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How to choose a vibrator

1. Consider the areas of your body you’re seeking to stimulate. For instance, if you enjoy external, clitoral stimulation, then a clitoral vibrator or wand massager may be for you. Alternatively, those who prefer internal play should seek out products such as G-spot vibrators and rabbits. Learning how to use your vibrator will enhance those targeted sensations even more.

2. Know your sexual wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to orgasm for the first time, experience pleasure more frequently, spice things up with a partner, or just want to try something new, there is a vibrator out there to make your wellness goals happen. For beginners with the goal of just testing out a vibrator to see how they feel about it, for example, the bullet vibrator is a great place to start.

3. Ask yourself if you want to play alone or with other people. Vibrators are for everyone, regardless of your relationship status. But this can help inform what product to get, with the different types lending themselves to either solo or partnered sex. For those looking for some alone time, consider suction and rabbit vibes, whilst app-controlled, bullets, and couples vibrators are ideal for two or more people.

4. Determine if you need to keep things discreet. Whether you have housemates or family, it’s understandable to want to keep your play private. If this is a concern, then smaller pleasure products such as bullets and clitoral vibrators are usually best, as not only are they easier to hide, but they’re typically quieter too. On the flip side, some wand massagers can be very loud, but offer intense stimulation.

5. Consider specific features you might be seeking. Vibrators often come with a wide variety of different features, like varying Intensity, modes, or other types of tech. Identifying which of these best suits you, or those that you have enjoyed before, will be a great help. For instance, those wanting their partner to be in control should consider app- or remote-controlled vibrators, whilst those who have a preference for pattern modes may enjoy the versatile We-Vibe Touch X.

8 types of vibrators

Understanding the various types of vibrators is the next step toward choosing a vibrator that’s right for you.  Here’s a quick rundown on the eight vibrator types offered at O shop.

1. Air suction vibrators.

This new type of vibrator provides contactless pressure waves, typically to the clitoris, which are designed to mimic the sucking feeling of oral sex. Perfect for solo play, they sometimes come with vibrations as well.

2. App-controlled vibrators.

Like most devices these days, vibrators can also be controlled through your smartphone, by you or a partner for you. Not all apps are made equal though, with some being little more than a remote and others offering everything from long distance play to music syncing and voice control.

3. Bullet vibrators.

Cheap and versatile, the humble bullet is a perfect option for those who are unsure where to start. With a small shape, it has the ability to stimulate any external erogenous zones you want, and can also easily fit between bodies to make it ideal for partnered play.

4. Clitoral vibrators.

Slightly larger than the average bullet, clitoral vibrators take things up a notch by adding curves and grooves to better fit over the vulva. Designs can vary, but most offer a broad surface combined with a tapered tip, so you can enjoy different sensations.

5. Couple vibrators.

Primarily designed to be used by two people during sex, couples vibrators come in a variety of different shapes and styles. The most popular option is the U-style vibrator, where the product is first placed in the vagina to stimulate both parties during penetration.

6. Rabbit vibrators.

Rabbit vibrators are great for those who can’t choose between internal and external stimulation as they offer both. With a smaller shaft resting on your clitoris and an internal arm positioned towards your G-Spot, this is the ideal vibrator for those looking for some quality alone time.

7. G-Spot vibrators.

Made for internal vaginal use, G-spot vibrators are often curved to allow for maximum stimulation of the G-spot area. This type of vibrator is also easier for a partner to use on you than a rabbit, as it doesn’t have the restriction of the external arm, and can even be applied directly to the clitoris for a two-in-one win.

8. Wand massager vibrators.

Considered the most powerful of all vibrators, wands massagers are often large and noisy, with some models even needing to be plugged into an outlet. But this is well worth it for the deep tissue stimulation they offer, allowing for even greater climaxes. Plus, they also make an excellent addition to partnered play.

Key things to know about vibrators

Once you’ve picked the type of vibrator you think will serve your needs, consider these key factors about your pleasure product.

  • Material. While most vibrators are made out of body-safe silicone, it’s always best to double check the material. This is less important when it comes to external products, but materials such as jelly, PVC, and TPE should be avoided for any product that will enter your body.
  • Lube compatibility.  Even though silicone vibrators are the ideal, most are not compatible with silicone-based lubricants. Oil-based may also be an issue depending on the brand, so it’s generally safest to just stick to water-based lube when using your vibrator. To learn more, check out our guide for choosing lube.
  • Power Source. As with many electronics, USB rechargeability has become the standard. But cheaper battery-powered options may still be a more convenient choice for some, giving you greater control over the product’s power. Alternatively, with a plug-in vibrator you never have to worry about it dying.

Bonus features of vibrators to look for

You can expect most vibrators to be USB rechargeable, waterproof, body-safe, and have varying modes of vibration intensity and pressure. But keep an eye out for  a few extra standout features.

  • Travel Lock. An essential for anyone thinking of using their pleasure product on the go, this feature allows you to ”lock” your vibrator, typically by holding down a unique combination of buttons, so that it doesn’t respond if pressed accidentally.
  • Remote Control. While app-control is the big thing these days, an old-school remote control is still a valuable feature for many vibrators. These small devices can often be more discreet during use, and a lot less distracting too.
  • Heating. Self heating technology is one of the latest features to become more common with internal pleasure products, such as G-spot vibrators and rabbits. Perfect for temperature play or cold days, it warms up the shaft to increase sensation.

Pair your vibrator with...

Pairing your vibrator with other pleasure products can enhance your play, and is a quick and easy way to take your vibrator to the next level. Here are some of our recommendations for pleasure products that might pair well with your vibrator.

  • Toy Mounts. Some specialized pillows, such as the Liberator BonBon, feature holes that are designed to allow for hands-free pleasure of your favorite vibrator.
  • Arousal Gels. For increased sensation, products like the Kama Sutra Arouse Intensifying Gel provide a warming sensation when applied to areas such as the clitoris.
  • Bondage. To really amp up your play, try incorporating bondage when with a partner. This can be as simple as a blindfold, such as the LELO Intima Silk Blindfold, which will automatically enhance any stimulation, or for something more advanced, try the Sportsheets Extreme Under The Bed Restraints.

How to clean your vibrator

Make sure to clean your vibrator upon receiving it, and then before and after each use. For most this can simply be done with regular soap and water, however you can also use a specialized vibrator cleaner if you have it. For detailed cleaning information, which may be important if the product is not fully waterproof, always make sure to check the instructions.

4 vibrator myths, debunked

Vibrators can feel great, but there’s a lot of misleading or just downright incorrect information out there about vibrators. Here’s the top four vibrator myths that need some clearing up.

1. You can get addicted to your vibrator.
One of the biggest concerns people share is that they’re afraid of becoming addicted to their vibrator, but that simply isn’t true. While no studies have been done to completely put it to bed, experts agree that while users may become more accustomed to a vibrator over time, this does not reflect the clinical definition of addiction, which involves behavior that is harmful (1).

2. Your vibrator will desensitize you.
Speaking of harmful behavior, a big reason many people fear “vibrator addiction” is that they think it will make it harder for them to enjoy sex or masturbation without a wellness product. However, this is another assumption that is not supported medically, with a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine finding the majority of users had zero negative symptoms as a result of using a vibrator (2). If you do feel any kind of numbness, simply take a break for a day or two.

3. Vibrators are only for single people.
While vibrators can be a great way for single people to access pleasure, they absolutely have their place within relationships too. Not only are couples vibrators a way to add more enjoyment for the both of you when together, but using them separately also has great benefits that won’t take away from your bond (1).

4. Only women use vibrators.
While the media’s depiction of vibrator use is primarily focused on women, anyone can use a vibrator. In fact, studies show that vibrator usage among men of all sexualities is common, with 49.8% of gay and bisexually identified men and 43.8% of heterosexual men reporting they had used a vibrator at some point in their lives (3, 4). Plus, not only are there different vibrators available to suit all body types, but many external devices, such as wand massagers, can be enjoyed by anyone.

Vibrator alternatives

While vibrators encompass many different types of wellness products, they aren’t for everyone. Non-electrical products, such as dildos, butt plugs, and masturbators, all exist to provide pleasure without the buzzing of a motor, and in doing so are not only a lot cheaper, but can also be more convenient. Take a look at our dildo category to find the one for you!


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