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Missionary, doggy-style, cowgirl—these tried-and-true positions are deservedly popular. But when you want to branch out, it can be helpful to have some different, more creative positions in your repertoire. Whether you’re working with a vulva, ass, penis, or dildo, the following positions offer some novel ways of connecting with your partner and adding variety to your sex life.

1. The “Chairish” Sex Position 

One partner sits on a chair, or on the side of the bed, while the other partner straddles them.

This position lets the person on top control depth and rhythm, while bringing both partners super-close for kissing and whispering sweet, dirty nothings into each other’s ears. 

This position lets the person on top control depth and rhythm.

Pro-tip: For shorter people whose legs don’t reach the floor, this position can be tricky. Modify it by having the sitting partner on a bed with their back to the wall, or on the couch; and the partner on top can kneel over them and use their legs for support and leverage.

2. The “Stand And Deliver” Sex Position 

One partner stands with their legs spread while the other partner penetrates from behind.

Standing up can mimic the illicit thrill of getting it on in public, even in the comfort of your own home: It’s just out-of-the-ordinary enough to bring an added level of intimacy and excitement. It can also be less tiring for the person doing the thrusting, since they’re not working against gravity.

Pro-tip: For those with bigger butts, this position can be modified by piling pillows on the edge of the bed and sliding them under the belly, allowing the receptive partner to lean forward and create easier access for the penetrating partner. 

3. The “Scoop” Sex Position 

The missionary position, modified so that the person on top reaches under to hold their partner’s butt.

This position allows the partner on top to use their hands to provide added sensation. If the partner on the bottom has a clit, it also allows for additional stimulation since the pelvis is tilted upward, rubbing the clit against the partner’s body.

Pro-tip: If the partner on top has shorter arms, try placing a pillow under the lower back of the other partner for added height and support.

4. The “Pillow Princess” Sex Position

One partner lies on their front with their legs spread and a generous pile of pillows under their belly to raise their butt while the other partner is behind them. 

This position provides ultimate ease of access, especially if you want to experiment with toys.

This position provides ultimate ease of access, especially if you want to experiment with toys. The added support can increase comfort for those with lower-back or hip soreness.

Pro-tip: For a tighter fit, try keeping legs together, or crossing them at the ankles.

5.    The “Ready Spready” Sex Position

One partner lies on their back with legs apart and feet planted on the bed or floor. The other partner can penetrate with fingers, a dildo, or strap-on.

For those with disabilities or back injuries, support along the length of the spine allows you to relax and enjoy the sensations without added strain. 

Pro-tip: Place a pillow under the lower back to allow for deeper penetration.

Of course, you can modify any of these positions to make them your own! Pay attention to your body, back off and adjust if you experience pain or discomfort, and remember to check in regularly with your partner to make sure everyone’s having a good time.

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