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From creating your profile, to messaging etiquette, to finding threesomes or bi-curious hookups, this is your guide to Tinder and online dating.

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Tinder Facts: Did You Know?


Dating apps are big business: annual revenues from online dating in the US is over $2 billion.


Tinder showed their support for the rainbow community by running a competition and donating a wedding to the winning queer couple in 2017.


The Tinder app is used by around 50 million people across 190 countries, and in 40 different languages. That’s a lot of swiping!


There are approximately 8,000 different dating apps worldwide.


Thanks to dating apps terms like ghosting, breadcrumbing, and catfishing have entered our lexicon to describe bad behavior on these platforms.


Dating apps are not just for young people. People of all ages are using apps to find hookups or romance online.

Tinder (noun)


An online dating app that lets you view photos and a short bio of potential matches. Swipe right for “like” and left for “next.” If both parties swipe right, you can begin a chat to just say ‘hey,’ flirt, exchange digits, sext, set up a date or a hookup, or you can do all or none of the above. With 2 billion views per day, Tinder is now one of the world’s most popular dating apps out there.

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