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September 19, 2019

The Best Sex Toys of 2018

Here are the best new sex toys of 2018 to keep your toy box fresh, fierce and fine.
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Kait Scalisi
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September 19, 2019
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Happiness experts say that the quality of newness has the potential to increase happiness. Likewise, when you bond with someone over a new experience, you boost closeness and intimacy. What better way to boost happiness, closeness and intimacy than a new sex toy (or twelve…)!?

Best Sex Toys of 2018

Sex toys add so much to your sex life: newness, playfulness, and variety. They stimulate just the right spots to help you experience more pleasure and orgasms. That being said, finding the right toy for you isn’t always so easy. No one toy is right for every body, and the “best” toy is one you use and enjoy regularly. Even if you have your favorite toys on lock, a brand new toy to help get extra happy is worth a shop. To help you narrow down your search, check out our choice of the most innovative and exciting toys to launch in 2018. There’s bound to be something that’s a perfect fit to keep you and your toy box feeling fresh, fierce, and fine.

No one toy is right for every body, and the “best” toy is one you use and enjoy regularly.

Pom by Dame Products

Informed by 1500+ surveys, months of research, and almost 100 testers, Pom is the latest essential “wellness tool” from Dame. Its soft, flexible body sits in your hand and bends with you to deliver either broad or pinpoint stimulation. Plus, it’s waterproof and has Dame’s most powerful motor yet. *Available at Good Vibrations in store; check back at to find the Pom online next week.

Bonus tip: The ergonomic shape of this vibe makes it easy to cup in your or your partner’s hand and slide it between you during partner sex.

Pom by Dame Products
 Pom by Dame Products $95

Le Wand Petite

The broad head of a wand vibrator is beloved by those who don’t enjoy pinpoint clitoral stimulation—and do enjoy a toy that doubles as a massager! Unfortunately, most wands are top-heavy and clunky. Not this one. The Petite packs the power of a classic wand vibrator into a travel-friendly size and weight, plus a travel lock to avoid TSA mishaps. 

Le wand petiteLe Wand Petite
Le Wand Petite. One year warranty, $135 Splashproof, rechargeable

Geode Dildo

If you love texture, this is the dildo for you. One side is perfectly smooth. The other looks and feels like an open geode, only made of soft and squishy silicone. Bonus: you can keep it on your nightstand and everyone will assume it’s a piece of art. 

Geode Dildo
Geode Dildo. 30 day warranty, $78

Horoscope by Bijoux Indiscrets

These Zodiac-themed kits help you explore the depths of your spirit and sensuality, whether you’re exploring solo or going deep with a lover. Each kit includes a gemstone necklace unique to your star sign, an orgasm-enhancing clitoral balm suited to your natural element, and a silicone finger vibrator. 

Bonus tip: Use the vibrator anywhere on the body you want extra stimulation. Think: clitoris, nipples, scrotum, along the shaft of the penis, on the perineum, vaginal or anal opening or even against your cheek as you go down on your partner.

Horoscope by Bijoux Indiscrets
Horoscope by Bijoux Indiscrets. One year warranty, $40

Bijoux Indiscrets 12 Sexy Days

If you’re interested in exploring kink but not ready to commit to leather, latex, and chains, let this box help you discover your most sensual side. With 12 different items ranging from a vibrator to blindfolds, a collar to beaded handcuff-bracelets, odds are that you’ll find a product (or 10!) that’s a perfect fit. 

Bijoux Indiscrets 12 Sexy Days
Bijoux Indiscrets 12 Sexy Days. $195, 30 day warranty, 
Use a vibrator anywhere on the body you want extra stimulation. Think: clitoris, nipples, scrotum, along the shaft of the penis, on the perineum, vaginal or anal opening or even against your cheek as you go down on your partner.

We-Vibe Discover Gift Set

Whether you’re on a journey all by yourself or with a partner, the We-Vibe Discover Gift Set from We-Vibe and Womanizer keeps bedroom adventurers well-stocked. It has 10 sexy and fun goodies—including several toys—to delight all your senses. Each is individually packaged so you can explore one at a time or indulge in all in a single night. 

We-Vibe Discover Gift Set
We-Vibe Discover Gift Set. Two year warranty, $249 Waterproof, rechargeable

Snug Plug

Butt plugs are beloved for giving you a feeling of fullness, for increasing sensation during orgasm, and for prepping your booty for anal intercourse. The stylish, weighted Snug Plug has a long, slender neck for comfort, a tapered tip for ease of insertion, and weighted balls to increase your pleasure. Best of all, with 5 sizes and weights to choose from, there’s a Snug Plug for every level of backdoor experience. 

Bonus tip: Pull the plug out right as the wearer experiences orgasm to stimulate the pleasure nerve endings in the anus make the climax even more powerful.

Snug plug anal toy
Snug plug. $45-55
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Kait Scalisi, MPH, is a certified sex educator and the founder of Passion by Kait, an award-winning sex blog. Through her writing, workshops and counseling, Kait empowers clients to create the sex lives they desire. Kait’s  neuroscience and public health background, as well as her experience as a person with disabilities, provides clients with a unique perspective on what it really takes to keep the spark alive—no matter what life throws at them.

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