasm fast when i use it on the highest setting. it’s perfect size and super easy to clean."
- Verified Customer
From a husband:
"This is my wife’s second Siri and a must have for any woman seeking body-shaking orgasms. She loves the powerful vibrations she can target right on her clit and I love that it’s small enough to go anywhere (road trips are more fun with this along for the ride). Highly recommended."
- Verified Customer
From a toy enthusiast:
"This is my third Lelo product. I’ve been using them for years. I’m a happily returning customer. Great design and fab technology. I always recommend them to friends."
- Verified Customer
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