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July 10, 2020

The Best Unique Date Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

It’s time to bust out of the dating scene box.
Written by
Olivia Harvey
Published on
July 10, 2020
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If you’ve been on more than a few dates then you know how monotonous the whole night-on-the-town experience can be. You meet up with someone for dinner or coffee. Then perhaps you go on a walk around the block. Movie at my place? Pizza and wine next week? It’s all been said and done before, and TBH, the same old same old gets boring.

The time has come to bust out of the dating scene mold and offer up some fresh new ideas to your first date or longtime partner. Trying something new can be the jolt of excitement your relationship needs. A unique first date can also show a potential partner that you’re creative and willing to try new things — which, for many, automatically warrants a second date.

So, if you’re itching to do something out-of-the-box, try one of these unique date ideas:

1. Make up your own interactive game. Have you seen the “True American” episode of New Girl? Basically, the gang plays an intense round of their completely made-up game that’s loosely based on American political history. The game includes aspects of college drinking games, The Floor Is Lava, trivia, and more college drinking games. 

Spend an entire afternoon creating a “True American”-inspired game where the rules only make sense to the two of you and the end goal is completely arbitrary. This is a great date for a couple who enjoys a bit of chaos and excited yelling. Save this one for a rainy weekend day.

2. Throw a costume party for two. If you’re a couple who loves a theme night, hosting your very own costume party could be a fun break from the norm. Go all out and dress up like no one’s watching. Of course, you can invite others to your event, but making the date just for the two of you can be intimate, enjoyable, and leave the pressure of hosting multiple guests off the table. If masks are added to the equation, the air of mystery could add a romantic flair to the evening.

3. Go exploring with the Randonautica app. The Randonautica app is a “choose your own adventure” game. The app will dish out coordinates for users to travel to, asking them to set an intention before venturing out. Then, when you reach the coordinates, your intention is supposed to have manifested at the location.

Be warned, though. The Randonautica app has brought users to some pretty strange locations. So, if you and your date are into exploring, urban legends, and/or the paranormal, this date could be fun (and a bit spooky).

4. Become armchair detectives. There are plenty of murdery mystery game box kits on the market, but one that really goes above and beyond is Hunt A Killer. The ongoing subscription service delivers new clues to your door and it’s up to you and your partner to unravel the mystery. By signing up for a game like this — one that is ongoing over several weeks — you have several date nights mapped out ahead of you, with each one becoming more intense as you grow closer to solving the mystery.

5. Explore your city’s oddities. Whether these oddities are hidden clothing stores (like Bodega in Boston), a secret bar with a speakeasy-like entrance (such as Blind Barber in New York City), or even a local hotel with a checkered (and maybe haunted) past — every city’s got one. Going somewhere that’s different from your run-of-the-mill restaurant or bar gives the date flair as well as immediate talking points, which could be great for a first date.

Checking out unusual or underground spots can also become a weekly tradition for you and your partner. Make it a mission to meet up weekly at a new odd spot, and toss ideas back and forth over text. You’ll become the cool couple that knows about the hottest places in town.

6. Attend a local event as different people. Is a swanky charity event coming up in the future? Buy tickets and attend, pretending the whole time that you’re a wealthy couple from the city. Or maybe a car show is coming to town. Pretend you’re classic car nuts and ask questions that will make car owners scratch their heads. 

Couples who go on a “play-pretend” date like this have to be quick on their feet and able to commit to a prank. And this kind of date could lead to a more romantic role-playing situation back at home, too. 

7. Have a night full of nostalgia. Legos, blanket forts, fast food, and soda. Make a date to stay in and have a sleepover like it’s 2005. You guys can even play old-school video games that were childhood faves, or watch movies that bring you back to your elementary school days. You can geek out over Power Rangers or finally introduce your partner to one of your favorite, underrated Disney flicks. 

8. Pretend the power is out. Nothing is more romantic than a home-cooked candlelit dinner. But once the flame is snuffed, and the overheads are turned back on, the romantic moment can be snuffed out, too. So, pretend the power has been cut off and fill your place (safely) with candles, lanterns, and flashlights.

Play cards by candlelight. Give sensual massages by candlelight. Share deep, meaningful conversation by candlelight. There’s just something about the warm, dimness that makes everything you do *that* much more intimate. Just be sure to put out all open flames before you take your date into the bedroom.  

9. Try your hand at geocaching. Geocaching is one part hiking, one part treasure hunting. Adventurous couples will absolutely love going on a geocaching date — finding clues placed by other geocachers around your area. You can sign up on the official geocaching website, or find a local geocaching webpage or forum that will start you off on the right foot.

You’ll have to work together with your date to lead yourselves to “X” that marks the spot. And while you’re hunting, you can breathe in some fresh air and let yourself feel the excitement and anticipation of finding something great together.

10. Tag your neighborhood with chalk. Although we don’t condone *actual* graffiti, chalk washes off when the next rainstorm blows through. Creative couples who are looking to explore their cities or neighborhoods in a new way (and bring some joy to others) might have a blast drawing with chalk on random sidewalks and quiet streets. You’ll feel like a rebel, but without causing damage to others’ property.

And if you two come up with a list of inspirational quotes or images beforehand, you can really turn someone’s day around — and have fun with your partner while doing 

11. Have a “productive” date. Perfect for couples who live together, a “productive” date is one where you both chip away at your to-do list and reward yourself after certain tasks are complete. If you’ve been meaning to organize your desk, do so and then reward you and your partner with a special snack, drink, or sexy touch. Or, if you have been dying to complete that DIY home project together, get it done and then crack open a bottle of wine. Play some music or listen to a podcast together while you work to make it a more connective and shared experience.

Coming up with a special, different kind of date simply takes some creative thinking. Take your partner’s interests into consideration before planning something for the two of you to do, and then put a unique spin on it. Showing this person that you spent time and brainpower coming up with a fun and quirky date for them to enjoy can make your partner feel amazing, seen, and excited for where the relationship goes.

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Olivia Harvey is a freelance writer and award-winning screenwriter from Boston, Massachusetts.

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