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September 24, 2019

Top 5 G-Spot Sex Positions

Want to get more g-spot pleasure into your bedroom? Try these top positions for g-spot sensation.
Written by
Emily A. Klein
Published on
September 24, 2019
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Although its precise nature and location is still up for debate, many people with vulvas find that stimulating the g-spot can take sexual pleasure to another level. The g-spot is a particularly sensitive area in the front of the vaginal wall, about 2-3 inches up from the vaginal opening. 

Some researchers theorize that it’s part of the clitoris; others argue that it’s connected to the Skene’s gland, which, for those who have vaginas, is the equivalent of the prostate, and is tied to ejaculation (otherwise known as squirting!).

The g-spot is a particularly sensitive area in the front of the vaginal wall, about 2-3 inches up from the vaginal opening. 

For some people, g-spot stimulation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. If that describes you, don’t worry! Each body is unique, and one person’s major turn-on can be another person’s “meh.” If you are among those who enjoys g-spot stimulation—or you want to find out if you are—read on to discover a few sex positions that can activate maximum g-spot pleasure!

1. The “Butt In The Air” Sex Position

The person being penetrated lies on their front with their butt up high. This allows a penis or dildo to place downward pressure on the front wall of the vagina, providing that magical g-spot access. 

The person lying down can easily access their own clit for extra pleasure. For those with disabilities or injuries to their hands, arms, or shoulders, this position allows for the deep penetration of doggy-style without putting pressure on the arms. 

Pro-tip: This position can be modified for greater comfort by placing pillows under the chest or hips.

2. The “Spooning” Sex Position

The person receiving penetration lies down with their back to the person doing the penetrating. The angle allows the length of the penis or dildo to rub against the g-spot with each thrust.

This is a great position for those with limited mobility, as it allows both partners to lie down. It can also be a very intimate position, allowing partners to get as close as two spoons snuggled in a drawer. 

Pro-tip: For those who prefer direct clitoral stimulation during sex, it can be tricky to get to your clit with your legs pressed together; you can try lifting one leg, or use a vibrator pressed against the labia.

3. The “On Top” Sex Position

Classic for a reason! 

The vulva-owner sits on top of their partner’s penis or strap-on, allowing them to control the depth and timing of thrusts for optimal g-spot access.

This position puts the person on top in control, allowing them to adjust their position for maximum pleasure.

Pro-tip: This position can put strain on the hips and lower back; for those with disabilities or injuries, short periods of on-top sex can be alternated with other positions for maximum comfort.

4. The “Face-To-Face” Sex Position

This position is great for when both partners have vulvas and want to experiment with simultaneous g-spot stimulation using a double dildo. 

Each partner lies down facing the other; the curve of the double dildo is in the ideal position to press against both g-spots during thrusting.

This position allows for kissing, hugging, butt grabbing, and getting close-as-can-be from head to toe. 

Pro-tip: This position can be tricky to master, and may require adjustments, modifications, and some practice in order to feel good for everyone involved.

5. The “Legs Up” Sex Position

The person wishing to experience g-spot stimulation lies on their back with their legs held high, and as far back as possible. This position is great for fingering or sex toys as the vagina is easily accessible.

The person doing the penetrating can go as deep—or as shallow—as needed. The clitoris is easily accessible for attention from a hand or a vibrator.

Pro-tip: This position can require a certain amount of flexibility and stamina; for those who find it challenging, it can be modified by flipping over and lying on their front while keeping their legs spread wide.

These sex positions that can activate maximum g-spot pleasure! 

Now that you have some ideas of positions to try, go forth, experiment—and enjoy your g-spot!

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Emily A. Klein is a freelance writer with deep interests in science, culture, and health. As a student of cultural anthropology, she researched and wrote about kink, reproductive rights, cross-cultural medicine, and humans’ relationship with technology. She has designed and implemented a sexual health curriculum for adolescent girls, worked with foster youth and people experiencing housing insecurity, and volunteered as an emergency first responder. Her writing has appeared in The Establishment, Edible magazine, The Seattle Lesbian, Slog, and elsewhere.

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