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From licking to sucking, stroking to clamping, nipples can offer a lot of fun for couples or singles looking to enhance their pleasure.

Teasing your partner’s nipples to get them hot and bothered or to heighten pleasure during the throes of passion (say, when you want to tease your partner and delay their orgasm) are just a couple of really great ways to enjoy nipple play—and to pay attention to more of your partner than just their genitalia! After all, nipples are an erogenous zone—they not only look good, but they feel even better!

Did you know that for some people it is actually possible to bring someone to orgasm through nipple pleasure alone!? Each nipple has hundreds of nerves, and when touched can spark feelings in the brain similar to clitoral or genital stimulation.

Communicating About Nipple Play

Communication is the first and most important step. Every anatomy is different, and what people want can range as well. Make sure to ask your partner:

  1. “Do you like nipple stimulation?”
  1. If the answer to question one was, “yes,” you can dig a little deeper:
    “What kind of nipple stimulation do you like? Oral teasing? Light kisses? Biting?”

If they don’t know the answer, have a conversation about experimenting to see what they’re into.

  1. “What do you want me to call this part of your body?” While you’re exploring this upper torso region of the body, it’s good to get the right language down. Maybe they like something other than ‘breast’ or ‘chest’. Respecting folks’ chosen language is part of having hot, consensual sex!
Did you know that for some people it is actually possible to bring someone to orgasm through nipple pleasure alone!?

Once you’ve communicated with your partner and have a few ideas to try out, you can get into the fun. There is plenty to explore with nipple pleasure, but the tips below make great starting points (no pun intended!).

Start Slow

Work your way into nipple play by kissing their mouth, then working your way down your partner’s neck and chest until you find the nipple. You can begin by using your hands to manually play with the breast or chest area, then use your mouth to deliver teasing kisses.

Start with a light kiss on the the areola (that darker circle around the nipple), then slowly try out a lick or two. If your partner moans or asks for more, you can either swirl your tongue around the nipple, or take it into your mouth and suck gently.

If the nipple itself is too sensitive, you can either try these techniques along the areola, or just use your breath, not even touching the skin.

Take Your Time

Make sure your partner is in a comfy position, especially if you anticipate them being there for a while. Use a light touch to circle the chest/breast area, building anticipation.

Start with a light kiss... then slowly try out a lick or two.

Explore all areas of your partner’s chest, alternating between focusing on the nipples and kissing the skin surrounding the area. If they love having their nipples played with, this allows you to tease them a little, which can heighten enjoyment. If they are particularly sensitive, it gives them a break while still being the subject of your focus and energy.

Erect Nipples? Probably A Good Sign

Though this isn’t true for everyone, erect nipples can mean that your partner is feeling aroused! Start to rub slowly, then ramp it up. If they respond well (moaning, verbally affirming), you can try a light pinch, twist, pull, or suck.

Switch Up Your Technique

Nipples are rich with a network of nerve endings, the tenderness of which varies from person to person and from day to day, depending on mood, hormonal cycle or injury. Some people who have menstrual cycles actually like nipple stimulation more when they’re PMSing, and some don’t want you to come near their chest with a ten foot pole. Find out which camp your partner is in, and be open to changing up your play depending on how your partner is feeling that day.

Nipples are rich with a network of nerve endings, the tenderness of which varies from person to person and from day to day.

Either way, what feels good for a few seconds may feel less exciting or even start to become uncomfortable after ten minutes straight. Vary your techniques!

Taking Nipple Pleasure A Little Further

Many people are contented with nipple pleasure that just involves hands and/or the mouth. However, there are many other techniques and toys that can really add to the enjoyment! To name a few:

  1. Mix it up with alternating warm and cool sensations using ice, warm oil—though not scalding!—and tingling creams.
  1. A vibrator can bring added stimulation that amps up the pleasure. You can even rest the toy on their nipples, freeing your hands and mouth for other purposes.
  1. Nipple clamps or clothespins can add a bit of sharp pain play into your routine, if your partner is up for that. It’s worth noting that clamps can be adjusted to comfort, while clothespins tend to slowly tighten over time.

Nipple play can be a fun and exciting way to take your sexy time to the next level--and the best part about it is that it can be as light or as heavy as you want! From kissing and licking to clamping and clothes-pinning, there are fun activities for everyone.

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Another way to do temperature play is to put an ice cube in an old pair of pantyhose, doesn't look as hot, but maybe you have hot pantyhose, I don't know. If you put it in a pair of pantyhose and you kind of hold it over someone it will start to drip, and so you'll get these like intermittent unpredictable drips of cold ice water on someone's nipple. A really simple thing that you can do even tonight without even going out and buying black sandals, or getting your old pantyhose and hooking up this ice cube thing I'm talking about is by licking the nipple and then just exhaling on it. So the contrast between the wet nipple and your hot breath can feel really hot for people, especially if you combine it with like, you lick someone's nipple and then you're like, ah, you taste amazing, right? So you're bringing in all of these different sensations, you're connecting to them through dirty talk, you're playing with temperature play, and you're using your nipple pleasure, or your breast pleasure, and maybe your hands are like doing something else. And maybe, they love watching you just kind of suck and blow on your nipple.

Sensual Sex: How To Use All Your Senses In The Bedroom

Bring more sensuality into your bedroom. Explore ways to engage all your senses in sex and erotic play.

Fact No. 1
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The Quickie
5 minute read

From what we’re taught in sex-ed, to portrayals in porn and popular media, it’s easy to get the impression that sex means penetration—perhaps with stops along the way for making out and manual or oral stimulation. But sex can be so much more!

Tuning in to the sensual aspects of sex, can bring a new level of richness and intimacy to sex play. It can also be a creative way to take things slow, accommodate an injury or disability, or heal from trauma, allowing you to be sexual together in a context where intercourse isn’t necessarily the end-game.

Tuning in to the sensual aspects of sex, can bring a new level of richness and intimacy to sex play. 

Focusing on each of the five senses is a great way to bring more sensuality into the bedroom. If you’re ready to incorporate new ways of being intimate with a partner, read on for some simple suggestions.

Erotic Sounds

Talking dirty, putting on music to set the mood, encouraging our partner with moans, gasps, and screams—sound is something many of us already incorporate into our sex lives. Talking dirty can be a wonderful way to build tension and amp up arousal without ever laying a finger on your partner. 

Tell them what you love about their body, what you’re feeling, what you’d like to do to them or have them do to you. If you find yourself tongue-tied when it’s time to talk dirty, reading erotica to your partner can be a super-sexy way to incorporate aural pleasure—without the pressure of having to come up with something yourself!

Music is nearly universal in its appeal and power to evoke feeling. Check out a sexy playlist on Spotify, or make your own.

What it’s great for: Particularly for those in long-distance relationships, sound can be a great way to stay connected. For people who want to get to know their partner better, exchanging fantasies, reading to each other, or trading sexy playlists can be a wonderful way to get closer. 

Tantalizing Tastes

Eat together! Fruit—sweet and juicy, with many varieties resembling vulvas— is one of the sexiest foods there is. Slowly savoring a ripe peach while letting its juice drip down your chin—while your partner watches, of course—can be just as erotic as a strip-tease. 

Drizzle each other with honey or paint each other with chocolate, and revel in the combination of sweetness and the natural saltiness of their skin. Yum! Just remember, don’t put these on the genitals because they can cause yeast infections.

Talking dirty can be a wonderful way to build tension and amp up arousal without ever laying a finger on your partner. 

What it’s great for: If you want to experience something deeply sensual with your partner, but aren’t quite ready for genital play, taking pleasure in food and a variety of tastes together can be extremely sexy. For people who have experienced body dysphoria or struggled with their body image, enjoying food in a sexual context can be a liberating way to redefine their relationship with food and their bodies.

Sexy Sights

Watching porn together is a classic way to enhance a sexual experience and spark conversation around preferences, boundaries, and new things you might like to try. Beyond porn, though, there are numerous ways to have a sexy visual experience. 

An erotic coloring book can be a fun way to explore new sexual territory in a low-stakes, playful context. Playing dress-up, or experimenting with different makeup looks, can allow you and your partner to explore diverse roles, play with gender, and bring a sense of fun to your sexual expression.

What it’s great for: Like sound, sight can reach across distance: if you have a phone or webcam, you can put on a show for your partner, no matter how far away you are. For gender-diverse individuals, exploring different looks with your partner can be intimacy-building, and increase your confidence. Sexy coloring or drawing is a wonderful way to spark conversation around what turns you on and what you might like to try without the expectation of full-on intercourse.

Stimulating Smells

Scented candles, essential oils, and perfumes all have their place. But there are many ways to bring your sense of smell alive during sex play. 

Although many of us have been taught that natural body odors are offensive, in reality, the wealth of pheromones and other volatile compounds in your partner’s sweat, breath, and genital aromas can be among the most powerful aphrodisiacs in existence! Close your eyes and inhale your partner’s unique aroma - because smell is so closely tied to emotion and memory, you may be surprised by what it evokes.

What it’s great for: Reveling in the natural scents of your partner’s body, and witnessing them enjoying your own, can be a tremendously powerful way to unlearn body shame and unlock new horizons of sensual pleasure.

Arousing Touch

There are many ways to enjoy sexual touch—from massage to sensation play. Gentle stroking with fingertips or a toy, even playing with your partner’s hair can all be great ways to share pleasure and build intimacy. 

Sensual touch away from the genitals can be especially suitable for people who are uncomfortable with genital touch—because they’re experiencing body dysphoria, processing trauma, recovering from an injury, or simply aren’t interested—being touched in a caring, sensual way by a partner who isn’t expecting the encounter to end in intercourse can be tremendously healing. 

What it’s great for: Having a safe place in which to experience sensual touch without the pressure to have penetrative or oral sex can be affirming, healing, and intimacy-building. 

Close your eyes and inhale your partner’s unique aroma.

Even if you usually want sex to result in intercourse, exploring diverse ways to experience sexual pleasure can enhance your sex life and your bond with your partner (and yourself!). 

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