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What Is The Best Lube?

What lube should you buy? There are sex lubes for all budgets, activities, and sensitivities. Water, silicone, or oil-based? Find the best lube for you!

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The right kind of lube can make any kind of sex more enjoyable, whether you’re playing alone or with others. But how do you choose the right one for you?

Is Using Lube Ok?

Using lube doesn’t mean you’re inadequate or not attracted to your partner. It’s totally normal for the amount of personal lubricant you produce— how wet you are — to vary due to hormonal changes, dehydration, and other factors. And no matter how wet you are, the right lube can prevent chafing, intensify erotic sensation, and make condoms and sex toys safer and more effective.

Types Of Sex Lube

While the cheapest lubes can feel tacky and contain toxic or irritating ingredients, there are many excellent lubes available for under $20. Most of the lubes on the market fall into three main categories — water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. A few hybrid (water-silicone) and aloe-based lubes are also available.

How To Choose A Lube

Choosing a lube has a lot to do with the texture and feel you prefer, and how sensitive your skin is. Also consider what kind of sex you’ll be having (anal, vaginal, etc), where you’ll be having sex (in the pool, on top of your expensive satin sheets), and whether or not you’ll be using toys, condoms, or other barrier methods.

Water-based Lube

Water-based lube is easy to wash off sheets, toys, and you! It needs to be reapplied frequently — perfect for quickies, not so great for all-night sex marathons, and forget about bath/shower sex! Water-based lube will immediately dissolve back into its source.

Choosing a lube has a lot to do with the texture and feel you prefer, and how sensitive your skin is.

Water-based lubes can help condoms feel more natural and comfortable, and they reduce the chance of breakage. This goes for latex and non-latex condoms.

Avoid products with ingredients like glycerin, paraben and propylene glycol, especially if you’re planning on having vaginal sex. They can cause irritation, yeast infections and kill off healthy bacteria. Instead, choose a hypoallergenic, ph-balanced lube like Sliquid Satin.


  • Easy to wash off
  • Works great with condoms
  • Natural feel
  • Wide range
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to find at the store
  • Can be used with toys


  • Need to reapply frequently
  • Can’t be used in the shower or bath
  • Some water-based lube has ingredients that can be irritating or cause yeast infections

Silicone-based Lubes

Looking for an extra slippery lube that will withstand some hardcore action? Silicone-based lube is the way to go, especially for anal and water play.

Unlike the molecules in water, silicone molecules are too big to be absorbed into the skin. A high quality silicone lube, like Swiss Navy or Please Silicone Lubricant, lasts as long as you can and feels like silk against your skin. In fact, Silicone-based lubricants are highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Silicone-based lubricants are highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Silicone-based lubes are safe to use with condoms — hurrah! — and toys made from steel or glass. But you don’t want to get it on your silicone toys. Silicone-based lubes actually damage the surface of silicone toys, creating micro-abrasions where bacteria can hide.


  • Long lasting
  • Don’t need to use much
  • Great for anal sex
  • Can be used in the shower or bath
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Safe with condoms


  • Will damage some silicone toys
  • So long lasting that it’s hard to wash off!
  • More expensive
  • Can stain sheets

Oil-based Lubes

Oil-based lubes seem to last forever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t just go for sex. They will also stay glued to your clothes, your sheets, and toys! Natural, plant-based oils like coconut, almond, and argan provide long-lasting lubrication while conditioning the skin and soothing sore muscles —ideal for erotic massage!

Treat yourself to luxurious, scented oils like Sensuous Beauty Love Balm, or pick up a jar of coconut or olive oil from the grocery store (just make sure you don’t put it back in the kitchen cabinet when you’re done!)

The downfall of oil-based lubes is that they destroy latex fast, upping your chances of pregnancy or contracting an STI, so they can’t be used with condoms. The same goes for latex diaphragms and toys.


  • Long lasting
  • Soothing and moisturizing for the skin
  • Easily available
  • Natural ingredients
  • Pleasant taste
  • Great for massage


  • Can’t be used with condoms or anything else made of latex
  • Can be hard to wash off
  • May stain sheets
The downfall of oil-based lubes is that they destroy latex… so they can’t be used with condoms.

By now you might be excited to try them all. Luckily, most lubes are available in affordable “pillow packs,” so you can experiment with different textures, scents, and flavors without making a long-term commitment.

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So with this type of water base, this is a liquid, okay. So you can kind of see it rolling down my arm right here. So with liquid lubricants, they're exactly what they sound like. It's a liquid. It's gonna be really thin, it will not be sticky, which is pretty rad about liquid lubes. And a lot of people sometimes use liquid for sex toys. So if somebody's using sex toys like a vibrator inside of their body, or a dildo inside of their body, liquid lubes are good for sex toys. Now, liquid lubes are good for sex toys that go in a vagina, okay. I'll talk a little bit about like what lubes are really good for anal and what not in just a sec, but I do not recommend liquid lubes for anal sex, okay. Whether it's penetrate, I mean just, with toys, fingers, et cetera, et cetera. If something's going on and out of a butt hole, I totally don't recommend this type of lube. And the reason is because well, our butt holes are super thirsty, okay. And depending on how frequent you incorporate water into your daily life, your butt hole's gonna drink up that lube, okay. So if it's super thin, it's not gonna last as long. And chances are when you're trying to have any type of stimulation, including anal sex, you want the entire experience to be positive and feel good, okay. Who doesn't right?