June 18, 2021

The Best ‘Netflix and Chill’ Movies To Stream In June 2021

Staying in with someone tonight? Here are 12 movies streaming on Netflix right now that’ll get you in the mood.
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Elizabeth Kirkhorn
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June 18, 2021
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The phrase Netflix and chill once literally meant “chilling out and watching Netflix,” but it’s since become the modern day version of “Do you want to come upstairs for a night cap?” Playfully dubbed by the internet circa 2014, Netflix and chill is now universal slang for throwing on a flick, dimming the lights, and getting it on. 

If you have a casual date this weekend, making a Netflix and chill selection can seem daunting — should it be funny? Raunchy? Sentimental? Does it even need to be good (Realistically, how much are you planning on “watching?” anyway?) If you’re in a more committed relationship, that doesn’t preclude you from the excitement of Netflix and chill either. But what are your streaming options this month for quality films that still set that perfect mood? Never fear; here’s a list of Netflix picks all streaming in June 2021 that you and a partner can watch (or not watch) tonight. 

1. Friend With Benefits

When a recruiter (Justin Timberlake) and an art director (Mila Kunis) start new jobs at GQ and discover they have a slew of things in common, the two become fast friends. Things get messy quickly when they add casual sex to their relationship. This film is fun, steamy, and follows a predictable rom-com formula on autopilot, so it’s the perfect choice if you need a comedic backdrop for a saucy night. 

2. Falling Inn Love

When city girl Gabriella wins a New Zealand B&B without a lot of curb appeal, she’s forced to team up with local contractor Jake and restore the inn to its former charm. Queue an enemies-turned-lovers plotline, set against the luscious New Zealand outback. Falling Inn Love is a fabulous option for date night with a partner. It’ll have you playing footsie and gushing over one another by act two.

3. Sleeping With Other People

Twelve years after a torrid one-night-stand, two former flames reunite and make an attempt at platonic friendship. As Lainey and Jake slowly give into the intense sexual tension that’s been simmering for over a decade, you’ll probably find yourself giving into tension of your own. 

4. Duck Butter 

In this Netflix and chill must-watch, two women embark on a sexual experiment to bang every hour on the hour for an entire day. While they start off to uncover new forms of intimacy, things don’t go according to plan. This flick is full of hot and hasty hook-ups, and is bound to make you tingle. 

5. Love Happens

This Netflix newcomer is perfect if you and a partner are looking to rekindle a romantic spark. Eloise and Burke, both coping with loss and loneliness in different ways, wrestle with their attraction to each other and the baggage from their pasts. While the content of Love Happens is too heavy for unceremonious background noise, it’s the perfect flick to create closeness with a partner. 

6. Our Planet

Sometimes, when the chemistry is strong and you’re shoulder-to-shoulder on a loveseat, following a movie plotline is the last thing on your mind. That’s where Our Planet comes in. It’s a cinematic masterpiece to be sure, replete with wide-angle rainforest and ocean shots, which makes it a great option for calming the nerves before diving in with a new partner. Plus, you’re bound to glimpse some pretty amazing sights if you come up for air. 

7. 2 Hearts

This buzzy Netflix original lives up to it’s TikTok fame. In this true story, the epic love sagas of a college student and a businessman join together in a twist you’ll never expect. A bona fide tear jerker, 2 Hearts provides the perfect segue for offering your date a shoulder to cry on. 

8. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is an oldie but a goodie that’s recently new to the Netflix platform. Nobody can deny it’s a rom-com classic, with idyllic scenery, swoon-worthy kisses, and Hugh Grant to boot. This is a great choice for a rainy night in with a cuddle buddy, guaranteed to elicit soft smiles and that perfect intimate mood. 

9. The Woman in the Window

What Netflix and chill rec list would be complete without a horror film thrown into the mix? Amy Adams shines in this psycho thriller, which takes off when she witnesses something she shouldn’t in the apartment across the street. If you need an excuse to grip your hookup for dear life during a dark and twisty climax, this one’ll give you plenty of opportunities to hold on tight. 

10. Newness

This topical film follows two twenty-somethings exploring love and sexuality in the midst of media-driven hook-up culture. Newness feels tailor made for Netflix and chill, covering topics like online dating and no-strings-attached encounters, complete with glitter, neon lights, and the right amount of spice. 

11. White Girl

Maybe you’re trying to bag an artsy intellectual, or maybe you’d prefer to watch a conversation-starter before you dive right into bed. If this describes you, White Girl might be an ideal selection for your upcoming date night. Morgan Saylor stars as a party girl whose easy-breezy life turns upside down when her new boyfriend is arrested. White Girl is an unsettling yet important piece about sex, drugs, and privilege, and a top contender if you’re looking for a flick that’ll start a deeper conversation with your partner before you hit the sack. 

12. Sam Smith: Love Goes - Live at Abbey Road Studios

Name a better atmosphere booster than the hypnotic crooning of Sam Smith. This is a prime suggestion if you like a little mood music, but don’t want to be too suggestive by going straight to the bedroom record player. And, if it takes some time for you and your special friend to ease into the action, you’ll be treated to Sam’s bright performances and beautiful ballads in the meantime. 

Whether you’re casually dating or in a committed relationship, the familiar synth of Netflix booting up while you’re curled up with a partner always packs a thrill. So grab the popcorn (but set it off to the side, so it won’t spill if things get crazy), and start streaming.

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Elizabeth is a graduate student from New York, New York. She writes personal essays about identity, womanhood, and love.

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