How To Buy Sex Toy

How To Buy A Sex Toy

How to choose a sex toy that’s right for you, and other pro-tips for first-time sex toy buyers.

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Are you thinking about buying your first sex toy but not sure how to go about it? Stepping into a sex toy store or browsing sex toys online can definitely be overwhelming. With so many different products, shapes and prices, it’s hard to know where to start.

These five questions will help you browse and choose with confidence:

Sex Toy Varieties

Did you click on an online catalogue because you were intrigued by vibrators? Did your friend get a butt plug and now you’re curious too?

Question 1: What sex toy tickles your fancy?

When choosing a toy, follow whatever it was that first piqued your interest, and let that guide your shopping journey. If you’re at a brick and mortar shop where you can play with display items, don’t be shy—turn them on, feel them up, and learn how they work!

As you learn, you’ll get more ideas about which toys are likely to suit you and which aren’t. If you’re not able to play with the toys before purchasing, read reviews from consumers who have tried them.

But what if you have no idea where to start or what you’re into? No worries, we’ve got a few suggestions for popular first-time toys:

Using a Sex Toy

Some sex toys are designed for solo use, and some are better suited to partner play. Do you plan to use it mostly by yourself or with a partner? Maybe you’d like the option to do both?

Question 2: How do you want to use your sex toy?

Read online and ask the store clerk about different ways the toys can be used. (Think creatively here, there are often fun and naughty ways to use a toy that might not be advertised.) If you are planning to use your toy with a partner, make sure you talk with them before buying it—better yet, go shopping together!

If you are planning to use your toy with a partner, make sure you talk with them before buying it - better still, go shopping together!

Sex Toy Prices

Sex toy prices range from super affordable to exorbitantly expensive. If you’re on a budget, and looking for an affordable starting place, there are a number of good toys for under $25. With a larger budget, you have more options; a high-quality vibrator can cost up to $200-300.

Question 3: What’s your budget for a sex toy?

Regardless of budget, consider starting off with something on the lower end of the price range and upgrading later when you have a better idea of what you like.

Sex Toy Materials

There are so many different materials that sex toys can be made of: plastic, rubber, steel, wood, silicone, ceramic, to name but a few. Some materials are hard, some soft, some are body-safe and some are best avoided, and they come in at a range of price points.

Question 4: What is your sex toy made of?

Silicone is a top sex toy material since it’s non-toxic and easy to clean, but it also tends to be more expensive. If a silicone toy is beyond your price range, go for a hard plastic one. Avoid softer, jelly-like plastic toys, however, as they can leach harmful chemicals and are much harder to clean.

Sex Toy Sizes

Your eyes can be bigger than your orifices! As a general rule it’s better to start smaller than to be overly ambitious.

Question 5: What size sex toy should you get?

If the toy you bought ends up being a little on the small side you can still enjoy it. But if the toy you bought is too big then it’ll be uncomfortable and you probably won’t use it much. Remember, you can always upgrade to something bigger next time.

As a general rule it’s better to start smaller than to be overly ambitious… you can always upgrade to something bigger next time.

Cleaning Sex Toys

Your sex toy cleaning routine will depend on what the toy is made of and whether or not it has electrical parts.

Question 6: How do you clean your sex toy?

If the toy has a motor, pay attention to how waterproof the toy is (or isn’t), so as not to damage it. If the toy doesn’t have a motor, you may be able to boil it for three minutes and be good to go! Special toy cleaner sprays and wipes are convenient, but not necessary: Gentle soap and water is just as effective.

Toys Are More Fun With Lube!

Don’t forget the lube! Sex toys are always more enjoyable when used together with a good lubricant.

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Video transcript

- Okay, sex toys. You seen them, you got them at Good Vibes. What tips do you have for people who don't know where to start with sex toys? And how can they start to speak to their partners about sex toys?

- Good questions. So, okay, the first one. There are two things I generally like to let folks know when they're getting a new product. One is that I always recommend getting something that could be used in more than one way, so if it doesn't work in the way it was intended for, maybe it's got some alternatives that you could still use. An example would be a insertable vibrator that, if the vibration function stops working at some point, you could still use it as a dildo. Or even all the way down to the magic wand, and if the magic wand's not for you, you've got this great back massager. And so that's something that I would recommend because if you get something that only really has one specific ability to be used, let's say a product like the Womanizer, which is a very notable, very popular, very strong clitoral suction toy. It's amazing. But that's the only thing it can do. If it doesn't work for you in a clitoral function, maybe you could use it over the nipples, but it doesn't really have any other kind of alternatives. You can't use it as a vibrator just for massage, you can't use it internally. So a product like that wouldn't be somebody's first time, "let me see if this is gonna work for me" toy. But it's definitely something that, when you have a little bit more knowledge about what you're into, it could be a good product. The other thing I like folks to know is to... It's always a good idea to just remember that this isn't your last vibrator. This is your first vibrator. And that doesn't mean it has to be the end-all greatest thing. A lot of times people tend to want to come in and get the best. That's the most popular question, what's the best vibrator? Everybody's different. Everybody likes different things, everybody has different preferences. So there isn't a normal. And that's infuriating for people.

- "If I'm gonna spend this money, "I want the best of the best!"

- Totally! And in the beginning, shopping for sex toys is a little bit like dating, where there is a little trial and error, and maybe something looks really good and isn't actually gonna work for you in the end, and maybe something else is. And that's the point. And one of the things I kind of really try to stress with our customers and our staff is that we're excited to go on that journey with you. Come in and tell us how that toy worked out, and if, oh, you need something that's more powerful and you didn't really like that it wasn't a rechargeable? Okay, cool, let's keep going. And just like shopping for clothes, or anything else-

- Yeah, I was just gonna make that comment.

- You get better with practice, you start to understand.

- People in the store being like, "How'd that work for you? Can I get you another size?" It's the same for Good Vibes, "Oh, how did that work for you? "Can I get you a different kind of vibration?"

- Or another size?

- Different size? Yeah.