Anal Sex
January 22, 2020

Anal Sex Positions You’ll Want to Try For Yourself

Bored with your go-to anal positions? Give these fun (and pleasurable) positions a shot!
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Jamie LeClaire
Published on
January 22, 2020
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When it comes to anal sex, doggy-style isn’t our only option, despite the fact we rarely see anything different portrayed in straight porn. 

The truth is, we can get just as creative with positions for anal penetration as we can with penetrative vaginal sex. To help you explore all your anal sex potential, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about seven top-notch anal sex positions, along with advice and anecdotes from our trusted social media follower base!

All of these positions can be done with a receiving partner of any gender. If the penetrating partner has a vulva or a penis they don’t want to use, they can use a strap-on and dildo to engage in these positions with a receiving partner. 

1. Missionary

What it looks like


How to do it:

The penetrating partner is on their knees, adjusting for height, penetrating the anus of the receiving partner who is lying on their back with their legs open, knees slightly bent. The penetrating partner can hold/grab either the receiving partner’s waist, legs, thighs, chest, etc from this position. 

In this position, you can insert a pillow underneath the lower back of the receiving partner to elevate their hips for easier penetration — this makes things much more comfortable for the receiving partner. 

Why it’s so great:

This position will stimulate the anterior side of the anal canal, which is where the prostate is located in folks with penises. This spot feels wonderful when stimulated and people with prostates can potentially achieve orgasm from doing so. In people with vulvas, the internal clitoral structure has bulbs that extend down past the vaginal canal and toward the rectal canal, surrounding the walls of both, and when engorged from arousal, they can be easily stimulated from anal penetration, which many find to be a very pleasurable experience, in some cases inciting orgasm.

In missionary anal, either partner can stimulate the receiving partner’s genitals, whether that is the vagina and the clit, or penis and testes, with either their hands or with an array of toys (dildos, vibrators, cock rings, strokers, etc). 

Not to mention, the missionary position is a top-notch choice for eye contact and steamy mid-anal make-out sessions. When we asked folks on our social media for their absolute fav anal positions, and why, one respondent noted missionary as their favorite because it “can be super romantic!”

2. Spooning

What it looks like:


How to do it:

In the spooning position, the receiving partner lays on their side with their knees slightly bent. The penetrating partner assumes the same position directly behind their partner. From this position, the penetrating partner can hold on to the receivers hips to help stabilize their thrusting movements and either partner can be propped up on one elbow in this position for additional comfort and stability.

Why it’s so great:

Anal in the spooning position is particularly accessible for pregnant people and those with limited mobility. It’s also just great if you’re tired or sore. Spooning can also make a great morning sex position since it’s quite easy to roll into.

Another follower mentions they love spooning as a receiver, because it offers them “just the right amount of penetration, and we can both control the movement and momentum.” 

Spooning can also be a more intimate rear entry position because it allows you to both be near each other and have your faces close to one another and the receiving partner can reach back to touch their partner from this position.

3. Pretzel dip

What it looks like:


How to do it:

In this position, the receiving partner lays on their back with their elbows propping their upper body up. One leg is slightly raised and bent and the other is flat. The penetrating partner, on bent knees, will straddle the upper leg that is laying flat and will gently hold their partner’s lifted leg by their side.

Why it’s so great:

The pretzel dip position is especially great for very deep, controlled penetration, either fast or slow, while maintaining eye contact. The receiving partner can also stimulate their genitals with a hand or toy from this position. Any position that allows the penetrating partner to see the body language and facial expressions of the receiving partner is ideal for anal sex. 

4. Straddle

What it looks like:


How to do it:

From the pretzel dip position, the receiving partner is on their back with their hips slightly tilt. If the receiving partner has the range of motion, the penetrating partner can bring the one leg up higher, holding onto it for balance as they penetrate, in an upright position on their knees, continuing to straddle the inactive leg of the receiving partner.

Why it’s great:

The straddle is another position that offers deep penetration, and this one gives the penetrating partner more stability by holding onto the leg, giving them more momentum. The receiving partner can also reach their genitals to masturbate in this position with hands or toys, if they desire. 

5. Lying Doggy

What it looks like:


How to do it:

The receiving partner lays flat on their stomach with their legs closed.. The penetrating partner would then straddle their hips from above and behind, on their bent knees. 

In this position, the penetrating partner can be upright, with their hands on the lower back, back, shoulders, neck, hair, etc of the receiving partner. They could also lean forward into a more lateral position, against the receiving partner to kiss, bite, nibble, whisper into their partner’s ear. 

Why it’s great:

Lying doggy is considered a restful position for the receiver. As another respondent points out, they like doggy positions because “it’s more comfortable for my partner and I’m also more free to control my movement.”

And if bondage is you and your partner’s thing, this is also a perfect position to throw some silk handcuffs on the receiving partner and tie their wrists behind their back (some ankle ones too, now that we mention it!).

6. LeapFrog

What it looks like:


How to do it:

The receiving partner is on all fours. From here, they widen their knees into a kneeling squat. The penetrating partner is on their knees and positions themselves behind their partner, adjusting the width of their partner’s knees to an appropriate height and then proceeds to penetrate, hands on their partner’s backside. The penetrating partner can also lean back with their hands propping them up, as the receiving partner “backs up” onto the phallus. 

From here, the receiving partner can choose to have their hands propping them up, or go down onto their elbows. If the person has the range of motion, they can lean farther down and rest their chest against the bed, or a pillow, and take their hands and arms. out of the equation while being penetrated.

Why it’s great:

This is a wonderful position for the receiver who wants to control the depth. Leapfrog is basically doggy-style but with more control over the movement and momentum. The position allows for “springy” movement, much like a frog, and so the receiver is able to move with more ease and control. Another respondent noted that they like this position in particular because of their endometriosis and because they can “control the speed and back into them and go at my own pace.”

The penetrating partner can also take over the reins at any time when the receiving partner is ready for some more. 

7. Piledriver

What it looks like:


How to do it:

For this more advanced position, the receiving partner first lays flat, and then brings their knees and legs up and over, extending past their head. They can prop themselves up higher by bending their elbows and placing their hands on their back. The anus should be facing upright in this position. From here the penetrating partner, can point their phallus in a downward angle, and penetrate the receiving partner.

Why it’s so great:

This position offers a whole lot of depth. Depending on what you’re into, being upside down can be a lot of fun, too! The penetrating partner can also stimulate their partner’s genitals easily from this position.

Hopefully, you’ve found an exciting new position to confidently try out, but before you do, let’s go over a few hard and fast rules of anal sex!

  1. You can never use TOO MUCH lube. The ass does not self-lubricate.
  1. The bottom is the boss. Their ultimate comfort and safety should be on top of mind, tops!
  1. Stimulating the perineum (the area between the vulva and anus, or testes and anus) can feel wonderful with anal sex. It’s an erogenous zone with plenty of nerve-endings.
  1. A bit of poop might happen, it comes with the territory! As long as you have a bowel movement before participating, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything major. If you want more peace of mind, you can use a wet wipe and clean around the rim of the anus. And although it’s not necessary, if you are really worried about it, you can try a gentle anal douche to cleanse. This would involve getting a small anal douche that can be purchased at drugstores or on Amazon for less than $10. Filling it with lukewarm filtered water, you will lube the tip and insert it into the anus, squeezing the water into the rectal canal. Once most of the water has been released, remove the inserted tip. It can be helpful to shake your hips and get the water moving, before sitting on the toilet and expelling the water. Repeat usually 3-5 times.
  1. Ongoing communication is key. Implement a safe word and safe sign, or implement the red-yellow-green method (red = stop, yellow = slow down, take things down a notch, green = good to go, keep going). 
  1. Change your condom or wash the phallus before moving to vaginal penetration

If you think butt stuff might be your jam, but you’re not quite ready for anal sex yet, learn about anal training to find out more on how you can physically and mentally prepare for anal. Once you get a bit more comfy, try out some of these anal positions and experiment with what works for you and your partner. After all, half the fun of sex is just figuring out what you’re into along the way!

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Jamie J. LeClaire (they/them) is a sexuality educator, freelance writer, and consultant. Their work focuses on the intersections of pleasure-positive sexual health, queer & transgender/gender-nonconforming identity, body politics, and social justice. You can find more of their work at their website, and follow them on Instagram & Twitter.

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