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October 23, 2019

The Sexiest Erotica You Can Find on the Internet, For Free

Check out our list of the very best sexy, free erotica you can find online.
Written by
Krystal Jagoo
Published on
October 23, 2019
Updated on
June 9, 2022
What's changed?
We added two more free erotica websites we recommend.
We added two more free erotica websites we recommend.
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All too often, erotica evokes references to Fifty Shades of Grey. While this may be enough for some, for others, it leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, there is a whole wide world of erotica to appeal to whatever idea, fantasy, or kink you’d like to explore. And if the erotica you want doesn’t yet exist, you can always create it yourself! You can read, write, or listen to erotica. You can even draw it out in a graphic novel. The possibilities go on and on. 

11 best free erotica websites and apps 

What erotica you like, and how you like to consume it, is based on personal preference. That’s why it’s important to get an idea of what’s out there so you have lots of options to choose from. Here are some of our recommendations for the sexiest, free erotica to meet your needs.  ‍

1. Nifty

Nifty curates stories catered to LGBTQ+ readers. Established nearly 30 years ago, the non-profit site boasts over 250,000 LBGTQ+ erotica stories from more than 15,000 authors for your reading pleasure. ‍

2. Sex, Life, and Everything In Between

Sex, Life, and Everything In Between is a blog ran by a poly couple married for over 20 years. On the site, they share both new and old experiences in their relationship, ranging from Threesome Memoirs, Random Moments and, you guessed it, their sex, lives and everything in between. ‍

3. Sugarbutch Chronicles

Stories of queer sex, kink, gender and relationships is what Sinclair Sexsmith of Sugarbutch Chronicles offers its readers. The site has received many awards and has been regarded as one of the highest ranking sex blogs online. Its sections include Dirty Stories, Essays and Poetry as well as Guest Posts. Its clean and simple design makes it one of the easier sites to navigate, which is always a plus!‍

4. BDSM Cafe

For those into bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, BDSM Cafe provides stories, novels, poetry, movies, and information catering to your BDSM interests, as well as resources on BDSM contracts, BDSM safety, and more. ‍

5. Archive of Our Own

Archive of Our Own offers a selection of fan fiction erotica around pop culture gems such as Star Wars, Sherlock Holmes, K-Pop, One Direction, Doctor Who, Hamilton, Newsies, etc. If you’re looking for erotica about one of your favorite characters, you’ll be sure to find something here. ‍

6. Literotica

If you’re familiar with erotica, you probably already know about Literotica, one of the original online erotica sites — and one of the largest. You can search for stories by category, popularity, and author, as well as look through new releases. Literotica offers writers resources and helps connect its readers with volunteer editors so that you can submit your own stories if you feel so inclined! ‍

7. Bellesa

If you’re looking for more of a female-centric take, Bellesa’s platform, which boasts “porn for women,” claims to be  “the premiere destination for all things female sexuality.” It offers a selection of erotic stories including, kink, romance, masturbation, group sex and more. They also provide other forms of erotic stimulation such as videos, movies and cams.

8. Girl On The Net

Girl On the Net is a U.K. sex blogger whose selection of stories is also available for free as audio porn, making the site more accessible for those who use screenreaders or for those who prefer aural stories to the written word. ‍

9. Dipsea

The Dipsea app has “sexy audio stories that set the mood and spark your imagination.” You can select a mood or a moment by choosing audio from listening options such as “Before a date,” “With your partner” or “In bed.” Other category names include “Find a Flirty Headspace,” “Learn about each other,” “Have a Ménage à Moi,” and more. You can even ask Dipsea to curate a few stories for you. 

With so many options to choose from, you can dive in to find the site or type of erotica that works for you. After all, experimenting is 90 percent of the fun, so take your time. After getting to know what you’re into, you can delve even deeper into those rabbit holes to keep exploring your fantasies, or you can just keep casually reading for pleasure. The choice is yours.

10. Noveltrove Erotica 

On the Noveltrove website, they write: “Our passion is to deliver high-quality erotic stories for you to enjoy. Our aim is to please. To create a place for authors to share their work and for readers to enjoy it.” You don’t have to register on Noveltrove, you won’t see any ads on the site, and everything is free. The site boasts stories in a wide variety of categories ranging from Milfs & Dilfs to BDSM to First Time to No Sex and more. 

If you do decide to register, you have the option to write and submit your own story, which is awesome. Overall, we love the philosophy behind Noveltree: “We believe sex should be a pleasurable experience among consenting adults, and that's the positive message the Noveltrove stories convey to our readers.” 

11. Lush Stories 

Lush Stories is a great source for free erotica if you’re trying to get turned on fast. On the site, you can explore shorter stories in most any genre you can think of. The site also claims to have “some of the most exciting erotica from [the] world’s largest sex story community.” Whether or not this is actually the “world’s largest” community of erotica writers,, there is no doubt that Lush Stories has a whole lot of content to offer. You also can write and submit your own stories if you want to contribute. If you join with a registration, you can also get free access to features such as access to the video chat room, 

The bottom line 

Reading free erotica on the Internet is a great way to get turned on fast. To have an even better solo sex experience if you like touching yourself while reading, try these tips to make masturbation even better. 

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Krystal Kavita Jagoo has taught at Nipissing University, and worked as a Wellness Counsellor with the University of Toronto, before transferring to the role of Accessibility Advisor. Her writing has been published in Social Justice Solutions, on such topics as mental health, systemic oppression, etc. Her understanding of reproductive justice is shaped by a placement with youth with HIV through the Children’s Hospital of Michigan and serving on a Project Advisory Committee for Women’s Sexual Health with the Association for South Asian AIDS Prevention.

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