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Eating pussy. Blowjobs. Rim jobs. Giving head. Cunnilingus. Fellatio. Everything you need to know about oral sex.

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Oral Facts: Did You Know?


86-87% of American adults say they've engaged in oral sex according to a National Survey of Family Growth.


Oral sex is so good it should be illegal. In some US states it technically is! (but the laws are unenforceable).


While lower risk than intercourse, you can still get STIs from oral sex including gonorrhea and HPV.


Stick to pea protein if you’re trying to bulk up - despite rumours semen is not actually high in protein.


The technical name for pussy eating is cunnilingus, a blow job is felatio, while ass eating is anilingus.


There’s a toy for everything — even oral. Tongue vibrators and tongue piercings can elevate the experience.

Oral (noun)


Performing oral sex involves using your mouth to give sexual pleasure to your partner. Oral can be the main act of sex, or combined with other types of play. Enjoy a long slow session of tongue action, or squeeze in a hot oral quicky! How you do oral sex is up to you.

Oral sex on a penis is called fellatio (or a blowjob), oral sex on a vulva is called cunnilingus (or eating pussy), oral sex on an anus is called anilingus (or rimming).

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Top tips for giving head, sex toys to enhance oral sex, take you BJ and pussy eating skills to the next level.

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