February 11, 2022

6 Ways To Give Yourself Love, Care, And Gratitude On Singles Awareness Day

You can celebrate this holiday the day after Valentine’s Day — and every other day of the year, too.
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Luisa Garbowit
Published on
February 11, 2022
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The day after Valentine’s Day — February 15 — is known as Singles Awareness Day, and it’s a day to honor your singledom with some self-care, gratitude, and love. Whether you’ve chosen to remain unattached because you love the single life, you are still looking for the right person, or you are just enjoying life alone for now, being your single self is something worth celebrating. If you need some ideas to give yourself TLC on Singles Awareness Day (and on every other day of the year, for that matter), we got you covered. 

1. Have a DIY spa day 

A DIY spa day can be a relaxing way to soothe your senses and unwind. It can look as simple as lighting a candle and listening to music, or as elaborate as soaking your body in a bath filled with luxurious products. To lean into the affordability of the experience, you can make your very own face mask or try an at-home facial steam treatment. Other ideas we recommend include massaging achy muscles with a scented oil, putting on a guided meditation, or popping on a moisturizing sheet mask. There are endless ways to make your body feel taken care of, and the process of doing so can be creative and relaxing within itself. 

2. Write a gratitude letter

Letters never go out of style; nor does gratitude. Writing gratitude letters can help us reflect on our experiences, cultivate positive mindsets, and celebrate the people who nourish our souls. In fact, studies show that such letters can significantly improve life satisfaction and happiness. It makes sense — they’re essentially written hugs. Gratitude letters can be given to friends, family, strangers, and to ourselves. So, when was the last time you expressed gratitude and wrote a letter? If it’s been a while, we encourage you to set some intentional time aside to do so. 

3. Cook a nice meal for yourself

Now is the perfect time to cook up that tasty recipe you’ve been eyeing. Or if you’re not into cooking, treat yourself by ordering in from a restaurant you’ve been itching to try. It can feel nice not to worry about another person’s input on recipes or restaurant choices. When you’re taking time to celebrate you, and only you, everything is in your control. 

4. Help thy neighbor 

We might overlook the people we actually spend the most time with because, well, we’re looking to meet prospective partners within a wider radius. But those who live a door or two down might be friends (or lovers), and they may be as receptive to a knock on their door as you would to a knock on yours. Even if this means helping the older folk take the trash down to the curb, sowing seeds of gratitude in your neighborhood allows you to build a foundation of community love that’s often overlooked. 

5. Take a step outside

Walking can be a major mood booster. It can create a sense of connectedness to the world we live in while increasing blood flow and circulation. More generally, immersing yourself in nature can be a great way to practice mindfulness. Whether you decide to take a walk or lie down on the grass, we recommend taking some time to hone in on your senses. Appreciate your abilities, whether you’re able to appreciate your sight by looking at the trees, your smell by taking in the aroma of the flowers, or your touch by feeling the ground beneath you. Find magic in yourself by taking in the natural beauty of our world.

6. Revitalize your wardrobe 

What you wear can help define how others see you and how you see yourself. Take time to inventory the clothing you have, assessing how it serves you and what function it plays in your emotional and spiritual life. Whether this means putting a sentimental t-shirt at the top of your shelf or discarding old clothes, you have the opportunity to change how you present yourself simply by cleaning out your closet. And this, of course, can entail a trip to the local thrift store because, well, who doesn’t love a little shopping adventure?

7. Spend the day with a friend you love

Singledom can sometimes mean we have more time to foster and grow our friendships. While Singles Awareness Day is about celebrating ourselves, it’s also about celebrating those friendships we’ve created and the people we love. Take the day to do something with a friend, and spend time voicing gratitude for each other and the ways you each make life better for the other. Whether you plan a road trip, have a spa day together, stay in and watch a movie, or have a café day, spending time with a good friend on Singles Awareness Day can be the TLC both of you need. 

The bottom line 

Being single can be a beautiful thing worth celebrating, but sometimes we forget to appreciate ourselves. We may be too busy looking outward, seeing the world for its growing potentialities, filled with partners we have yet to meet. Instead, use Singles Awareness Day to look inward. On February 15, chart new paths through the woods, the city, through unopened pages of a cookbook, or through clothing racks at a thrift store. Whatever you do, make sure you are at the center of it because no one is worth loving more than yourself.

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Luisa is a writer with a focus in developmental psychology and the study of resilience. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in English, and she is currently studying clinical psychology at Columbia University’s Teachers College. In her free time, Luisa likes to hike, read memoirs, and drink lots of caffeine-free tea.

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