Masturbation Healthy

Is Masturbation Healthy?

Though it still gets a bad rap, masturbation is not only healthy, but an ideal way to get to know your body and your desires.

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When it comes to masturbation, there are a ton of prominent, shame-laced myths that simply refuse to fade away. Not only are its benefits not well-understood, self-pleasure is often still the punchline of many jokes. The reality, however, is that masturbation is not only healthy, but an ideal way to get in touch with yourself and your sexual desires.

Masturbation Myths And Facts

There are many myths about masturbation that aren’t true. You don’t have to be single to masturbate and masturbating won’t make you impotent, infertile, or grow hair on your palms. Masturbation is not unhealthy or dangerous—quite the opposite, in fact. Self-pleasure is actively good for you, sending feel-good chemicals throughout the body and reducing stress!

Anyone can masturbate, regardless of the kind of genitalia they have, age, disability, gender or relationship status. Masturbation can help you explore your body and find out what you would like during partnered sex, or it can be just to give yourself pleasure.

Basic Techniques For Masturbation

The key to masturbation is exploration. The easiest way to start is by experimenting with your hand and different kinds of touch. Which movements feel good? What kind of pressure or friction is arousing? Add a lubricant to make your touch glide more smoothly and to heighten sensation.

If your hand isn’t producing the sensation you want, or if you have difficulty using your hands to masturbate, the second step could be trying out a sex toy to heighten your experience. Whether you have a vulva or a penis, there is a sex toy out there that will vibrate, pulse, suck, or wiggle in just the right way to help you orgasm and/or maximize your enjoyment.

The easiest way to start is by experimenting with your hand and different kinds of touch.

What masturbation will make you is more in touch with your own body, and more able to know what turns you on and what kinds of stimulation you enjoy. That’s a great thing! It also puts you in charge of your own pleasure, knowing you can make yourself feel good whenever you want, regardless of whether have a sexual partner or not.

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Video transcript

- So when it comes to masturbation there is a lot of inaccurate information out there. We have heard a so many myths.

- So many.

- And we really want to challenge all of that. So let's break down the myths. So myth number one is that if you're masturbating it's because you're desperate or you can't get the real thing.

- Mm.

- First of all, what is the real thing, right? And we also know and want to affirm that masturbating is one of the most healthy practices you can do for self love. It is a way to affirm you body, to celebrate your body, to love on yourself, to bring yourself pleasure, it is not an act of desperation, it is an act of affirming and celebrating the fact that you deserve pleasure and lots and lots and lots of orgasms and you don't need nobody for that, you got yourself.

- You don't need anybody but yourself.

- Right.

- I love that.

- Yeah.

- So myth number two is that you can masturbate too much. I've literally heard that if you masturbate too much you'll go blind and that's not true. The fact of the matter is that there is definitely healthy and unhealthy behaviors and if you're getting to the point where you feel like you're masturbating over doing other responsibilities like taking care of work, school, taking care of other little people that you may be responsible for, then yes there's something that you wanna address. Other than that, go to town.

- Have lots of fun.

- Have lots of fun. Have all the fun.

- Morning, evening, after food, try and be creative, all the time.

- Lunch break.

- Another myth that we hear often is that the goal of masturbation is always to orgasm. If you are trying to have orgasms, great, go ahead, you can do that. But the goal of masturbating does not always have to be about orgasming. You can take the time to just explore your body, to try new positions, to try new toys, get to know yourself, just be in pleasure and explore, and just do things that feel good. And you don't have to have this goal of achieving orgasm every time. It's okay to just like sit with your body and play, just play.

- I receive that, I receive that message. Another myth is that if you masturbate, then you're not gonna enjoy sex with a partner. And that's not true. The fact of the matter is that masturbation is a time where you explore your body, you figure out what feels good, and so then you can take all of that good information and share it with a partner, and in the end, you're gonna have a much better sexual experience. So, definitely you should masturbate so that you can learn all of the kinks, learn all of the sensations that you enjoy so that you can share that with other people.

- Yeah, another myth that we hear often is that masturbation has to be this private act. And we think that that myth is rooted in this idea that masturbation is something that we should hide, and feel ashamed of, and so we do it like in the dark corners, away from the world. And we really wanna challenge that. We wanna encourage people to share masturbation with their partner and so mutual masturbation is a chance for you and your partner to masturbate together, get to know about each other's bodies, get turned on by watching each other turn themselves on, and then you could even put on a masturbation show for your lover which is something that we talk about in our live stream. And so we are encouraging you all to challenge these masturbation myths and have fun masturbating. And it's Celebrating Masturbation Month.

- Yes, love that.