Sex Toys: What To Buy

From brightly colored silicone dildos to scintillating porn mags, this list has everything you need to level up your sexy times.

Sex Toys: What To Buy

Sex Toys: What To Buy

Sex Toys: What To Buy

September 19, 2019
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If your bedroom routines are starting to feel a little, well, blah—fear not! From high-tech gizmos to eco-friendly lube to porn mags, the offerings on this list will help any—and everyone—level up to the sexy times of their (hottest) dreams.

Happy shopping!

Womanizer Premium

Already one of the top clit stimulators on the market, the Womanizer is back with some slick new features. Maintaining its sleek, curved design, the Womanizer Premium still offers its trademark shiver-inducing “suction” sensations, created by air pressure and gentle vibrations, but can now also sense when it’s close to your skin, and automatically turn on and off. It also has an “autopilot” feature, which employs 12 rhythm patterns and varying speeds to make every playtime a unique experience.

Pro-tip: Got a penis in the room? Try placing the womanizer on the frenulum—the underside of the penile head.
Two-year warranty, 100% waterproof, $199
Check out Womanizer Starlet and Satisfyer for similar, budget-friendly options.

Calexotics: California Dreaming

Calexotic’s newest line of dual stimulators—vibrators that stimulate both the g-spot and the clitoris—is made of bright, high-quality silicone. Each of the six vibes in the collection offer different sensation combinations, including clitoral suction, shaft rotation, and extra-ribbed texture.

Pro-tip: Dual stimulators can be exciting, but they also require consideration to figure out whether the toy will hit all the right sensitive bits once inserted. These vibes may not be the best choice for a surprise gift—instead, take yourself or your boo on a sexy shopping trip to suss it out!
One-year warranty, waterproof, $88-$98

The Onyx 2 is perfect for the tech(ie) lover. Teledildonics and app-integration enables the user to sync the stroking experience to long-distance partners, porn, and more…

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Interactive Masturbation Sleeve

This innovative penis toy, created in collaboration by Kiiroo and Fleshlight, combines a Fleshlight Super Skin masturbation sleeve with ten contracting rings that effectively “do the work for you,” as the company puts it. At 140 thrusts per minute, this is one of the fastest and most powerful masturbators on the market. The Onyx2 requires an involved setup, and is particularly well-suited to the adventurous toy-user and/or gadget fiend.

Pro-tip: The Onyx 2 is perfect for the tech(ie) lover. Teledildonics and app-integration enables the user to sync the stroking experience to long-distance partners, porn, interactive video games, other Onyx2s and select partner products anywhere in the world.
One-year warranty, $213

Check out Tenga Flip Zero and Tenga Flex Masturbation Sleeve for high-quality, budget-friendly penis masturbator options.

Avant Pride: Dildos and Butt Plugs

This LGBTQ-flag-inspired line gets a gold star. Brightly colored and made of high-quality silicone, Avant products are easy to clean (just boil!) and easy on the wallet!  


When things feel a little routine in the bedroom, a little play can go along way.

Sutil Botanical Lubricant

Don’t forget the lube! Sutil can be used with any of the toys listed above—or all on its own! Sutil is long-lasting, water-based and strives to be as eco-friendly as possible, including biodegradable packaging.

Love’s Not Color Blind: Race and Representation in Polyamorous and Other Alternative Communities

By Kevin A. Patterson, M.Ed., 2018.
For your literary lover, Kevin Patterson’s critically-acclaimed new book explores the racial disparity in poly and sex-positive communities.  

Math Magazine

Get your honey hot with MATH! (Er, the porn mag—not the school subject.) Purchase the latest issue or pre-order Math’s NEW (very) adult coloring book!

Box of Dares: 100 Sexy Prompts for Couples

When things feel a little routine in the bedroom, a little play can go along way.
Chronicle Books, #1 New Release on Amazon

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