November 15, 2022

How To Use Anal Beads

Learn how to use anal beads to intensify pleasure and have stronger orgasms.
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Ella Dorval Hall
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November 15, 2022
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Learning to use anal beads can he can be intensely pleasurable as the anal canal is full of nerve-endings and pleasure receptors. If you’re new to butt play and butt toys, learn how to use anal beads to maximize your pleasure.    

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What are anal beads? 

Anal beads are a flexible, beaded sex toy designed to slowly penetrate the rectum for anal stimulation. Enjoyed solo or with a partner, most anal beads are made of silicone— some are flexible, long, and include several attached beads in ascending sizes. Other anal beads might be short, only with three or four beads. Anal beads may be enjoyed by inserting and removing them from the rectum at varying speeds. 

How to use anal beads

1. Get anal beads for beginners

If you’re new to using anal beads, start with a set that is firmer — they’re much easier to insert, as flexible, soft anal beads can be hard to control. It’s also recommended to use anal beads with thinner and longer beads, as opposed to beads that are larger, more round, and spaced farther apart, since the size and spacing of these beads will cause more intense stimulation, and potentially be painful if you’re new to anal beads. Browse anal beads to find what’s right for you. 

2. Check for safeguards

At the end of the anal beads is usually a loop or a stopper to prevent the beads from getting stuck inside the rectum. Do not insert the beads past this stopper.

3. Clean before use

Clean anal beads before use with warm water and mild soap or toy cleaner. Be sure to also clean them between each use, especially if you’re using anal beads with partners. 

4. Apply plenty of lube

Use lube with anal beads as the anus is not self-lubricating. The skin of the anus is also thin and can tear easily, making lube even more important on both the anal beads and on your rectum. Most anal beads are compatible with water-based lubricants

5. Find a comfortable position

Find a position that gives you the best access to your butt, like lying on your back with knees to your chest. Consider trying this in front of a mirror so you can better see what you’re doing and to make insertion easier (and maybe even sexier). 

6. Stimulate the anal opening

Prior to using anal beads, get turned on to relax the muscles. Try moving a finger around and on the surface of your anus, or, if you’re with a partner, have them use their tongue or finger. Try gently penetrating the anus with a finger to see how it feels.

7. Slowly insert the first bead

Slowly press the first (and smallest) bead against the surface of your anus, and then ease it inside your rectum.  If it starts to hurt, pause and take more time to get aroused and apply more lube. 

8. Experiment moving the bead at varying angles and speeds

Grasp the loop at the end and slowly pull without letting the bead fully exit the rectum. Move it around to see how it feels. Try slow circular motions, or in and out motions at varying speeds. Gently pull the bead out of your rectum and then push it back in. Discover what feels best for you. 

9. Insert more beads, as desired

Slowly, penetrate your rectum with the second bead, then a third, fourth, fifth, etc.  Go slowly, checking in with yourself, being sure you aren’t experiencing unwanted pain. Did just one or two beads feel best? Do you enjoy the fullness with more beads? 

10. Remove the beads slowly, one by one

Removing anal beads can feel as pleasurable as putting them in. Pull the loop at the end of your anal beads to coax each bead to slide out of your anus, one by one. If your partner is pulling on the beads, direct them as to how fast or slow to pull. 

4 tips to make using anal bead even hotter 

1. Size up and go deeper

Both the length and girth of anal beads come in different sizes. To intensify playing with anal beads, consider upping the size of your anal beads. Anal beads that have larger, rounder beads spaced further apart will deliver more intense sensations. You can also enjoy a longer set of anal beads that will reach further into your anus. 

2. Remove beads before climax

Try for a stronger orgasm by slowly removing anal beads right before climax. This can add extra stimulation to the nerve ending in your anus that can make your orgasm more intense. 

3. Try dual stimulation

Stimulating other parts of your body while your rectum is full with anal beads can make for intense orgasms or pleasure. With the anal beads in, try stroking your penis, touching your clit, fingering your vagina, playing with your nipples or other body parts. This can lead to intense, blended orgasms for some. 

4.  Explore vibrating anal beads

Vibtration in the anus can be very stimulating and this enhancement will be felt whether you’re using the anal beads just to create the feeling of fullness or to penetrate yourself.  We recommend B-Vibe Cinco Remote Vibrating Beads. 

How to use anal beads with a partner 

Anal beads can be great for solo play, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate anal beads into partnered play, too. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

Oral sex

Insert the anal beads while your partner gives you a rim job (aka eat you ass).

Double penetration

Try receiving vaginal penetration from your partner while wearing the anal beads. Or you can be the giver, penetrating your partner with the anal beads still inside your rectum. 

Add some kink

You may wear the anal beads with only the stopper visible out your anus, and let your partner guide you around while you’re on all fours. You might try adding in a collar and leash to spice things up. 

4 sex positions to try using anal beads

1. On your hands and knees

Get on your hands and knees (picture “doggy style”) and have your partner kneel behind you. Ask them to spread your cheeks, or, if you’re able to support yourself on one hand, use the other hand to spread one of your butt cheeks. Spreading your cheeks will give your partner better access to your anus for increased control over the anal beads, as well as better access to stimulating the anal opening. If you’re  solo, reach one hand between your legs and up toward your back to insert the anal beads into yourself. 

2. Butt in the air

From the “doggy style” position, keep your butt in the air, but lower yourself onto your elbows or your head on the bed. Putting your butt in the air tilts your pelvis and can change the location that the beads are stimulating inside your anus. This can also make it easier to hit the prostate if you have a prostate. 

3. On your back

Laying on your back, spread your legs wide open, and even bring your feet in the direction of your ears. If you’re playing solo, this position can be one of the easiest to reach your anus in. If you’re with a partner, this gives them great access to your genitals at the same time as your anus, making it ideal for receiving penetration, oral, or clitoral/penile stimulation. 

4. On your side

Lay on your side and curl your legs toward your belly, almost so that you're in “fetal position.” From here, reach over your side to your anus — this position is great if you’re using anal beads on your own, but can also be fantastic for partner play, as your partner can kneel over you, or even spoon you from behind. 

Pair anal beads with these 4 products: 

Pairing anal beads with other toys can lead to intense dual stimulation and even blended orgasms. Here are some toys we recommend using:

1. Bullet vibrator

Use a vibrator on your clitoris, vagina, perineum, or penis with anal beads. Consider using something small, like a bullet vibe. 

➡ We recommend: Dame Zee Lapis

2. Dildo

Try double penetration using a dildo either in the vagina while anal beads are in the anus, or use the dildo in the anus with the anal beads. If you plan to use a dildo for anal penetration alongside the beads, consider using a smaller, slimmer dildo. 

➡ We recommend: Doc Johnson Slim D Firmskyn 6"

3. Restraints

If you enjoy power dynamics or find heightened stimulation while using restraints, consider using cuffs, roap, or other restrains with anal beads (just be sure to thoroughly research restrains before you try them). 

➡ We recommend: Quickie Cuffs Silicone 

4. Nipple clamps 

If you like nipple stimulation, try using nipple clamps with anal beads. Nipple clamps are a great toy to add to the mix if you’re playing on your own. 

➡ We recommend: Nipple Play Nipplettes Clamps

The bottom line 

There are so many ways to use anal beads that can intensify pleasure and make for stronger orgasms. If you find that you love using anal beads, you might want to explore other pleasure products to make anal sex feel even better. Explore our catalog of butt toys to find what’s right for you.

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Ella Dorval Hall (she/they) is a white, eating disorder recover-er, sex and pleasure educator. She's worked at a national sexual health organization, Healthy Teen Network, training educators how to teach evidence-based sex education curriculums. Ella now hosts workshops, writes, and does 1:1 education that brings people the information and skills they need to actually enjoy sex. You can find more of Ella’s work on Instagram @unlearnings3x.

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