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Butt Facts: Did You Know?


Similar to how your vagina won't stretch from too much sex, your butthole won't stretch from anal sex.


Butt stuff is not new. Anal sex is depicted in 2,000-year-old ceramics from Greece and Peru.


Hospitals have removed vegetables, light bulbs, aerosol cans, and more from people’s butts. Be safe: get an anal toy!


Unlike vaginas, butts are not self-lubricating. Silicone lube is long-lasting, smooth and often preferred for anal.


When a person orgasms, their butthole muscles contract rhythmically at 0.8-second intervals.


Studies suggest that 20-30% of people have tried anal sex at least once.

Butt (noun)


Represented by the peach emoji in popular culture, the butt is an erogenous zone available to people of any gender - since everyone has one, anyone can try it! This area of dense nerve endings can be stimulated with a finger, tongue, anal toy, or penis. Warming up, communication, and lube are important for making anal penetration comfortable. 

It’s your call how you feel about butt play: whether you’re not interested in trying it, whether you’ve tried it and it’s not for you, whether you enjoy it occasionally, or whether you can’t get enough. You do you!

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Kick Ass Butt And Anal Information

All you need to know about real ass, fake butt, rim jobs, and anal play.

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