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April 22, 2020

4 Face-sitting Positions To Make Bedroom Time Even More Intimate

Try these sexy, fun positions.
Written by
S. Nicole Lane
Published on
April 22, 2020
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Trying different face-sitting positions can be a simple way to build intimacy with a partner. It can be enjoyed by people of all genders and sexes since face-sitting can be used for vulva, clit play, and for ass-eating. It can be a versatile way to explore roles since you can do the sitting or be the one sat on. 

Laurie Mintz, the author of Becoming Cliterate, told Glamour that, "[Face-sitting] gives your partner full access to what is the most erogenous zone and most essential area to be stimulated for orgasm to occur: your external vulva, including your clitoris.” She says that many people find face-sitting empowering, “since the focus is all, 100 percent on your pleasure."

Here are a few easy face-sitting  positions to try when you want to jump on your boo’s face and get that afterglow on. We also asked some folks what positions they enjoy and why. (Note these people have requested to remain anonymous so we have excluded last names.)

1. The traditional sit. 

The traditional face-sitting position is when the person on top kneels over their partner's face and cradles (or pushes) their head in between their legs. This incredibly intimate position allows for the top to look into their partner’s eyes as the giving partner goes to town. 

This position is also very low-impact as both partners are in a resting position. The top can also hold on to the bed-frame or wall for extra support and balance. If you’re the one doing the eating out, and you’re looking into exploring how fast or slow your partner prefers your tongue game, this is a great way to test it out. The top has control to writhe and move their body to the rhythm that they prefer.

2. Squat over your partner’s face.

Another position that may require some leg muscles is to squat over your partner’s head instead of lowering your body completely onto their head or chest. Some people find this position comfortable because they don’t want to smother their partner entirely. 

“I prefer to squat because my partner has some flexibility and he can also move towards my anus more easily if he wants. He has some more control in this position,” says Annika from Indiana. Moreover, you can kneel over their head and face in the opposite direction (toward their legs) and crouch over your partner’s body easing into the 69 position. “Sometimes facing their body is great because I can give my partner a handjob while he eats me out. But I can also stop intermittently when I want the attention to stay on me. It keeps him on his toes!”

3. Sit on their chest and arch backwards.

A good first-time position to try is bending your knees and sitting slightly on your partner’s chest. Arch your arms back on to the bed for some balance and to elevate yourself if necessary. In this relaxed position, your partner can hold your buttocks with their hands and have some control. You’re also able to move your body back and forth and quite literally ride their face.

“At first I had a fear of sitting on my partner’s face. I was worried I would squish them!” says Chrissy, a trans-man living in Chicago. Chrissy and their partner have been together for three years but only recently incorporated face-sitting into the bedroom. “As a fat person, I was self-conscious. Although I’m fat and proud, sitting on someone’s face is very vulnerable. Even though my partner is so supportive and loving, you can’t help but worry. Now, I want to sit on their face any chance I can get,” they explain. 

4. The standing up position. 

Victoria, from New Mexico, says that her favorite way to face-sit is “for the other person to be sitting in a chair or couch up against the wall so I can lean or press my body against the wall and can sit down or stand up more.”

This offers more variety and more movement for you and your partner. If your partner needs a rest, they can simply notify you and resort to fingering while you stand up over them. This position also gives you the option to introduce a vibrator to the equation, either during cunnilingus or after. While your partner eats you out, they can use their free hand to work in a sex toy or use their fingers for extra stimulation. 

Face-sitting is a hot way to dominate the bedroom and get the pleasure you deserve. If you’re new to the position, discuss these options with your partner/partners to communicate switching things up and experimenting with oral sex. Next time you climb into bed, pull up a seat to your lover’s face for the ultimate royal treatment.

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S. Nicole Lane is a visual artist and writer based in the South Side. Her work can be found on Playboy, Broadly, Rewire, i-D and other corners of the internet, where she discusses sexual health, wellness, and the arts. She is also an editorial associate for the Chicago Reader.

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