November 8, 2022

Vibrators Aren’t Just For Women. How Men (Or Any Gender) Can Enjoy Them Too.

Vibrators for men exist — and for good reason.
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November 8, 2022
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There are many myths around sex toys, including that only women use vibrators. While vibrators tend to be more popular among women, or vagina owners, because of the clitoral and G-spot stimulation they offer, there are plenty of ways men, or people with penises, can enjoy vibrators too. There’s no ‘right’ way to use a vibrator on a penis — it’s all about finding what feels good, and experimenting with various types of vibrators for penises. 

4 types of vibrators for men

It’s quite common for men to use vibrators. In fact, one study found that 45% of men had incorporated a vibrator into sexual activities at some point during their lives. Here are some types of vibrators for men, or people with penises, to explore. 

1. Standard clit vibrators

While most bullet vibrators tend to be marketed toward women, a lot of men can enjoy them as forms of stimulation, too. There are plenty of ways to use standard vibrators on the penis, including on the shaft of the penis or around the anus. Unlike vibrators designed for penis owners, clitoral vibrators can only stimulate a small area of the penis.

We recommend: We-Vibe Tango X

We-Vibe’s Tango X offers deep pinpoint vibrations for both vagina and penis owners. Its eight intensity levels allow for a lot of experimentation, whether you choose to use it solo or with a partner. It’s also small and discreet, which makes it a great option for long-distance couples, and for those that want to seamlessly use the toy during oral.

2. Prostate massagers

Prostate vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate, the gland right in front of the rectum. Unlike clitoral vibrators, they typically have a curved head and slimmer body, and they can be inserted into the rectum through the anus.

We recommend: Lelo Hugo

Lelo’s Hugo features eight intensity levels and two motors, offering powerful prostate sensations. Its thick shape makes it accessible for those new to vibration and prostate stimulation, and its super smooth texture makes it comfortable to use and insert. Perhaps the most standout feature is Hugo’s SenseMotion technology, which allows you to control the vibrations by tilting or shaking the wireless remote.

3. Vibrating cock rings 

Vibrating cocks rings slide over the penis and stimulate the penis shaft, leading to enhanced and longer-lasting erections. During penetrative sex, vibrating cock rings can also stimulate the clitoris, intensifying pleasure for both partners.

We recommend: We-Vibe Pivot

We-Vibe’s Pivot functions as both a super-stretchy cock ring and powerful vibrator. Its hand-free stimulation and 10 vibration modes make it well-suited for all levels, and its 100% waterproof function allows for experimentation in the bath or shower. We also love that Pivot connects to We-Vibe’s We-Connect app, which offers remote-control access from anywhere and everywhere — a cool perk for long-distance couples.

4. Vibrating butt plugs

Butt plugs, which are designed to be inserted into the rectum, stimulate the prostate. Added vibration can heighten the pleasurable experience, creating a tingly, rumbly feel throughout the pelvis.

We recommend: B-Vibe Snug Plug 2

B-Vbe’s Snug Plug 2 creates pleasurable prostate stimulation with its six vibration patterns and four intensity levels. It’s great if you’re a beginner looking to experience a range of sensations, and because it allows for extended wear, you can experiment with casual vibration as a form of foreplay — even wearing the toy around the house or to the grocery store before play. If you choose to use the Snug Plug 2 during partnered sex, you’ll find that its flexibility gives easy and comfortable vibration access to the prostate.

How to stimulate a penis with a vibrator 

Here are some ways men can use vibrators to enhance solo or partnered play. 

1. Use a vibrator with oral sex

If your partner has a penis and you want to experiment with oral sex, try pressing a vibrator against your cheek or chin as you move up and down the penis. You can also press the vibrator along the shaft as you go up, starting from the base of the penis. There are endless ways to incorporate a vibrator into oral sex, and you might even consider placing the toy around the nipples or other parts of the body to heighten the experience. 

2. Try vibration to stimulate the prostate 

Prostate stimulation can take some time to get used to, so it’s best to ease into it. If it’s your first time using an anal toy or a prostate massager, try to first use the toy without the vibrations. You can always work your way up. You might also consider pressing a clitoral vibrator around the anus for a teasing sensation.

Lube is incredibly important for prostate stimulation — we cannot emphasize this enough. Because the anus is not self-lubricating, anal play can be quite uncomfortable when there’s increased friction. We recommend opting for water-based lube, mainly because it’s compatible with latex condoms and most sex toys. You can never use too much, and it’s best not to skimp on this one. 

3. Target the frenulum 

The frenulum is a small area of tissue that connects the head and the shaft. For many, it’s the most sensitive part of the penis. When pressing a vibrator on the frenulum, make sure to start slow. If the stimulation feels too intense, you might consider using your toy over clothing or even a towel. That way you can get a taste of the experience, rather than jumping from 0 to 100. You can also start on the vibrator’s lowest setting and spend a few minutes gauging how the sensation feels, then building up from there.

4. Wear a cock ring during penetration

Many feel that cock rings enhance pleasure during penetrative sex. Even without vibration, they restrict blood flow from the penis, making erections firmer and longer-lasting. A cock ring that vibrates adds different sensations to the shaft, and if your partner is a woman or has a vagina, it can simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and create pleasure for both partners. There are a range of vibrating cock rings that you can experiment with, including ones that are app-controlled. Most cock rings are flexible and can fit most size penises. 

5. Explore other parts of the body

There are plenty of body parts outside the penis and vagina that have heightened sensitivity. It may be fun to add vibration to various erogenous zones, like the nape of the neck, the lips, or the lower abdomen. If you or your partner get turned on by nipple stimulation, try pressing the vibrator on or around the nipple. Perhaps you explore vibrations around the inner thigh. Experimenting with different pressures in different parts of the body can build a teasing sensation. 

The bottom line

All genders can incorporate vibrators into their sex lives, if they choose. Vibrators, like dildos or cock rings, can be used in a variety of ways, and it may take time to find what feels good. But the process of experimentation can be a lot of fun, whether it's with yourself or a partner. For more pleasure products, check out our catalog of sex toys for penises.

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