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July 20, 2019

How to Use Chocolate During Sex for World Chocolate Day

Happy World Chocolate Day! Here are some tasty tips for a delicious time with your partner.
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Micki Allen
Published on
July 20, 2019
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It’s been jokingly said that the only difference between chocolate and sex is that chocolate never disappoints. But there’s an intriguing fact about chocolate and sex that can make for some seriously sweet fun. Both sex and chocolate can trigger the release of all four of our brains’ so-called “love” chemicals (oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins). In fact, science speculates that chocolate may lead to higher levels of desire, arousal, and sexual satisfaction. No wonder chocolate has historically been considered an aphrodisiac. For World Chocolate Day (or any day, really), if you and your partner are curious about bringing chocolate into the bedroom, here are some fun (and safe) ways to do it.

What kind of chocolate products can you use during sex?

It’s wise to keep in mind that for healthy playtime, never use products containing sugar or sugar substitutes inside the vagina. Safety suggests you stick to taste testing above or below the waist.  Some favorite areas are the lips, tongue, neck, earlobes, neck, chest, nipples, tummies, thighs, arch of the foot or toes. One delicious exception is Sensuva’s ON CHOCOLATE Natural Arousal Oil, which may be applied around the clitoral hood and/or directly on the clitoris to increase blood flow and sensation.

Before you activate your sweet tooth, here’s what you should know

Before you indulge, it’s always best to request and affirm consent in which areas you and your partner prefer to play with your treats — keeping in mind that when it comes to sexy play and chocolate, things can go from a bit sticky to mouth-wateringly messy before you know it. Agree on which side of the chocolatey sweet spectrum you’ll be playing and exactly where on each other’s bodies you’ll be tasting your temptations.

The sexy supplies you need:

  • Chocolate! Whether it’s milk chocolate, white chocolate, or dark chocolate, you and your partner may use chocolate candies, chocolate syrup, chocolate cream, frosting, cakes, cookies, and even doughnuts to satisfy your cravings. A number of toy stores/sex shops provide delectable and kissable body lotions, powders, lubes, and toppings in your favorite chocolate flavors.  
  • Squeeze bottles and spoons are handy for drizzling chocolate sauces and creams, but fingers always work in a pinch.
  • Beach towels or bath sheets are perfect for protecting your favorite sheets or furniture.
  • Unscented wet wipes for quick clean-up or unintended spills.
  • And of course, if your sweet, tasty play turns into spicier intercourse, be sure to have your favorite toys, condoms, and (non-flavored, latex-friendly) lubes on hand.

Chocolate for your palate

Of course, chocolate in any form or fashion is intended to arouse your palate (also known as your sense of taste), but when you’re opting to keep your chocolate treats confined to you and your partner’s mouths (for now), candied kisses can’t be beat.

  • If you’re opting for just a hint of chocolate, you may want to begin with a touch of your favorite chocolate-flavored lip balm or gloss. Let your partner lick your lips clean for you while you simply enjoy the sensations before you move on to further indulgences.
  • Place a piece of your favorite chocolate candy or a piece of your favorite fruit dipped in chocolate between your teeth and encourage your partner to share it with you one nibble at a time (no hands!) until the two of you finally meet in the middle with a kiss to seal in the flavor.
  • Both partners can really get their tongues involved by placing a bite-sized chocolate in one partner’s mouth before you both begin to slowly slide your tongues over the chocolate, à la a chocolate French kiss, and as the treat melts in your mouths, you can both enjoy le baiser crémeux au chocolat (the creamy chocolate kiss)!

Chocolate for your palette

Feeling creative? Instead of whispering sweet nothings, try writing them in chocolate for a change. Let your lover’s back, belly, chest, breasts, wrists, and thighs be your palette. The key is to take your time and draw out the pleasure of the experience. You can draw hearts. Scribble a naughty nick-name or word that turns on your partner. Or simply draw a lover’s line from their neck to just below their navel for your tongue to trace.

Chocolate for your pallet

If you’re tempted to use your partner’s body as a satisfying surface from which to sample your chocolate treats, here are a few ideas to get your taste buds’ attention and your ideas flowing.

  • Even just a little chocolate can offer a fully satisfying and long-lasting delight. A single bag of chocolate drops, pieces of cake, or a carefully crumbled chocolate chip cookie can do the tasty trick. First, blindfold your partner and instruct them not to move. If they giggle or shift as you strategically place the candies atop their body an agreed upon penance may be enforced; or if you and your partner prefer reward-based play, you may offer them the chocolate treats if they can keep the candies from rolling off for an agreed upon amount of time.
  • Hot or cold, you're in for a treat when you garnish your lover’s nipples, tummy, or spine with chocolate. If the two of you are fans of temperature play, try alternating between a nice, cold Fudgesicle (as with ice play, be sure to seductively lick it thoroughly first to avoid having it freeze to your partner’s skin — ouch!) dripping as it melts and warmed hot fudge drizzled with a spoon (again, test the chocolate on your inner wrist or tongue to avoid burning the skin).
  • Slide a chocolate-glazed doughnut onto your partner’s penis (glazed side up) and see how much of the glaze you can lick off before their eyes glaze over! Because the doughnut isn’t likely to slide too far down on the shaft, you’ll be concentrating your tongue’s efforts closer to the head where most of the sensations are. If it does slide lower on the shaft, feel free to use your hands near the base for more balance.

What can you do post-play?

If you want to stay in keeping with your chocolate indulgence, clean up together with an aromatic cocoa scented body scrub like fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant or a chocolate-scented body wash in a warm bath or shower.

However you decide to celebrate this year’s World Chocolate Day, may you and your lover enjoy it with passion and without guilt or regret. Cheers to chocolate!

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Relationship coach and sex educator Micki Allen bases her work both in sexual technique and Christian values of love, joy, and grace. Micki helps women and genderqueer people enrich their intimate lives and identify needs and boundaries; as a minister, she also assists clients with healing from religious shame and trauma. @themickiallen

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