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Vibrators. Dildos. Strap-ons. Nipple clamps. Butt plugs. Prostate massagers. Lube. Cuffs. Spankers. Feather ticklers. Rabbits. Welcome to the world of sex toys.

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Top Tips For How To Use Sex Toys

Become your own sex toy expert with these top tips. Learn how to use toys for maximum pleasure in your solo or partnered sex.

Sex Toy Facts: Did You Know?


From solid gold cock rings to jewel studded vibrators, there are sex toys to match the most expensive tastes — some priced as high as $1 million.


The oldest known sex toy is a stone dildo found in a cave in Germany. It’s estimated to be 28,000 years old.


Silicone is a common material for sex toys becuase of its durability, realistic feel, and because it’s easy to clean..


The rabbit vibrator burst into public awareness in 1998 when Charlotte from the TV show Sex And The City got one and became obsessed.


The first vibrators were used by doctors on female patients to cure “hysteria”. These soon developed into electric “body massagers” for home use.


The sale of sex toys is illegal in Alabama, while in Texas sex toys are legal, but if you own six or more then you’re breaking the law.

Sex Toy (noun)

/sɛks tɔɪ/

A device or tool used for sexual pleasure. Sex toys come in all different shapes and sizes: from small vibrators to large dildos, to nipple clamps, harnesses, and more. Sex toys can be enjoyed solo, to enhance partnered sex, and/or for kink and fetish play.

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