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Product description
Body-safe materials
8 Intensity levels
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The Satisfyer Pro 2 will blow you away with its stimulating puffs of air, designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex. This new and improved version comes with a magnetic charger, allowing this toy to satisfy you in the shower or bathtub...

Sila is a new sonic massager designed to help you live out your fantasies and discover a new meaning behind the word pleasure. Imagine gentle waves that caress your external pleasure spot as you slowly reach your climax and go beyond the edge of your wildest fantasies. Sila represents a new approach to self-love by teaching you to listen to your body and take your time to enjoy more intense sensations. Boost your experience with this sonic massager made to give you overall satisfaction.

Body-safe silicone, ABS

3.1 x 2.9 x 1.4 in
Materials & Dimensions
Our Sex Educator Sarah's Rating

Lelo Sila is a clitoral sonic massager. The nozzle has a large mouth which can easily enclose around most any clitoris sizes. Use a water-based lube to get an even tighter seal around the clit. The Sila sends sonic waves to the tip of your clitoris, helping intensify your pleasure and reach climax. It has eight intensity levels that can be controlled with a button on the device.

Gentle sonic waves
Large mouth, fits over a variety of clitoris sizes
Extra soft silicone material feels silky smooth on the skin
Not a traditional vibrator so may not be a good fit for everyone
Not app-enabled
The nuts and bolts
  • 8 intensities
  • Rechargeable and lasts up to 2 hours on full charge
  • Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic
  • 3.1 x 2.9 x 1.4 in
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From a first timer:
"Well what a surprise!! I was so amazed after using it the 1st time, we’ll actually the 2nd and 3rd, I laughed out loud! Words cannot describe this little gadget, other than Wow!"
- Verified Customer
From someone single:
"Exotic! Gave me the best O I ever had in life!! Just so easy and simple to use, took me out of this world. The best thing is I can carry it everywhere with me in my purse. The Sila is amazing!! I don’t need a man I got my Sila!! I use it every time I feel stressed and helps me a lot in life, I highly recommend it to all women!"
- Verified Customer
From a couple:
"This has been my ‘best purchase of the year’ so far. The shape is great for single play & does not get in the way when playing as a couple. The different rhythms & variable intensities mean I can tailor it perfectly for what my body and/or mind need at the time. It could become addictive or maybe it already has? Buy one… you won’t regret it!"
- Verified Customer
From a girlfriend:
"AH-Mazeballs! This toy is very user-friendly. I feel like it’s more accommodating to a wider variety of anatomy types. The opening easily fits my clit & around my clit. So, the stimulation is easily distributed. Super quiet & compact which is convenient when you’re in your 20’s & still live with your mom. (Sigh) You won’t regret getting this!"
- Verified Customer
From a boyfriend:
"My girlfriend practically never touches any other of her toys anymore since this product arrived. At times, she uses it for hours and has literally one orgasm after the other. According to her, it’s unbelievable."
- Verified Customer
From a wife:
"5 stars for this delightful toy! This toy is so so good. It goes through your entire nervous system and you get this hot adrenaline rush as well as an orgasm."
- Verified Customer
From a husband:
"This toy was a gift for my wife and me to use during our play sessions. Many of the other clitoral toys are so specific that we have a hard time getting the position just right. The large opening on this toy solves that issue. We love it.❤❤"
- Verified Customer
From a toy enthusiast:
"BUY IT!! Instant, intense orgasm. WOW. It is a little loud….sounds like a loud grunt….but who cares when it delivers such a mind-blowing climax. Best purchase in a long time!"
- Verified Customer
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