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January 8, 2020

What Is An Anal Orgasm?

Learn if butt orgasms really exist — and tips, techniques, and toys for anal pleasure.
Written by
Stella Harris
Published on
January 8, 2020
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Did you know you could have an anal orgasm?

The whole anal area is highly sensitive, and for many people, highly pleasurable. Even just external stimulation with fingers or a mouth and tongue can be a lot of fun. But having this area of the body touched takes some getting used to. Not only do you have to get physically comfortable, but you need to be mentally relaxed to really enjoy yourself. 

If you’d like to experiment with anal penetration, relaxation becomes even more important. Penetration won’t feel good, and might not even be possible, if your body isn’t fully relaxed - and your body will follow your mind’s cues. But if you can get past the idea that it feels a little strange or taboo, there’s a lot of pleasure to be had. 

Can you orgasm from anal?

Yes! It is absolutely possible to orgasm from anal play. Some people aren’t into anal of course, and some people might have difficulty achieving orgasm this way, but anal orgasms absolutely exist and some people really love them.

Can women orgasm from anal? Can men have anal orgasms?

People of all genders can enjoy anal sex, both because of how sensitive the area is, and because the genitals can also be indirectly stimulated through anal play. All these areas combine to create pleasure and orgasm. 

Because the membrane between the vagina and rectum is thin, anal penetration stimulates these areas in a way that’s similar to vaginal penetration. In fact, for some people it’s even better because the extra layer of protection keeps the G-spot stimulation from being too intense. And for people with a prostate, anal penetration is the best way to access that area for pleasure. 

How to have an anal orgasm

While some people can have an orgasm from anal penetration alone, it’s pretty rare. Most people need to have additional stimulation of the clitoris or the penis

It’s often best if you can incorporate multiple forms of stimulation, no matter what kind of sex you’re having. There’s even a name for it: a blended orgasm. That’s when you have an orgasm from stimulation of multiple erogenous zones at once. 

1. Anal penetration.

Although some people might be able to orgasm from external anal play only, like rimming, typically anal stimulation will involve penetration.

While some people can have an orgasm from anal penetration alone, it’s pretty rare. Most people need to have additional stimulation of the clitoris or the penis.

If you’d like to try having an anal orgasm, you can do so with fingers, toys, or a penis. Just keep in mind that for anal play, especially first-time anal play, it’s important to start small before you attempt inserting larger objects. 

2. Use anal toys.

Because both the prostate and G-spot need similar stimulation, you can often use the same types of toys. Just be sure any toy you’re using is anal-safe. You’ll find dildos and vibrators with a pronounced curve are the most useful. 

With curved toys, rather than using them in a thrusting motion, use a pivoting motion pressing forward towards the front of the person’s body. The same thing is true if you’re using fingers — you’ll want to aim up towards the anterior wall (towards the belly) to find the prostate or G-spot. 

3. PiA (penis-in-anus sex). 

If you’re having sex with a penis, you may need to experiment with positions to get the best angle. Depending on the curve of the penis, missionary sex might miss the mark. Try having the receiver on top. This will give lots of flexibility for deciding how fast and how deep penetration will go, as well as allowing room to experiment with different angles. 

4. Maximize pleasure by touching other erogenous zones.

As a bonus, everyone will have their hands free to provide additional stimulation or hold toys. This position also allows easy access to the other erogenous zones, such as the penis or clit, of the person on top. 

What does an anal orgasm feel like?

Basically, an anal orgasm feels like other types of orgasms, but focussed around the anal area. Anal penetration gives a feeling of fullness and pressure in the area, and the sexual tension and pleasure build up as the anus is stimulated. When tension has built up enough to reach a tipping point that’s when the rhythmic muscle contractions of orgasm begin. The waves of pleasure are focused around the anus, and also in the other areas you’ve also been stimulating (like the clit or the penis), and may be felt throughout the whole pelvis or the whole body. 

As much fun as butt stuff can be, it’s certainly not for everyone. There’s nothing wrong with you if you don’t like how it feels, or if you don’t even like the idea of trying it. But if you feel curious and open to some exploration, you might be surprised by how good, and even orgasmic, it can feel. 

The bottom line

Having an anal orgasm is totally possible. Trying some of these techniques and tips can hopefully help you get there. Just remember to relax, use plenty of lube, and enjoy. After all, an anal orgasm can feel amazing. If you want to try to have an anal orgasm with penetration, read our guide on preparing for anal sex.

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Stella Harris is a Certified Intimacy Educator and Sex Coach who uses a variety of tools to guide and empower her clients and she teaches everything from pleasure anatomy, to communication skills, to kink and BDSM. Stella speaks at venues and conferences across the USA and Canada while maintaining a private practice in her adopted hometown of Portland, Oregon. Stella’s first book, Tongue Tied: Untangling Communication in Sex, Kink, and Relationships was published by Cleis Press in September 2018. You can also find Stella’s sex column in Portland’s Willamette Week.

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