November 20, 2019

What Does Semen Taste Like, And Can I Have a Semen Allergy?

Curious about how cum tastes? There’s no one right answer: Here’s what people have to say!
Written by
Maggie May Ethridge
Published on
November 20, 2019
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While there are proteins and fluids and enzymes that exist in all semen, the taste of cum can vary from person to person. So let’s dive in!

Semen, a thick liquid that dribbles or ejects from the hole at the tip of the penis, is composed of numerous elements that mostly contribute to sperm health.   Sperm makes up only 2 to 5 percent of the actual seminal fluid, according to Brittanica. There is a base of mucus that holds in it the sperm, enzymes, the hormone prostaglandin, various nutrients, and even sugar. 

What does semen (or cum) taste like, exactly?

Roma Esteves, a sex therapist, tells that the taste of semen depends not only on the variations in semen makeup but how sensitive a partner might be to those differences. “Some people do not like the semen taste and can detect dietary changes based solely on the taste.” Esteves notes that “When the partner can keep a food journal, it can sometimes offer clues to the offending culprit.”

There isn’t research that proves the diet and semen link, but cum works similarly to other bodily excretions, such as gas or breath. What you eat affects the hormonal, sugar and overall nutritional qualities of everything your body factory emits.

To find out what some people think semen tastes like, took to Facebook and asked people to tell us their experiences with the taste of semen — and people have strong opinions on what it tastes like to their palate. 

A common response was ‘salty,’ followed by ‘tastes like mucus,’ although that’s more of a commentary on consistency than taste. 

“Ammonia. It’s not so much the taste as the almost menthol feeling it has on the tongue and the back of the throat. Makes you VERY aware of every cell.” - Gil Hoffs

“It tastes like straight up ammonia and cashew milk.” - Lisa Basille 

“Tin foil.” - Kristi Koulter 

“Metallic.” - Jennifer Lunden

“It has the consistency of coconut milk, and vegetarian guys are the best.” - Addison Roper

“Alkanine umami.” - Laura Hamilton

“I’m in the salty mucous camp with variations of brine and acidity depending on diet. I find the more coffee a person drinks, the more acidic and pungent the ejaculate. My moderate independent research leads me to conclude that the pineapple theory is true for both men and women. Fruity concoctions in general do the trick, but pineapple yields the sweetest results.” - Shannon Brazil

“Gin is not an improvement.” - Glori Enzor 

“Tastes a little like oysters.” - Sarah Gilbert

“Sweet and rotting old alfalfa sprout.” -Cynthia Newman

“Cantaloupe” - Christi Johnson 

“Strawberries.” - Clarie Horon

“Tastes like love.” - Dove Cameron 

Can I have a semen allergy? 

While it’s possible to have a semen allergy, it’s rare. Just how rare? We don’t really know, according to a study published in PubMed. (Note: semen allergies occur almost solely in women and not men.) Thorough research has not been done to estimate how many folks might have a semen allergy, but some symptoms include itching and swelling at the points of contact to the skin, and in extreme cases, swelling in the airway and hives. The allergy tends to get worse over time with repeated exposure. 

If you are having reactions that you suspect might be a semen allergy, it is the process of elimination that is typically used to rule out other allergies such as to spermicide, latex (from condoms or dental dams), and lube. If none of those things are your problem, and your skin is bothered by semen, you might be allergic. And if you are allergic, one option is to talk to your doctor about desensitization. If you’re feeling uncomfortable, or are experiencing serious side effects to semen, go see your doctor immediately.

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Maggie May Ethridge is a novelist and freelance writer. In addition to reporting for her local paper, The Poway Eagle, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Rolling Stone, Allure, Washington Post, The Rumpus, and many more. Her first book, 'Atmospheric Disturbances: Scenes From A Marriage" was released through She Books. Her next book, 'Agitate My Heart' is in edits.

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