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Fetish Fantasy Alligator Nipple Clamps

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 will blow you away with its stimulating puffs of air, designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex. This new and improved version comes with a magnetic charger, allowing this toy to satisfy you in the shower or bathtub...

A classically styled pair of nipple clamps from Pipedream's Fetish Fantasy Series, the Alligator Nipple Clamps offer constant, hands-free nipple stimulation and can be tightened to suit your desired intensity. These beginner-friendly clamps feature fully adjustable tension for a pinch that can range from teasingly gentle to stingingly firm grip-just twist the screw pin up top to customize. Thoughtfully cushioned in slick, smooth rubber, the clamps themselves naturally provide comfortable layer of softness, although the tip covers can be easily removed for a more intense bite.


Materials & Dimensions
Our Sex Educator Sarah's Rating

These nipple clamps from Pipedream’s Fetish Fantasy Series offer hands-free, beginner-friendly nipple stimulation. They feature complete tension adjustment, allowing users to explore a range of sensations, including teasingly gentle pinches to intense, firm grips. And because they’re covered in smooth rubber, these clamps provide a comfortable softness — although the rubber tips can be removed for more vigorous play.

Clamps coated in rubber for comfortable grip
Hands-free and adjustable
Does not offer added vibration
Chain might feel distracting for some
The nuts and bolts
  • Body-safe cubic metal and rubber
  • 2.2 ounces (approx. weight of a large egg)
  • 1 x 1 x 1 in
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