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Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen
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Based on Satisfyer’s original suction stimulator, the Pro 2 Next Generation is the next evolution of their best-selling product. Featuring 11 intensities, contactless clitoral stimulation, a quieter motor and improved controls, it proves high-quality suction doesn’t need to break the bank.

Strong suction + 11 suction intensities
Ergonomic handle
Easy controls
Low price
No vibrations or additional features
Suction can’t compete with higher-end models
The nuts and bolts
  • Contactless clitoral stimulation
  • 11 suction intensities
  • Waterproof
  • Whisper quiet
  • USB rechargeable
  • Magnetic cable
  • Removable nozzle
  • Body-safe materials: silicone & plastic

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Hot take

Regarded as one of the most popular and beloved wellness devices on the market, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation introduced suction stimulation to the world, and has continued to lead the way ever since.

With a refined design, it puts full focus on its signature pressure-waves, rather than offering a range of additional features, and with less powerful suction than its higher-end siblings (think: We-Vibe Melt), it may not be the choice for those looking to go all out. However, for what it does offer, it is an amazing deal considering its low price point, and our recommendation for those looking to try suction stimulation for the very first time.

What sets Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation apart

As a suction stimulator, this product immediately stands out from other vibrators. Here are a few of its highlighted features. 

  • Proprietary suction technology. Targeted pressure-waves are applied to the clitoris rather than vibrations, providing a great alternative. 
  • Does not directly touch the clitoris. By harnessing air, no contact is actually made with your clitoris, making it ideal for those with higher sensitivity. 
  • Lower price point. Even compared to other suction stimulators, this product has an exceptionally reasonable price tag. 

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation features

Feature Description
11 suction intensities Improved controls allow quick access to the 11 levels, letting you to decrease or increase them at will.
Waterproof IPX7 With a waterproof rating of IPX7, this product is submersible for play in the bath and shower.
Whisper quiet While noisier at higher levels, the product starts off almost silent, a vast improvement from previous versions.
USB charge Estimated charging time is 1.5 hours, with a run-time of around 90 minutes. An LED light will flash when charging, and become solid upon completion.
Magnetic cable The charging cord is fitted with a magnetic end, allowing it to quickly connect to the product.
Removable nozzle Removable for easy cleaning, additional nozzle styles can also be purchased to give the product an upgrade.
Silicone & plastic With a silicone nozzle and a body made of ABS plastic, the product is 100% body-safe.
Cordless Once charged, this product can be used entirely cord-free.
Penetrative This product is not meant to be inserted in the body.
Vibration This product does not provide vibrating sensations, but instead products suction and air pressure stimulation.
Travel lock Other toys have a lock or “sleep” mode to ensure vibrations don’t go off unexpectedly. This product does not have this feature.
App control This is not a Smart toy

How the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation works 

Using proprietary suction technology, this clitoral stimulator uses pressure-waves to replicate the sensations of oral sex. This is achieved with its specially designed nozzle, which creates a tight seal around the clitoris whilst cushioning the vulva with its soft silicone. Once applied, waves of air pressure create the feeling of suction, for heightened pleasure unlike any other vibrator. Plus, with the device not actually touching your clitoris, it allows you to keep going back for multiple orgasms, instead of wearing yourself out like you might with traditional vibrations, whilst also better suiting those who find the area sensitive. Amp things up by applying a small amount of water-based lubricant to your clitoris or try it in the bath, both of which enhance the suction sensations. 

While similar to the Satisfyer Number One in regards to its suction intensities and features, the main advantage of the Pro 2 Next Generation is that it is USB rechargeable. This means you never need to worry about buying batteries, however if you often forget to charge products or plan to travel with it, the Number One may be a better option as you can simply switch or leave them out when needed.

4 Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation benefits 

The Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation comes with some benefits that set it apart from the competition. That said, when it comes to pleasure products, benefits and drawbacks are highly subjective. What might be a benefit to one person may be a drawback for another. Use this as a guide, not an indication on whether this product is right for you or not. 

1. Suction range. With 11 stimulation levels, the product caters to a wide range of needs, looking after both those who enjoy subtle pressure and those who prefer strong sensations

2. Easy controls. With a one-click power button and ability to increase or decrease the speed at will, controlling the product is simple and makes it much easier for a partner to use on you, as they can quickly change the level without fuss.

3. Quick cleaning. The product’s silicone nozzle can be removed for easy cleaning. Alternatively, you can wipe down the whole device due to its waterproof design, which is perfect for those who like to go all out.

Wildcard benefit

4. Contactless pleasure. We consider this a “wildcard,” because some people may consider this a strong benefit while others see it as a drawback. Since the device doesn’t directly touch your clitoris, it may benefit those who find this area sensitive. Alternatively, if you do enjoy a lot of pressure here, this may be a drawback.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation drawbacks 

Similar to how benefits are highly subjective, our list of drawbacks are simply intended to be a guide and not a hard-line look at what is good or bad about the product. What some might consider a dealbreaker, for example, others might consider a mere flaw. It all depends on what feels good to you, and what you are seeking.

1. No additional features. Focusing solely on clitoral suction, the product does not include additional features, such as vibrations, penetration, or app-control, that may allow it to cater to a wider range of needs.

2. Silicone lubricant incompatible. This product will be best for lovers of water-based lubricants. This is as it cannot be used with silicone-based types, as they may damage the silicone nozzle.

Wildcard drawback

3. Mid-range suction. We consider this a wildcard drawback because it may be a drawback to some and a benefit to others. In line with its lower price point, the product’s suction is weaker than many luxury models on the market, such as the We-Vibe Melt. However, a mid-range suction does make it a good starting point for those wanting to try suction for the first time.

How to use the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation 

While different from other vibrators, using a suction stimulator is simple once you get the hang of it. Follow these instructions, and don’t forget to only use water-based lubricants. 

  1. Charge and clean the product in advance.
  2. Lay on your back and apply a small amount of lubricant to your clitoris.
  3. Turn the product on by pressing the power button.
  4. Carefully place the suction chamber over your clitoris till a seal is made — this may take some time.
  5. Slowly begin to increase the suction intensities, using the + button.
  6. If a lower intensity is needed, use the - button to reduce it again.
  7. When finished, hold the power button down to turn the product off.
  8. Charge and clean the product again, ready for next time.

How to clean the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

Make sure to clean the device upon receiving it, and then before and after every use. Most of the time this can be done simply by removing the silicone nozzle and then wiping it down with some regular soap and water, or a specialized vibrator cleaner if you have it. However, if the product’s handle also has bodily fluids on it, then you can give this a quick wipe too, which is easy since it’s waterproof.

Pair the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation with… 

To get the most out of the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation, you can pair it with products that will help enhance its sensations. Here are three recommendations to try.

  • Sliquid H20 Original Water-Based Lubricant While not as essential as when using penetrable vibrators, adding lubricant prior to using this product can help enhance sensation. Choose a water-based type, such as Sliquid H20, as silicone-based lubes may damage the silicone nozzle.
  • LELO Mona 2 Combine clitoral and G-spot stimulation by adding a penetrable to the mix for some blended orgasms. With your free hand, simply hold a slim internal vibrator, like the LELO Mona 2, to your G-spot to enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • Njoy Pure Plug For increased pleasure without any extra work, simply pop in a butt plug prior to use. Weighted options, such as the Njoy Pure Plug, work best for this, to ensure they can be felt even when you’re the most distracted.

Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation reviews and complaints 

A bestseller for a reason, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation is a well-loved product with millions of units sold. Users frequently comment on how quickly they orgasm while using it, whilst its noise level is a common complaint. Additionally, while its suction isn’t considered as powerful as some luxury wellness devices, considering its low price tag it is rated as great value for money, and a perfect starting point for those new to this type of stimulation.

Should I get the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation? 

There’s no right answer here, as it depends on a number of factors that are entirely subjective to you, such as your pleasure goals and how you like to be stimulated. But here are who we think it might be best for, and who it’s not. 

Who it’s best for. This product is ideal for those seeking to replicate the sensations of oral sex and who enjoy intense stimulation of their clitoris. 

Who it’s not best for. It’s not intended for those who have a sensitive clitoris, or someone looking for a G-spot or prostate orgasm.

Alternative pick 

If the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation isn’t sounding right for you, there are plenty of alternatives that might better suit your needs. Consider the Satisfyer Curvy 1+, which offers the same great suction, alongside vibrations and app-control, for only a slightly higher cost.

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