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“They don’t call it a job for nothing!” Even Samantha Jones from “Sex And The City,” one of the most notorious sexually confident television characters of all time, wasn’t shy about how much work goes into performing oral sex on a penis. For starters, there’s:  

  • The constant need to salivate.
  • Keeping your jaw wide open.
  • Being mindful of teeth.
  • Restraining yourself from gagging.
  • Where do you put the cum?
  • And what do you do with your hands!?

With so much effort on pleasing the recipient of a blowjob, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the person giving the blowing deserves to have a good time, too. After all, sex should be fun and feel good! Giving blowjobs shouldn’t be something we feel like we have to do, but something we want to do!

Hot BJ Tips For The Giver

If you’re working a little too hard, here are some easy strategies that can troubleshoot common stressors associated with blowjob-giving, and enhance the level of enjoyment for the giver:

1. As Always, Communicate About Your Oral Sex Needs!

Be sure to tell your partner what would help you be comfortable while giving a blowjob. How would you like them to touch or talk to you while you’re going down on them? Things to consider and discuss before the blowjob happens include where you would prefer them to ejaculate and how they should provide you with feedback.

Giving blowjobs shouldn’t be something we feel like we have to do, but something we want to do!

You might also give some thought to whether you’re OK with them touching your head while you’re sucking. Would dirty talk motivate you? Think about how you might feel not only comfortable, but empowered and sexy while blowing your partner.

2. Choose Your Blowjob Position Wisely

Finding a comfortable position is essential not just for the receiver, but for the partner going down as well. Which positions are most comfortable will vary from body to body, but any position that minimizes stress on joints, and allows blood to flow through limbs freely will make it less likely that body parts will start to hurt or fall asleep. For example, try propping a pillow under your knees if you opt to kneel, or extending legs long instead of bending them while sitting or leaning over in bed. Keeping your body comfortable means you’ll have more BJ endurance!

3. Focus Your Attention On The Tip Of The Penis

The most sensitive area of the penis is the head, also known as the glans. More specifically, there’s a spot on the underside where the head and the shaft meet, called the frenulum, that’s comprised of the highest concentration of nerve endings. This relatively small area of skin is easy to stimulate with your lips or tongue without having to open your mouth super wide or insert a large portion of the penis into your mouth. By spending most of your energy on this spot and only stimulating other areas that take more effort now and then, you can still provide a great deal of pleasure without tiring out your jaw.

4. Use Your Hands

While you’re focusing on the tip of the penis with your mouth, use your hands to provide stimulation to other parts of your partner’s body! You can massage the testicles with your palms, or stroke the thighs with your fingers.

Don’t be afraid to let your hands wander along your own feel-good body parts!

Another useful tactic is to mimic the action of your mouth going up and down the shaft of the penis by surrounding it with your hands and moving those instead. This technique gives a broader range of pleasure without depending solely on your mouth to do all the work.  

5. Pleasure Yourself!

Don’t be afraid to let your hands wander along your own feel-good body parts! Stimulating your own nipples, genitals, buttocks, or any other area that feels sensual and pleasurable is 100% allowed. You could even use toys like a bullet vibe (one that fits in your panties could be used hands-free!) or a butt plug to stimulate yourself while simultaneously stimulating your partner.

6. Lube It Up

Great blowjobs are often super slippery! The slickness not only boosts pleasure for the recipient, but can also increase ease and comfort for the giver. While saliva is helpful, adding a tasty lubricant provides pleasurable moisture without having to stress about producing sufficient spit (note: while flavored lubes are great for oral on a penis, they might cause infection when used on a vulva!). Strokes and motions move more smoothly, leading to a more enjoyable experience for both parties.

Keeping your body comfortable means you’ll have more BJ endurance!

Blowjobs are fundamentally hot for the receiver—the sensuality and intimacy of having your genitals in someone’s mouth, the vantage point of being able to view your partner working hard to provide you with orgasmic pleasure, the opportunity to “lay back” and receive without doing work. But a lot of pleasure opportunity exists for the giver too! Finding ways to get more enjoyment out of giving blowjobs leads to more satisfying sex lives for everyone involved.  

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Video transcript

I love to use my hands during a blowjob. And I think sometimes people think that's cheating. But I think it's utilizing your tools. So again your mouth doesn't have to necessarily do as much work. So maybe you're swirling around the penis with your hand like this. And if you see what I'm doing here, there is still only a small bit of the penis that's exposed for my mouth to go on. So maybe I put my mouth over the top and maybe I suckle like I would with a baby bottle or maybe I do use my tongue around, inside if my mouth is on it. I'm not gonna put my mouth on this because I have not cleaned it. I might swirl my tongue around. But typically what I do because again, what we talked about the penis anatomy. I focus most of my efforts right here. So maybe I'm only swirling, maybe I'm just using my lips around that area and swirling. Or maybe I'm just flicking my tongue around that area and swirling while I'm utilizing my hands like this. Or again, that masturbation sleeve that we had on earlier. So maybe I'm using that while I'm just trying to build up as much saliva as possible and slosh all over the head of this penis.

How To Pleasure The Balls During A Blowjob

Wondering what to do with the balls? Enhance blowjobs with scrotum stimulation. Try these mouth, hand and toy techniques for tingling testicle pleasure.

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The Quickie
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For many people who don’t have balls, they can be a mysterious, even intimidating, anatomical feature. Simultaneously a source of metaphorical power and a supremely delicate body part, the human testicle can seem downright unapproachable. It doesn’t have to be that way! If you’d like to get better acquainted with the balls, read on for some suggestions.

Does Your Partner Want Their Balls Touched?

The most important aspect of any sexual relationship is communication. Always take time to check in with your partner about their likes, dislikes, and boundaries. Although many people enjoy attention to their balls during sex play, some would prefer you to avoid them entirely. Before trying anything new, make sure your partner’s on board—and check in at regular intervals to see how it feels.

The Scrotum Is Where It’s At

While the entire testicular region—testes, tubes, and sack—is colloquially referred to as “the balls,” sex play is generally confined to the scrotum, the pouch of skin and muscle encasing the testicles. Think of the scrotum as a stretchy, resilient sock holding precious, fragile eggs. It can be tugged, stretched, even gently nibbled—as long as its contents are never squeezed or otherwise roughly handled.

Use Your Mouth To Stimulate The Balls

When in doubt, start slow, and start gentle. Applying a little tongue is the perfect way to ease into scrotal stimulation. Take a detour from the penis during a blowjob to lick the scrotum, tracing light circles with the tip of your tongue. Or lick with your whole tongue to provide a warm, wet sensation to a larger surface area. Taking the balls into your mouth can feel incredible—but beware of too much suction, which can cause discomfort. And remember to keep the pressure light and your teeth out of the way!

Stroke The Sack

The scrotum is structurally equivalent to the labia majora (the “outer lips” of the vulva) and is actually pretty tough. Some people enjoy the sensation of gentle tugging; you can encircle the top of the scrotum with your fingers to provide light downward pressure, equivalent to what would be experienced with a cock ring. You can also hold the skin between your fingers and your palm, and gently stretch it.

Take a detour from the penis during a blowjob to lick the scrotum, tracing light circles with the tip of your tongue.

Some people find that a light, feathery touch—running the fingertips along the scrotum, using the tip of the tongue—can be unbearable tickly. Instead, cupping the balls in your palm, or using your whole hand to stroke them during a blowjob, can provide the perfect degree of sensation.

Try A Toy To Tickle The Testicles

While vibrators are often used to provide clitoral stimulation, don’t let that limit you! Sex toys are great for enhancing blowjobs too. Holding a vibrator in your palm while you cup the balls can add pleasant intensity, especially when paired with oral stimulation. You can also try gently pressing a vibrator into the perineum, just behind the balls. A vibrating cock ring can provide a gentle scrotum stretch, while the vibration stimulates the balls and penis.

If your partner is open to experimenting with a wider variety of sensation, carefully draping and dragging a chain (made with round balls, as links can snag pubic hair) over the scrotum, or with stroking with a feather, can be a great way to do so.

Pro Tips For Scrotum Pleasure

Many people have experienced trauma to this part of the body, and may be nervous about receiving touch there, even if they’re turned on by the idea. When dealing with an area as sensitive as the balls, it’s essential to move slowly enough to give your partner time to respond to the sensations they’re experiencing. Always follow your partner’s lead, and back off if they say something is uncomfortable or too intense. And remember—never twist, squeeze, or do anything that causes pain.

Holding a vibrator in your palm while you cup the balls can add pleasant intensity, especially when paired with oral stimulation.

Next time you get intimate with your partner, be bold and use what you’ve learned to give their balls some well-deserved, loving attention!

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Video transcript

Head of the cock, apex, the shaft, the testicles and below here your gonna actually have the perineum and then the anus. And here's the other thing that I think. I don't know if a lot of people know this but the penis actually extends downward inside not, just above the skin of it actually goes deeper in. And I call this the bottom cock. So there's a lot of pleasure that you can have stroking the bottom cock and the top of the cock at the same time.

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