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The Satisfyer Pro 2 will blow you away with its stimulating puffs of air, designed to mimic the sensations of oral sex. This new and improved version comes with a magnetic charger, allowing this toy to satisfy you in the shower or bathtub...

An ultra silky water based formula blended with natural aloe and sea-based carrageenan, Sliquid's Satin was specially created to complement the body's natural moisture, enhancing sex, foreplay and erotic escapades of all sorts. A healthier choice for mindful women (and men), all Sliquid lubes are free of DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG and a long list of other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients. Satin's super-smooth texture is completely hypoallergenic, clean and water soluble, the crystal clear formula rinses easily from skin and fabric using plain water. Satin is pH balanced and gentle enough for everyday use, apply as often as needed. Perfect for pleasure seekers with sensitive skin, Satin contains no chemical additives, just purified water, a cotton based plant cellulose, a guar gum conditioner, and natural preservatives along with nourishing aloe and natural carrageenan. Safe for use with all toy materials and condoms.


Materials & Dimensions
Our Sex Educator Sarah's Rating

Sliquid Satin was designed for your pleasure. Its water-based formula is blended with natural aloe and sea-based carrageenan. It complements your body’s natural chemistry and pH balance to enhance foreplay and more. Sliquid’s products are notably free of harmful irritants with a silky smooth texture produced by an entirely hypoallergenic recipe. To rinse it from skin or fabric, just use plain water. It’s gentle enough for everyday use, so you can crack it open and have at it as often as you please. Because it is water-based and contains no chemical additives, you can pair it with condoms or any of your favorite toys.

Silky smooth
Natural ingredients with no chemical additives
Non-irritating and won’t disrupt pH balance
Compatible with toys and condoms of all varieties
Some reviewers say it’s too quick to dry
The nuts and bolts
  • Free of harmful irritants, such as: DEA, gluten, glycerine, glycerol, parabens, PEG, and more
  • Water-based formula includes: , purified water, cotton based plant cellulose, guar gum conditioner, natural preservatives, aloe and natural carrageenan
  • 4.2 oz
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