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Playing with yourself, jerking off, flicking the bean, wanking, rubbing one out - whatever you call it, explore the world of self-pleasure.

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Best masturbation techniques? Solo sex tips and toy suggestions? Do it yourself with these handy masturbation videos.

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Masturbation As Self Care

Masturbation is normal, healthy, and can be a huge part of our self care! Join Afrosexology as they answer questions about masturbation, dispelling myths, and speaking truth.


Mapping Your G-Spot Pleasure

The G-spot is infinitely interesting. Learn everything you need to know from anatomy to the best toys with Gigi Engle. LOL, where the fuck is it? What does a G-spot orgasm feel like? Which toys are best? Is squirting pee or what?


Get More Out Of Jerking Off

What's more embarrassing about taking a class on jerking off? Denying yourself the opportunity to have better orgasms. Learn how to get that hot rod HOTTER!


Get Hard with Guybrators

Think vibrators are only for pussies? Dude, you’re missing out. Join the Vibrator Whisperer, Sharin’ Peter, and explore the world of Guybrators, aka vibrators for penis-owners and how they can level up your masturbation and partnered play.


Masturbation Techniques For Clit Orgasms You Need In Your Life

Is your bedroom routine getting stale? Try out this clitoral stimulation technique from Afrosexology!


All About G Spots

Do I have one? Where is it? Why can’t my partner find it? Am I supposed to squirt? This AMA on G-spots will help you discover your orgasm diversity and offer tips for exploring your G-spot with toys, fingers and partners.


All About Erogenous Zones

The G spot is just one of many erotic zones. Learn them all, you won't be sorry.

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Best Sex Toys For Masturbation

Vibrators, sleeves and lube - oh my! Explore what toys can add to your solo sex experience.

Masturbation Facts: Did You Know?


Despite myths masturbation won’t give you hairy palms, sexual dysfunction or mental illness. It’s totally healthy.

Masturbation Myths

Using a vibrator won’t damage or desensitize your clit. Your resilient clit will bounce right back.


Masturbation is a form of ‘safer sex’ since there’s no risk of pregnancy or STIs.

Safer Sex

Graham crackers and Corn Flakes were designed to be bland to curb sexual urges and stop people from masturbating.

Graham crackers and Corn Flakes

Being able to masturbate is basically like having a superpower: it helps menstrual cramps, stress, and insomnia.


Masturbating around 5 times a week may reduce your risk of prostate cancer (especially if you’re over 50).

Prostate Cancer

Masturbation (n)


Stimulating your genitals for self-pleasure. A great way to learn what you like, relieve stress, and get to sleep. Whether hands only or with the aid of toys, masturbation is the original ‘safer sex’.

"The good thing about masturbation is that you don't have to get dressed up for it." — Truman Capote

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More about masturbation: suggestions and pro-tips to take your self love to the next level.

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