What Analingus & Rimming Really Feels Like — Plus 5 New Ways to Try It

Want to try rimming? Here’s how people say it feels like — and why they love it.

What Analingus & Rimming Really Feels Like — Plus 5 New Ways to Try It

What Analingus & Rimming Really Feels Like — Plus 5 New Ways to Try It

What Analingus & Rimming Really Feels Like — Plus 5 New Ways to Try It

November 14, 2019
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Regardless of gender or genitalia, analingus — oral sex performed on and around the anus, also known as rimming or giving a “rim job” — can be a very erotic and enjoyable experience. We are chock-full of nerve-endings surrounding the anus, most of which are specifically responsible for pleasure.

No matter which lube you love the most, you’ll be glad that you tried them all. There’s no wrong way to lube.

We know this to be true, but we wanted to hear it directly from the people. What does analingus feel like? What does it feel like to give it? What does it feel like to receive it? Why do they like it? 

To find out, we pulled a collection of comments from a roundup of rimjob-related Reddit threads from people of all genders and sexualities, who proudly let their #IEatAss flags fly. 

  1. “I'm just so attracted to my current sexual partner's rear end and couldn't help myself. We both enjoyed the experience, and I can't wait to do it again.” - neurotic_panda
  1. “Personally, I prefer just the lightest of touches. Don't really care for the ‘tongue fucking’. Mix it up, small circles, up and down, side to side, etc. Also, as a guy, receiving a rimjob while on all fours is incredibly hot, either with the handjob or not.” - HeyHeyItsRon
  1. “Feels really amazing (physically and mentally), especially when he moans occasionally when doing it as I can feel the vibration. It's even better after a hard spanking and he's softly kissing all of the skin that's red.” - 99Celsius
  1. “Personally, I love it! When my boyfriend first went for it I was a little reluctant, but soon realized I found it amazing.” - secretaccountxo 
  1. “As a receiver, it feels amazing. Throw in a vibrator or some fingering and I’ll be orgasming in no time. As a giver: as long as it’s super clean, it can be a lot of fun." - notsoteenagebitch

  1. “I love it. definitely has to be with someone I’m comfortable with/something we've worked up to, but yeah, it feels amazing!!” - toungeinmyass
  1. “I love it and luckily the guy I'm sleeping with loves doing it. It makes me feel so incredibly sexy. I never thought I'd be into it but since I met him, it's been all about the ass.” - charlottemoo
  1. “Tell you what, eating ass is pretty wonderful if you ask me. It’s another toy on a playground that you thought there was only the slip and slide and nothing else.” - tanakayukio

  1. “I do it to my boyfriend and he loves it and says he feels spoiled when I do it. I love how his body quivers.” - PorkPork
  1. “Eating ass gets me instantly hard. I'm not sure why I love it so much but I don't think my partner and I ever have sex where I don't eat her ass. Fortunately, she likes it too.” - rckymtnrfc
  1. “I love when my partner does this, it makes me so wet. It’s like: here’s my ass, it’s my dirtiest part of my body, but you want your tongue and face all up in it? Ok! The orgasms I get with this foreplay are explosive.” - MrsJRF

  1. “It's a wonderful feeling. I always imagined what it felt like, seeing it in porn and such but let me tell ya, there are few better feelings in the world than a wet warm tongue licking your asshole.” - Chahgo
  1. “It's pretty awesome, especially if it's paired with other sensations. Like caressing other body parts, or if the person’s really burying their face in there.” - Ravinna

Whether you and your partner(s) are totally new to ass play or looking for something different, we’ve compiled some creative ways to make it out of this world.

Use a flavored lube

Keep in mind that the ass doesn’t self lubricate, so don’t be afraid to incorporate saliva/spit or lube. Add some flavor to your analingus game with a body-safe, anal-friendly flavored water-based lube.  Test for skin sensitivity or allergic reactions by first trying the lube on a very small patch of your skin. 

Use your vocal cords

Moaning while performing analingus can feel incredibly pleasurable for the receiver as they can feel the vibrations from the vocal cords. Not only does it feel wonderful, but hearing your sexual partner moaning in pleasure can be an arousing thing regardless. 

Get multi-tasking

Don’t forget about the other parts of the body while you’re stuffing your face with booty. Reach around and stroke your partner’s penis, if they have one, or stimulate the perineum — the area between the balls and the anus. If the receiving partner has a vulva, pay attention to the clitoris and vagina by rubbing, fingering, or adding toys. 

Try out new positions 

Experimenting with different positions can be a fun way to make your ass-eating more exciting. You can try “69”ing, receiving on all fours, riding your partner’s face, receiving standing or bent over and so many more. Try out different positions and variations and find what works best and is most comfortable and pleasurable for you!

Comfort is key

The best positions for performing or receiving analingus aren’t always naturally comfortable ones to hold. This is where sex pillows can come in. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, sex pillows make these positions accessible, comfortable and intuitive.

Various pillows, wedges, and ramps can be used to provide neck support, back support, and hip support for either the giver and the receiver however you need it, depending on your accessibility needs. 

You can also experiment with pillows and props from around your home as a cheaper alternative.

Before you try rimming, remember these few things!

1. Never travel from the ass to the vulva, this can cause infection.

2. For safer analingus, use a dental dam, or a condom that has been cut into a dental dam. 

3. Cleaning things up down there isn’t a requirement, but it might help you feel more comfortable. Freshen up with a shower, a mild, fragrance-free wash or wipe.

Remember, with open and honest communication and a fully consenting partner, trying new things in the bedroom can be a rewarding experience. You are allowed to try things out to see whether or not you like them, and you are allowed to change your mind.

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