November 30, 2022

What Is A Butt Plug?

Learn what a butt plug is and what it feels like to wear one.
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Sarah duRivage-Jacobs
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November 30, 2022
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Butt plugs are the most well-known of all the anal toys on the market. They can be used for kink, anal decoration, and even for functional purposes, like anal training. They come in all shapes and sizes as well as different weights and materials.So, what are butt plugs exactly? What are they used for? And what does wearing one actually feel like? 

What is a butt plug? 

A butt plug is a sex toy meant to penetrate the anus and stimulate the many nerve-endings in and around the rectum. They usually have a flared base to prevent the butt plug from getting stuck inside the rectum, and a bulbous body that tapers into a tip for easy entrance in the anus. Butt plugs can vary in length and girth, and those new to anal play should start with smaller sizes. Butt plugs can be made of various materials. Look out for “Body-safe,” easy-to-clean materials for butt plugs, like silicone, glass, and stainless steel. 

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What is the purpose of a butt plug? 

Butt plugs are used for two primary purposes: Anal stimulation, and anal training or prepping the anus and rectum for anal play or sex. 

Anal stimulation 

When it comes to anal stimulation, the wearer might enjoy the feeling of “fullness” as there are many nerve-endings in and around the anus that feel pleasurable when touched. Slowly removing a butt plug during climax can also intensify orgasm for some. There are many other ways a person might use a butt plug for the purpose of anal stimulation. For example, they might incorporate temperature play with a butt plug made of glass or stainless steel by warming it up or cooling it down. They might enjoy wearing a butt plug while stimulating their penis or vagina. One might also incorporate a butt plug into kink and BDSM. 

Anal training

When it comes to prepping the anus and rectum for anal play or sex, butt plugs can be used for anal training. Anal play with penises or pleasure products on the larger size can take some working up to. Using a smaller butt plug and slowly increasing the size of what you incorporate into anal play can ease that transition as you work your way up to bigger sizes.

6 types of butt plugs 

Butt plugs come in a lot of different varieties. What’s right for you depends on your comfort level and what sounds enjoyable to you. Here are six butt plug types to learn about. 

1. Standard butt plug. The standard butt plug should have a few components to make play easier and more comfortable. Tapered tips, rather than pointy, are easier to comfortably glide in. A flared base or other type of stopper will help you avoid any issues with pulling the toy out once you’re done. If you’re a beginner, start with a small standard butt plug. We recommend trying the B-Vibe Snug Plug 1. 

2. Textured butt plug. A textured butt plug is a twist on the classic — literally. The twists and turns of a textured butt plug lend themselves very nicely to the shape of the rectum and the ridges of the toy can add extra stimulation. We recommend trying the B-Vibe Swirl Texture Plug

3. Inflatable butt plug. Inflatable butt plugs are extra special because they start out just like any other plug and then grow in size via air pump. The slowness and fullness of the pumping and growing can be hot on their own — but they can also make it easier to experiment with larger sizes.

4. Vibrating butt plug. Vibrating butt plugs are especially good for folks who are new to anal play because they can ease the tension many of us hold in our rectums. When used during penetrative sex, either vaginal or anal, the vibrations can radiate from the rectum and stimulate the prostate or G-spot.

5. Tunnel butt plug. Tunnel butt plugs are similar to standard butt plugs, but they’re hollow inside. This lets you insert other toys into the anus and do waterworks/play with other liquids. (Tunnel butt plugs are typically used by people with more anal play experience.)

6. Butt plug with a tail: Butt plugs with tail attachments bring a little pet play or kink to anal exploration. They, like butt plugs with gems or other designs, can also be more about look than unique function.

What does a butt plug feel like? 

The main draw to butt plugs for many is the feeling of fullness. For people with prostates, that fullness also puts direct stimulation on the prostate gland (aka P-spot). For people with vulvas, indirect stimulation on the G-spot can also feel really good. Pleasure can also come from knowing you’re secretly wearing a plug while going about your day.

Different sizes, weights, and materials can also impact how a butt plug feels. Larger and heavier plugs lead to more fullness and pressure on the inside of the rectum. Silicon plugs feel softer around the edges and when inserted, while stainless steel and glass plugs provide a more intense, harder experience.

Writer/comedian Carolyn Busa told what wearing a butt plug felt like for her. She said, “My first butt plug commute may not have had me thermometer breaking, mercury blasting, bombs exploding turned on, but it certainly had its payoffs,” she said. “Once I was able to relax, the sensation of being ‘filled’ felt good. It was like wearing an outfit that made me feel good, made me feel sexy.”

Can butt plugs stretch you out?

Butt plugs won’t stretch your anus or rectum out. Using lube, working your way up to larger sizes, and stopping if anything feels painful will help you prevent any tiny tears.

How can you get started with using butt plugs?

There are four key things to keep in mind when using butt plugs for the first time: Always use lube, start small, go slow, and work your way up to larger sizes. Read our guide on how to use a butt plug to really get started. 

The bottom line 

A butt plug is a very popular anal toy, and experimenting with different sizes, materials, weights, and types of butt plugs is half the fun. If you’re interested in trying a butt plug, explore our catalog of butt plugs to find something that’s right for you.

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