Cervical Orgasms: 12 Tips on How to Have an Amazing Cervical Orgasm

Everything you need to know about cervical orgasms and how to achieve them!

Cervical Orgasms: 12 Tips on How to Have an Amazing Cervical Orgasm

Cervical Orgasms: 12 Tips on How to Have an Amazing Cervical Orgasm

Cervical Orgasms: 12 Tips on How to Have an Amazing Cervical Orgasm

December 9, 2019
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One of the best parts about having unique bodies with individual desires is that we get to have fun experimenting with what feels good. That’s also why there are many different types of orgasms. One can experience an orgasm that’s caused by clitoral, g-spot, nipple, anus, or even cervical stimulation (and much more!). The latter is known as a cervical orgasm and yes, it’s pretty great. That said, this type of orgasm isn’t for everyone.

To find out what exactly a cervical orgasm is, we spoke with experts who also gave advice on how one can achieve such an orgasm. Here are 12 helpful tips to experiment with cervical orgasms. 

First of all: What is a cervical orgasm?

The cervix is located at the top of the vagina and acts as a doorway to the uterus. Many describe it as feeling like a rounded bump or wall. In order to have a cervical orgasm, this area must be stimulated (though it can be combined with other forms of stimulation). 

Sophie McGrath, head of customer satisfaction at the Adult Toy Mega Store, tells O.school, “[C]ervical orgasms are the most misunderstood, least known, and hardest to master. But if you can master a cervical orgasm — it’s a full-body climax that is difficult to describe! It’s the deepest orgasm you can have if you have a cervix, simply because the cervix is deep inside the vagina.” 

Is a cervical orgasm pleasurable for everyone? 

Since every body is different, not everyone will find cervical orgasms pleasurable. “The cervix can be painful and can also become bruised,” Lorrae Bradbury — founder of Slutty Girl Problems, and a sex, love, and empowerment coach — tells O.school. “So cervical stimulation must be done with caution.”

What does a cervical orgasm really feel like?

“Cervical orgasms have been described as a deep, powerful, contracting orgasms that can be felt throughout the entire body,” Bradbury explains.

McGrath adds, “You can’t mistake it for anything else! It’s a full body experience — some people even say they can feel their climax in their hair! You feel it from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, and it lasts a lot longer than a clitoral orgasm or G-spot orgasm. You feel full and you’ll feel contraction-like waves of pleasure.” 

Should any precautions be taken when trying to achieve a cervical orgasm?

“If you are pregnant, cervical stimulation is not a good idea,” McGrath tells O.school. “You need to really clean your dildo and hands well before using them.” This will help prevent an infection in your cervix. 

12 tips on how to have an amazing cervical orgasm: 

If you are interested in having a cervical orgasm, there are few techniques you can try to make it happen. Here are 12 tips to achieve this deep, full-bodied sensation. 

1. Relax both the body and mind. 

Sex therapist Angela Watson states that this tip can be overlooked, but that it’s significant because “if you're not relaxed, you may have issues with the deep penetration which is required to stimulate the opening of your cervix.” That’s why making sure you’re comfortable (especially with a partner), and that your pelvic floor muscles are relaxed, is essential. 

Watson also recommends that one first try achieving a cervical orgasm on their own, so that they will be more comfortable if they’re trying to achieve this type of orgasm with a partner. 

2. Set aside enough time. 

“Women are made to feel very concerned that they're not having all the right types of orgasm that are available,” relationship and sex expert Pamela Madsen tells O.school. “Instead, we should be focusing on women having enough time to be aroused.” This depends on the person and situation, so don’t worry about how long it might take you to become aroused. It’s all a part of the experience. 

McGrath adds that this time should be distraction-free, preferably in a quiet space where there won’t be any interruptions. 

3. Stimulate other areas first. 

Before you go directly to the cervix, sexological bodywork and holistic sex coach Céline Remy advises, “You need to stimulate the hot spots within your vagina, aka your G-spot and a-spot (located in the deep anterior of your vagina on the belly side). Activating the entire vagina will ensure that your cervix is adequately aroused and pleasured without any oversensitivity.”

4. Get to know your cervix — gently and slowly. 

After you stimulate the vagina, Bradbury says that one should start getting to know their cervix: “Gently [rub] up against the cervix, allowing it to relax. Then massage it with circles or back and forth (rather than using a thrusting motion) to get used to the sensation, and work up to different types of stimulation to avoid bruising the cervix.” Again, be gentle! 

Remy states that the cervix typically responds to a slow, rhythmic touch — as opposed to a hard, fast touch that might bruise the cervix. “You will need to slow down the average lovemaking speed,” they tell O.school. “Experiment with a windshield wiper motion, or small circles, or slow and steady back and forth motion.” In other words, find what works for you. 

It’s also important to note that the cervix can change position depending on where one is in their menstrual cycle. According to Remy, “[The cervix can be] low and firm (like the tip of your nose) during bleeding and after ovulation. It [can be] high and softer (think lips) during your fertile time. At the height of ovulation, the cervix [can be] soft, high, open, and wet.” Keep this in mind when getting to know your cervix — especially for the first time. 

5. Do not penetrate the cervix. 

When attempting a cervical orgasm, you do not want to actually penetrate the cervix. “You just want to be pressing against it, stimulating it as it is open and opening,” explains McGrath. “Pain is your body’s way of saying stop.” Again, gentle and slow is the name of the game. 

6. Experiment with a lengthy dildo. 

Watson explains that because the cervix is deep inside the vaginal canal, a partner’s penis may not be long enough to reach it. They explain, “From my experience, it's much easier to achieve a cervical orgasm using a dildo than with a penis.”

In other words, having the proper equipment can be helpful. Specifically, McGrath tells O.school, “You need a very long, strong, thick dildo. You could try a double dildo as every body is different and you may need more or less length.” They state that a 12- or 18-inch long dildo typically works best — though every vagina is different — and that a dildo with a handle can help you have a steady grip. 

7. If you’re with a partner, communicate your desires first. 

If you’d like to try having a cervical orgasm with a partner, make sure you communicate this to them first. It’s important that you’re both clear on each other’s expectations and desires — especially since a cervical orgasm requires patience and trust. 

8. Use lube. 

McGrath states that lube can keep you comfortable when working up to a cervical orgasm. It can also prevent vaginal tearing, friction, and pain during penetrative sex. 

9. Try doggy-style. 

Several experts recommended doggy-style as an ideal cervical orgasm position. “The angle will be perfect for your partner’s penis or [a] dildo to rub up against the opening of your cervix,” Watson tells O.school. “This position will also give your partner the ability to thrust deeply into your vagina, which is required to achieve a cervical orgasm.” 

However, doggy-style might not be the right position for you. That’s why experimentation and patience are both crucial. 

10. Allow yourself to make sounds. 

There is a direct connection between your throat and your cervix via the vagus nerve,” Remy tells O.school. So if you feel like opening your mouth wide and allowing guttural sounds to come out, that would be why. Allow yourself to release this tension in your throat as you fully experience your orgasm. 

11. Practice. 

Remember that you might not achieve a cervical orgasm on the first try. Bradbury emphasizes, “Orgasms take a lot of practice. It takes a while to learn what works for your body, and the more information and practice you have, the better the experience is.” That’s why it’s necessary for you to experiment and find what works for your body. “It’s about the journey, not the destination. Be patient with yourself and explore a range of techniques.” And most importantly, have fun while doing so. 

12. Try kegel exercises. 

Kegel exercises are performed by squeezing, lifting, and then relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Bradbury advises, “Practice kegel exercises regularly to strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance orgasm throughout your vagina and cervix.” For a deep dive into kegel exercises, as well as an introduction to kegel toys you can use, more information can be found here

Again, cervical orgasms are not for everyone. If you experience pain during sex, consult a healthcare provider ASAP.

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