Why Does Nipple Sucking Feel Good? Plus 6 Tips To Make It Feel Even Better

By trying new techniques and adding toys, here are some ways you can make nipple-sucking feel even more amazing.

Why Does Nipple Sucking Feel Good? Plus 6 Tips To Make It Feel Even Better

Why Does Nipple Sucking Feel Good? Plus 6 Tips To Make It Feel Even Better

Why Does Nipple Sucking Feel Good? Plus 6 Tips To Make It Feel Even Better

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Nipples come in all shapes, colors, and sizes; people of every gender have them. For those who become pregnant and give birth, nipples can provide access to nourishment to a breastfeeding baby. For many others, the nipples are supremely sensitive and ultra-responsive to stimulation, making nipple-sucking a delightfully hot way to give and receive pleasure for folks of all genders. 

Why does nipple-sucking feel so good?

For starters, nipples are designed to be sucked on. During breastfeeding, tiny holes in the nipples allow milk to flow through ducts from milk producing glands in the breast tissue. The pituitary gland of a breastfeeding parent releases the powerful hormone oxytocin (commonly referred to as “the love hormone”), encouraging milk to flow and promoting bonding, closeness, and feelings of connectedness and affection. Oxytoxin has been shown to reduce stress and contribute to feelings of comfort and ease. 

The same mechanism that encourages bonding with a baby during breastfeeding can also make nipple-sucking an activity that fosters feelings of trust and intimacy with a partner. If you want to cultivate a sense of connection, incorporating nipple-sucking into sex can be a great way to set the tone for a satisfying, deep sexual experience.

In addition to their role in prompting the release of oxytocin, the nipples are packed with nerve-endings: Nipple-sucking can feel amazing! Using your warm, wet mouth, with its endlessly agile tongue, is the perfect way to stimulate sensitive erogenous zones, such as nipples. Many of the nipple’s nerve-endings link up with the same brain region as those corresponding to the genitals. 

Can you orgasm from getting your nipples sucked on?

For some people, this connection is enough to cause orgasm through nipple sucking alone! 

If you’re interested in incorporating nipple-sucking into your repertoire — or if you’d like to expand on your technique — there are many ways to get creative and promote greater pleasure for your partner and yourself. 

Here are some nipple-sucking tips

1. Be anatomically aware

Nipples come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be big, small, dark, pale, puffy, flat, protruding, or inverted. Many people’s nipples become erect as a result of cold temperatures or sexual arousal: the areola contracts and the tip hardens and protrudes in response to action in the sympathetic nervous system. In short, there is no “normal” when it comes to the appearance of the human nipple. It’s important to be aware of your partner’s specific anatomic makeup to tailor your nipple sucking to provide optimal pleasure: Ask what feels good to them before initiating nipple-sucking. Piercings and medical procedures can result in greater sensitivity and necessitate a more delicate approach during nipple sucking.

2. Experiment with intensity  

Switching up the intensity of nipple sucking can amp up arousal and add a thrilling element of unpredictability to your play: start by sucking softly, then increase the level of suction or alternate between firm and gentle. Of course, what is to one person a gentle sensation can feel unbearably intense to another: always check in with your partner to see whether what you’re doing feels good and whether they’d prefer you to back off — or up the intensity.

3. Use your tongue 

The amazing tongue is perfectly built for bringing pleasure to your partner during nipple-sucking. You can make gentle circles around the areola with the tip of your tongue, use it to stimulate the nipple itself, or even lick the entire breast or pectoral area to increase the anticipation. Nipple sucking can also be enhanced by playing with the tender erect tip of the nipple with your tongue, circling or flicking it while you suck.

4. Change the temperature 

Just as variations in pressure can increase pleasurable sensations during nipple-sucking, changing up the temperature can lead to heightened enjoyment. Try taking a sip of warm tea before taking your partner’s nipple into your mouth. To be safe, make sure it’s unsweetened, as sugar can affect the skin’s PH and increase the risk of infection. Or, try popping an ice cube into your mouth to instantly harden your partner’s nipple and create a delightful shiver.

5. Add toys 

Nipple-sucking feels great when you just use your mouth—but why limit yourself? Using a nipple pump can free your mouth for whispering sweet and sexy nothings into your partner’s ear, kissing, or licking another body part. It can also create a much more intense sensation than is possible with the mouth alone — and your partner can control it themselves. When using a nipple pump, it’s a good idea to use lots of lube: not only can it mimic the appealing wetness of the mouth, it can help to reduce friction and prevent pain and injury. You can also try nipple clamps for more sustained sensation.

6. Tease with your teeth 

For some people, nipple-sucking feels even better when the teeth get involved. Try gently raking your teeth from the base of the nipple to the tip. For those who prefer a little pain with their pleasure, nibbling and biting the nipples often feels incredible. Whenever you use your teeth, take great care to avoid biting too hard — and always listen to your partner’s feedback to make sure what you’re doing is more “Wow!”  than “Ow!”

Nipple-sucking can be a great way to make playtime more interesting or be a satisfying and sexy intimate activity in its own right. Experiment with a variety of techniques to discover what feels best for you and your partner. Use your lips, your mouth, your tongue; use toys, use your hands; vary the temperature and intensity; try light nibbling (after obtaining your partner’s enthusiastic consent, of course). If you’re new to nipple sucking (or even if you’re not) go slowly, check-in often, and enjoy the experience. 

E.A. Klein

Reviewed for Medical Accuracy

E.A. is a freelance writer who also works at a small nonprofit. As a student of cultural anthropology, she researched and wrote about kink/BDSM, abortion, harm-reduction approaches to substance use in the LGBT community, and cross-cultural understandings of gender, sexuality, and the body. She has designed and implemented a sexual health curriculum for adolescent girls in the developing world and worked in a variety of community health settings. Her writing has appeared in The Establishment, Edible magazine, The Seattle Lesbian, Slog, and elsewhere.

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