December 19, 2019

Car Sex Positions That Are Actually Comfortable (And Feel Awesome)

Car sex gets a bad rap. Here are some ways to make it way more comfortable and enjoyable — for anyone and everyone.
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December 19, 2019
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While the idea of car sex can be incredibly hot, the fantasy doesn’t always match reality. Finding car sex positions that are comfortable and get you off can be tough. You’re working with a small space (even if you’ve got a big vehicle) and there are lots of things getting in the way which can make sex kinda awkward. Still, there are some car sex positions everyone can enjoy, even in the tiniest of vehicles.

Here are five car sex positions that aren’t awkward af, and actually feel great. 

Hand Sex

Car Sex Positions Hand Sex‍

Hand sex — using your hands and fingers to stimulate your partner’s genitals — is perfect for getting it on in a car. 

“Hand sex is a favorite in a number of circumstances, and car sex is no exception,” intimacy coach Stella Harris tells “It's a lot easier to reach a hand between someone's legs than it is to try and line up genitals or get your face in the right place for oral.”

If you can reach, getting each other off at the same time can be super sexy. Or, if the car positioning makes it difficult to reach your partner, mutual masturbation — where you each get yourselves off at the same time — can be a super hot alternative. You don’t actually have to touch each other to discover a hot car sex position. 

“Ultimately, it's about the connection with the person,” Harris says. 

Cowgirl (or Boy, or Person)

Car Sex Positions Cowgirl

No matter who you’re playing with, the position of one partner on top of the other (commonly known as cowgirl) is very sexy. And, it’s perfect for trying in car seats. 

“The cowgirl sex position can be an incredibly intimate position, which allows for eye contact between partners if they choose,” sex educator Amanda Pasciucco tells “It doesn’t matter if you are having sex with another woman, man or a person who identifies as a different gender. After all, whoever you are having sex with will get an unobstructed view of the person riding during the cowgirl sex position.”

To try this position, have one partner sit in the front or back seat. If you’re having penetrative sex, the partner with the penis or toy should be seated. Then, the second partner can climb on top, sitting up facing their partner, for penetrative or manual sex. 


Car Sex Positions Missionary

If you have the space and don’t want to master complicated car sex positions, Pasciucco says that missionary can be a great go-to. You can do it in a truck bed, or in an SUV with the rear seats folded down. Some couples might even be able to pull it off in the rear seat. 

To give this position a try, lay down with one partner on top of the other. From that position, you can use your hands or genitals to give each other pleasure. For a nice variation, try having the partner on bottom bring their knees up toward their chest, which allows for deeper penetration or more direct access to the genitals. 

Lap Dance (or Reverse Cowgirl)

Lap Dance or Reverse Cowgirl

If you’re parked in a place where both partners want to enjoy the view, lap dance, or reverse cowgirl can be an excellent car sex position. One partner (the one who will be penetrating, if you’re having that type of sex) sits in the front seat. The second partner climbs on top, facing away from their partner. From that position, you can use the car for increased leverage. 

“You can hold on to the steering wheel and dashboard, using it to help rock your body back and forth,” sex educator Lawrence A. Siegel tells O. school. This position is great for vaginal or anal penetration, and also for the partner on the bottom to use their hands to give added pleasure to the partner on top. 

The Backseat Bender

The Backseat Bender‍

When they think about oral sex in the car, most people consider the front seats. And while it’s true that the front seats can be a good position for a blowjob, Siegel recommends a back seat oral sex position for everyone, especially people with vulvas. He calls it the Backseat Bender. 

Here’s how it works. For starters, fold the front seat forward, as far as it will go. The partner who will be giving oral sex sits in the back seat. The partner receiving oral sex puts their feet on the back seat, on either side of their partner. From there, they lean back (using the folded down front set for support), and lift their bottom, presenting their genitals to their partner. The giving partner can use their hands or legs to help support their partner’s bottom as well. 

Having sex in a car can be downright awkward. However, Harris says that for more couples the novelty of it is a turn-on. 

“Having sex in a car means other things are likely at play — like that you're so eager to get your hands on this person that you can't wait for a better place to do it,” she says. “Also, depending on where you're parked, car sex often includes the chance of getting caught, and many people find that added risk a turn on.”

So, give car sex a try, but don’t worry if you decide it’s not for you. 

“People conflate all the reasons car sex has a hot reputation and think that just having sex in a car will be great,” Harris says. “But if you're not super hot for the person you're with, there's no reason car sex will be more fun than sex anywhere else.

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