What Is G Spot

What Is A G-Spot?

Is it real? How do you find it? Can it make you orgasm? Get all the answers to your G-Spot questions here!

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Does the g-spot exist? The answer is yes! But… there is still a lot of mystery surrounding this erogenous zone. People have different experiences with it (some love it, some don’t), and because there are gaps in scientific research, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about exactly what the g-spot is and how it works. What we do know is that g-spot play is enjoyable for many people.

What Is The G-Spot Made Of?

There are different opinions about what the actual structure of the g-spot is. Some researchers believe the g-spot is a unique structure related to the prostate, while others believe it is an internal part of the clitoris, and some believe it is a combination of both. More research is needed to clarify what the g-spot area is made up of.

How To Find Your G-Spot

To find the g-spot, place a finger inside the vagina and curve the finger tip forward toward the front of the body. The g-spot is about two inches inside the vagina—the exact location is different for different people.

It’s more of an “area” than a “spot,” so instead of looking for a magic button, try massaging around the area and experimenting with the different pressures. Some people can feel a slightly ridged spongy tissue; locating this tissue is a good sign you’re touching the g-spot.

To find the g-spot, place a finger inside the vagina and curve the finger tip forward toward the front of the body. The G-spot is about two inches inside the vagina.

Remember, just because you have found the g-spot doesn’t mean fireworks will start flying! Yes, some people love g-spot play, but others don’t.

Some people find that g-spot play makes them feel like they need to pee, and others find g-spot stimulation intense, and need to take time to find it enjoyable. Be patient, and if you’re playing with a partner, make sure you’re communicating about what feels good and what doesn’t.

G-Spot Play

Unlike the clitoris, which responds to light touch, the g-spot generally requires firmer pressure. To get this pressure you can massage the g-spot with your fingertips, use a g-spot toy, or try a sex position where the penis or strap-on cock presses against the front inside wall of the vagina (try “modified missionary” or “cowgirl”).

Sex Toys For G-Spot Stimulation

There are a range of sex toys designed for g-spot fun. These toys have a curved shape to bend forward and press on the g-spot. They come in vibrating and non-vibrating varieties, and can be made of silicone, hard plastic, metal, glass and other hard materials. Popular g-spot toys include the Lelo Gigi, the We-Vibe, and the Njoy Pure Wand. G-spot toys are more fun with lube, so remember to have a bottle of your favorite lube on hand.

Unlike the clitoris, which responds to light touch, the G-spot generally requires firmer pressure.

It’s helpful to know that g-spot stimulation can make some people squirt, so be aware that this is a possibility and maybe put down a towel! Have fun exploring g-spot sensations.

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Video transcript

The G spot in the vulva, in the vagina is approximately one to three inches towards the front of the body. So if someone were to try and look for the G spot they would go internally inside the vagina and do this sort of come here motion. It's not far, it's not like anyone has to go putting on SCUBA gear to find it or anything like that. It's not, it's not this buried treasure situation. But what usually works for G spot stimulation is direct and constant pressure. During internal sensation it can feel really, really intense for some it might feel like their bladder is being pushed up against and that is partially because that's exactly what's happening.