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How to choose a penis pleasure product

There are hundreds of pleasure products for penises that may heighten your pleasure or offer unexpected avenues of exploration. If you’re unsure where to start, consider the following scenarios to narrow the search and help you choose a penis toy that’s right for you.

1. Identify your sexual wellness goals. Your goal could be to orgasm during solo play. Perhaps you want to spice things up with a partner. Maybe you want to try edging with a penis toy to help you last longer, using something like a cock ring. Whatever your goals, there are different types of pleasure products for penises to satisfy different needs.  

2. Think about the kind of stimulation you enjoy. Vibrations, suction, undulations, and firmness are just a few of the types of sensations available through a penis toy.  If you enjoy suction and a feeling that simulates penetration, for example, you might try a fleshlight.

3. Consider if you’re seeking solo or partnered play. There are pleasure products for penises dedicated to both types of play. If you’re playing with a partner, look for a pleasure product that allows for your partner to participate as well, like the We-Vibe Verge. Some solo penis toys can also work great with a partner.

4. Determine if you want a long-term or short-term use product. Most pleasure products for penises are designed to last through multiple sessions with proper care. However, some are designed for just a few uses before you throw them away — the Tenga Egg is one example.

4 types of pleasure products for penises

There are four primary types of penis toys available on O shop. These aren’t all inclusive, but cover a majority of the types of penis pleasure products available.

1. Cock rings.

A cock ring is a small ring you wear on the base of the penis. The purpose of a cock ring is to extend the length of erections, as well as possibly making them larger or harder. Cock rings can be used to try edging, and/or can be good for those who have trouble maintaining an erection. These are typically made of silicone, though you may find some made of other materials as well. Some cock rings may come with additional features, like vibration.

2. Fleshlights.

These pleasure products are masturbation aids designed to look and feel like real penetration. They’re often made of two parts: a sleeve shaped like a vagina or other orifice and a canister to house the sleeve. The tight confines of a fleshlight create a slight suction effect, creating a sensation you won’t necessarily find with a traditional cock sleeve.

3. Masturbators.

Masturbators are a catch-all term for masturbation sleeves, which include toys like Tenga Eggs. However, more advanced devices also fall under this list, like automatic masturbators you can control through an app.

4. Vibrators.

There are a variety of vibrators designed specifically for the penis. These can fit on or around specific areas of the penis, though some are designed like traditional vibrators.

Key things to know about penis pleasure toys

Here are some considerations when shopping for a penis toy.

  • Material. Make sure your product is made with body-safe materials, and materials you’re not allergic to. Penis toys may occasionally contain latex or other materials in addition to silicone. Some people may suffer allergic reactions from such materials, so take care to read the makeup of the product or lube if you suffer from similar allergies.

Note that penis toys made with porous materials such as latex or elastomers are also more difficult to completely clean and disinfect than toys made with nonporous materials, such as silicone or pyrex.

  • Size. Depending on the size of your penis, some pleasure products may not fit properly. There are a range of penis pleasure products on the market, such as masturbation sleeves, catering to a variety of sizes.
  • Lube compatibility. Some toys like cock rings work perfectly fine without lube, whereas others like sleeves or fleshlights work best in conjunction with lube. A pleasure product’s description will usually indicate whether you’ll want to pick some up alongside the product itself. Some types of lube and materials may not mix as well - for example, oil-based lubes can degrade latex.
  • Safer sex.  Penis pleasure products can still spread STIs (1). Pleasure products in general can transmit STIs if the toy has come into contact with the bodily fluids of someone with an STI. This also includes yeast infections, UTIs, and similar conditions. You can mitigate this risk by properly cleaning and drying your product after each use.
  • Manual or automatic functioning. Simple pleasure products for penises, like sleeves, often require manual manipulation. But some of the more advanced or pricier products out there may automatically produce sensations through internal motors. These are often powered by batteries or may come with a rechargeable power unit.

Bonus features of penis toys to look for

Though a pleasure product’s features ultimately come down to the type of penis toy you purchase, you can generally expect a few common features among them. These include vibration functions with multiple levels or silicon construction. Here are a few features that aren’t so common and may help push a penis pleasure product above and beyond the competition.

  • App customization. A newer feature available on several vibrating penis toys is the ability to adjust or edit a pleasure product’s vibration function. This might include the strength of the vibration or even the rhythm.
  • Long distance capabilities. Less commonly found than app customization, long distance capabilities let someone else control your penis toy’s vibrations from afar. You’ll typically both need the appropriate app and to connect based on the app’s instructions.
  • Ease of cleaning. More complex penis toys may prove difficult to clean if not designed well. Toys that disassemble are ideal for making cleanup simple.
  • Hands-free use. There is a small selection of penis toys on the market that operate entirely hands-free. This means you can put the pleasure product in place, turn it on and let go for a wholly different experience than manual stimulation.
  • Temperature controls. Though still rare, a few penis toys on the market come with warming features. These may help better replicate the sensation of traditional intercourse, and also enhance temperature play.
  • Waterproof design. If you want to use your penis toy in the bathtub or shower, you’ll want one with a waterproof design. This is especially important if the toy has internal motors or openings.
  • Travel-friendly. Penis sex toys range in size from as small as a silver dollar to as large as a human torso. If you’re looking for portability in a toy, you’ll want to look for a type of toy with a small form factor. Some pleasure products with vibration features also come with a travel lock feature to ensure they don’t go off at an inopportune time while in transit.

Pair your penis toy with…

There are plenty of pleasure products that can pair well with your penis toy and enhance pleasure and sensations. Here are just a few to consider.

  • A butt plug. This product can give you the feeling of “fullness” while playing with something like a masturbator or fleshlight. There are also other butt toys that can help you achieve a prostate orgasm while your cock is also being stimulated. For example, you might try a vibrating butt plug.
  • Warming or cooling lube. Experimenting with warming or cooling lube not only increases ease of use, but can give you an intro into temperature play and new sensations. Just be sure you get a lube that is compatible with your penis toy’s material.
  • Nipple clamps. For some, the nipples can be a highly sensitive and erogenous zone. Paying attention to your nipples while your penis is being stimulated can provide a more full-body sensation to keep you in the moment.

How to clean your penis pleasure product

Like most sex toys, soap and water is typically all you need to clean your penis toys. You’ll want to clean before each use, as well as after every use. Follow each penis pleasure product’s written instructions for specific cleaning instructions, particularly for more complex penis toys.

3 penis pleasure toy myths, debunked

There are a variety sex toy myths out there and this extends to penis toys as well. Here’s a few of the most common.

1. Sex toys are exclusively for women. One look at the huge variety of sex toys on the market suggests otherwise. While toys specifically marketed for women might come in greater numbers, sex toys marketed for men, or any gender for that matter, are a popular segment of the sex toy market (2, 3).

2. Sex toys will desensitize you and ruin “normal” sex. Just as using a vibrator often doesn’t desensitize a clitorus, vagina, or G-spot, penis toys will not desensitize your penis (or vulva) or otherwise make you reliant on sex toys (4, 5).

3. Only lonely or desperate people use sex toys. Sex toys are neither replacements for a partner nor are they only used by those who are single. They exist to help people enhance their personal pleasure, with a partner, solo, or both. Taking care of your sexual life is a hollistic part of taking care of yourself, and everyone deserves pleasure — regardless of gender or relationship status. Additionally, products such as masturbation sleeves can be incorporated into partner play, especially those that are app-controlled where a partner can take the “reins'' (2, 5).

Penis pleasure toy alternatives

If you’re less interested in penis toys and more interested in other avenues of pleasure, there are plenty of products to explore. Compare more pleasure products to learn more and find one that best sparks your interest.


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