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Lelo Luna Beads Noir

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The Satisfyer Pro 2 will blow you away with its stimulating puffs of air, designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex. This new and improved version comes with a magnetic charger, allowing this toy to satisfy you in the shower or bathtub...

Lelo Bead Plus is a set of 6 interchangeable weighted beads that give you different options for doing Kegel exercises. They also serve as pleasure beads, helping you achieve even greater climaxes with enhanced pleasure. They allow for more control over your pelvic floor muscles, serving as your personal pleasure and fitness system you can always rely upon.


Materials & Dimensions
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From a first timer:
"These are amazing! I bought these beads not knowing what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. They go in easy and make working out extra fun. I wouldn't recommend running but everything else worked. Would buy it again and will be buying a heavier set."
- Verified Customer
From someone single:
" It's worth the purchase. I was surprised at how well these work. Wear for 15 minutes a day only. It will strengthen the pelvic muscles. It's comfortable and will not irritate you."
- Verified Customer
From a couple:
"LOVE THESE BEADS! They are easy to insert and remove. Easy to clean. Super comfortable. I've worn them solo and with a partner. We totally re-enacted the scene from 50 Shades of Grey and had fun!"
- Verified Customer
From a girlfriend:
"Amazing comfort that I didn't expect at all. Easy to insert and easy to remove. Painless! I hardly even noticed they were there!"
- Verified Customer
From a boyfriend:
"Strengthened her lady bits to the point where she could lift 10 pounds. Just kidding, I never found that out, but she liked them quite a bit."
- Verified Customer
From a wife:
"For such a simple design this product creates a wonderful experience. Very easy to use, and clean. Durability has been wonderful. These can be inserted and left in for hours at a time and not only strengthens your muscles but the inner weighted ball moving creates a deep pleasurable sensation inside."
- Verified Customer
From a husband:
- Verified Customer
From a toy enthusiast:
"I’ve used them almost daily since they arrived! Slip em in before running errands, going for a walk, yoga or just working around the house. Perfectly weighted to be noticed but not too much to be uncomfortable. Great for exercising & with just the right pressure & rumble in the right places, going out dancing just got a lot more pleasurable! - D"
- Verified Customer
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